CASE Families living in Texas in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
William DHouston, Harris1899MissouriHead3985b
William D Jr 1924MissouriSon
Robert 1926MissouriSon
{Family 122}
Mildred SHouston, Harris1895PennsylvaniaWife (?)2113
Harvey L Jr1920OhioSon
Mary J 1928TexasDaughter
{Family 123}
CalvinHouston, Harris1900TexasHead4191
Mary H 1924TexasDaughter
{Family 124}
HadleyHouston, Harris1901ArkansasHead3637b
Vanuert 1926LouisianaSon
Richard 1932TexasSon
Marylin 1934LouisianaDaughter
{Family 125}
ManardHouston, Harris1902IowaHead507b
Linnie [Lonnie]1902TexasWife
Myrta Frances 1924TexasDaughter
Juanita 1926TexasDaughter
Lester 1931TexasSon
{Family 126}
Edward MHouston, Harris1903OhioHead5023b
Pearl H1904TexasWife
Marion 1937TexasDaughter
{Family 127}
W OHouston, Harris1905TexasBrother-in-law2231b
{Family 128}
Robert WHouston, Harris1906OhioHead3328b
Genevine [Genevive]1906MissouriWife
Ruth Lee 1924MissouriDaughter3329
Jean Ann 1930MissouriDaughter
{Family 129}
J WHouston, Harris1907OklahomaHead4678b
Beatrice1907North DakotaWife
Charleene [Charlene] 1931TexasDaughter
Marlene 1936TexasDaughter
James 1938TexasSon
Linda Lee 1939TexasDaughter
{Family 130}
HermanHouston, Harris1908TexasSon-in-law691
Louise 1913TexasDaughter
{Family 131}
L WHouston, Harris 1882IllinoisSon-in-law4175
Daisy C 1889TexasDaughter
{Family 132}
RichardIowa Park, Wichita1900TexasHead824b
{Family 133}
Orvale [Orval A]Jasper County1911KansasHead87
Alberta 1939TexasDaughter
{Family 134}
Chester AJasper County1918KansasHead87
Lorma [Lorena]1923ColoradoWife
{Family 135}
Josae L K [Isaac]
(Surnames listed Cocer)
Jasper County1889KansasHead87
Goldie 1896NebraskaWife
Leater [Lester]1928MissouriSon
Evelyn 1934Missouridaughter
{Family 136}
Harrett E [Harriett]Kerr County1908MichiganNurse96b
{Family 137}
RudolphLakeview, Jefferson1906MississippiHead1003
Robert Arthur 1936TexasSon1003b
{Family 138}
Ralph R1921TexasSon
James W 1926Son640b
Troy 1928TexasSon
Frencis 1932TexasDaughter
Hortense 1934TexasDaughter
Joe D 1939TexasSon
{Family 139}
Archie HLiberty County1895TexasHead160
Olive P1900TexasWife
Olive D1921TexasDaughter
Norman B 1926TexasSon
{Family 140}
Inon C [Ivan]Lipscomb, Lipscomb1894KansasHead3
Martha J1894TexasWife
Ivan Clance1920TexasSon
James T1883KansasBrother
{Family 141}
Ernest LLittlefield, Lamb1911TexasHead139b
Gayle 1933OklahomaDaughter
Ernestine 1935OklahomaDaughter
Wanda Lee 1936TexasDaughter
Charlotte 1939TexasDaughter
{Family 142}
Cecil ALubbock County1907OklahomaHead434b
Bessie N1913TexasWife
Zanie L 1940TexasDaughter
{Family 143}
AlbertMcAllen, Hidalgo1916TexasHead331
Lilly Mae 1939Daughter
{Family 144}
BufordMcLennan County1896TexasHead1119b
Virgial [Virgia]1902TexasWife
Nelran [Nelson]
(Surnames listed Cuse)
Emlyn [Evelyn] 1923TexasDaughter
{Family 145}
John LMcLennan County1898TexasHead1243b
Olive 1897TexasWife
Howard 1927TexasSon
Luther 1932TexasSon
{Family 146}
William RMcLennan County1921TexasNephew1101b
Joe H 1923TexasNephew
{Family 147}
RayMcLennan County 1924Son1057
Leslie 1926Daughter
{Family 148}
Ellie [Eli]Merkel, Taylor1887TexasHead519b
{Family 149}
MiltonMerkel, Taylor1911TexasHead520b
Creta Kay 1935TexasDaughter
Karen Sue 1938TexasDaughter
Milton L 1939TexasDaughter
{Family 150}
Alton WMineola, Wood1913TexasHead75b
Mary Z1917TexasWife

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