CASE Families living in Rhode Island in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Robert OBarrington, Bristol 1922MichiganStudent35
{Family 2}
Frank EBristol, Bristol 1869Rhode IslandHead88b
Catherine 1881Rhode IslandWife
{Family 3}
Catherine MCranston, Providence 1881Rhode IslandInmate940
{Family 4}
JohnCranston, Providence 1885New JerseyHead597
Delia W 1887MassachusettsWife
Laura M 1910Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 5}
EarlCranston, Providence 1911Rhode IslandHead1063
Ruth 1910MassachusettsWife
Ruth 1934Rhode IslandDaughter
Lois 1936Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 6}
AngelineCumberland, Providence 1856ConnecticutMother1192b
{Family 7}
Arthur WEast Providence, Providence 1891Rhode IslandHead1635
Mauds M [Maude] 1889MassachusettsWife
George W 1920Rhode IslandSon
Audrey 1922Rhode IslandDaughter
Eliza J 1851New HampshireMother-in-law
{Family 8}
Arthur JEast Providence, Providence 1870MichiganHead1603b
Budget M [Bridget] 1890IrelandWife
{Family 9}
Arthur REast Providence, Providence 1906Rhode IslandHead1603
Catherine 1912Rhode IslandWife
Eleanor 1938Rhode IslandDaughter
Rita 1940Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 10}
Loreanna M [Louanna]East Providence, Providence 1877MassachusettsHead1686
Martha L 1899Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 11}
LawrenceEast Providence, Providence 1906Rhode IslandHead1666
Florence 1907Rhode IslandWife
Florence 1938Rhode IslandDaughter
Baverly [Beverly] 1939Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 12}
JamesEast Providence, Providence 1908New JerseyHead1303b
Elizabeth 1909New YorkWife
Betsy 1932New JerseyDaughter
Susie 1935New JerseyDaughter
{Family 13}
RichardEast Providence, Providence 1909Rhode IslandHead1662b
Lillian 1913Rhode IslandWife
Giblin J 1932Rhode IslandSon
{Family 14}
Bertie J [Deslie]East Providence, Providence 1912Rhode IslandSon-in-law1636b
Lillian I 1914Rhode IslandDaughter
Lillian M 1938Rhode IslandGranddaughter
{Family 15}
Earle VFoster, Providence 1877Rhode IslandHead1708b
Elizabeth 1878FinlandWife
{Family 16}
JerahLittle Compton, Newport 1872Rhode IslandHead38b
{Family 17}
AbnerLittle Compton, Newport 1879Rhode IslandHead35
{Family 18}
Annie ALittle Compton, Newport 1883MassachusettsHead36
Ralph C 1912Rhode IslandSon
Alice H 1918Rhode IslandDaughter
William 1927Rhode IslandSon
Gladys 1921Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 19}
Emma LLittle Compton, Newport 1895VermontHead34b
Elizabeth 1919Rhode IslandDaughter
Helen 1921Rhode IslandDaughter
Francis 1925MassachusettsDaughter
Marjorie 1934MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 20}
Herbert CLittle Compton, Newport 1917Rhode IslandSon-in-law 34b
Anna 1913Rhode IslandDaughter
Marcia 1939MassachusettsGranddaughter
{Family 21}
Lyod A (Loyd?)Little Compton, Newport 1910Rhode IslandHead34
Grace D 1910Rhode IslandWife
{Family 22}
George BMiddletown, Newport 1898ConnecticutHead91
Vera 1898FloridaWife
{Family 23}
Joseph CNewport, Newport 1872Rhode IslandHead161
Lillian M 1876Rhode IslandSister
{Family 24}
Evrett [Everett]Newport, Newport 1902Rhode IslandHead251
Ida 1912Rhode IslandWife
Everett 1931Rhode IslandSon
Kathlen [Kathlene] 1932Rhode IslandDaughter
John 1937Rhode IslandSon
Norman 1939Rhode IslandSon
{Family 25}
Louis G (Surname listed Care)North Kingstown, Washington 1920Rhode IslandNephew151
{Family 26}
WesleyPawtucket, Providence 1881?Lodger2803
Edward 1913?Lodger
{Family 27}
AlicePawtucket, Providence 1898Rhode IslandHead2788
Malton [Milton] 1919Rhode IslandSon
Loretta 1921MassachusettsWife
{Family 28}
Annie M Pawtucket, Providence 1901Rhode IslandDaughter2892b
{Family 29}
Joseph PhillipProvidence, Providence 1866NewfoundlandLodger2932
{Family 30}
LauraProvidence, Providence 1862New YorkLodger2866b

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