CASE Families living in Rhode Island in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Alice WProvidence, Providence 1868Rhode IslandHead2755
Florence P 1877Rhode IslandSister
{Family 32}
Catherine MProvidence, Providence 1879IrelandSister (Nun)210
{Family 33}
HattieProvidence, Providence 1880Rhode IslandHead2841b
{Family 34}
Arthur HProvidence, Providence 1882MichiganHead2235
Ethel 1887ConnecticutWife
Shirley A 1917Rhode IslandDaughter
June E 1920Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 35}
WenefredProvidence, Providence 1889ConnecticutHead2149
{Family 36}
Frederick EProvidence, Providence 1895Rhode IslandHead2944
Edvina A 1899New JerseyWife
Anna M 1919New JerseyDaughter
Joseph P 1921Rhode IslandSon
Richard L 1934Rhode IslandSon
{Family 37}
Launence S [Lawrence]Providence, Providence 1899ConnecticutHead543
{Family 38}
Jarvis DProvidence, Providence 1901ConnecticutHead187b
Florence H 1909MassachusettsWife188
{Family 39}
ElsieProvidence, Providence 1902Rhode IslandHead2810
Robert O 1922MichiganSon
{Family 40}
GailaProvidence, Providence 1915Rhode IslandMaid273
{Family 41}
F EarlProvidence, Providence 1917New JerseyHead2943b
Mary R 1920Rhode IslandWife
{Family 42}
EdwinProvidence, Providence 1918Rhode IslandHead1055
Maryann 1920Rhode IslandWife
{Family 43}
JohnRichmond, Washington 1873MassachusettsHead191
{Family 44}
Benjamin (Surnames listed Care)Wakefield-Peacedale, Washington 1852New YorkHead210
Benjamin J 1890Rhode IslandSon
Emily L 1889Rhode IslandDaughter
Marie 1887Rhode IslandDaughter210b
{Family 45}
Wilfred OWoonsocket, Providence 1901MassachusettsHead3413b
Birdie F 1910MassachusettsWife

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