CASE Families living in Pennsylvania in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Lucy Easton, Northampton 1862New JerseyMother-in-law1166
{Family 62}
Jane Easton, Northampton 1919PennsylvaniaHead1249
Emma 1890PennsylvaniaSister
{Family 63}
Esther Easton, Northampton 1901PennsylvaniaMaid902b
{Family 64}
Catherine Easton, Northampton 1908PennsylvaniaLodger1130b
{Family 65}
Donald D Edinboro, Erie 1894PennsylvaniaHead177b
Hazel 1893PennsylvaniaWife
Beatrice 1920PennsylvaniaDaughter
Max 1925PennsylvaniaNephew
{Family 66}
Russel Edwardsville, Luzerne 1881PennsylvaniaFather-in-law589
Lillie 1882PennsylvaniaMother-in-law
{Family 67}
Byron Elkland, Tioga 1907New YorkHead136b
Cora A 1911VirginiaWife
Byron E Junior 1925PennsylvaniaSon
Richard W 1927PennsylvaniaSon
Marian A 1930PennsylvaniaDaughter
Ernest L 1933PennsylvaniaSon
Waltes V [Walter] 1934PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 68}
Clearance Erie, Erie 1893OhioHead428b
Mildred 1899PennsylvaniaWife
Med Arden 1922PennsylvaniaSon
James 1927PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 69}
L Jesse Erie, Erie 1887PennsylvaniaHead747
Sarah 1885PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 70}
Clarence C Erie, Erie 1891PennsylvaniaHead605
Marie 1896PennsylvaniaWife
Dounglas [A.B. Douglas] 1922PennsylvaniaSon
Richard 1926PennsylvaniaSon
Patricia Bun [Ann] 1933PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 71}
Jennie Erie, Erie 1888OhioHead1185
William 1919PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 72}
Michael Erie, Erie 1906OhioHead248b
Lola 1912PennsylvaniaWife
Leonard 1938PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 73}
David Erie, Erie 1911PennsylvaniaHead1559
Thayer 1910PennsylvaniaWife
David Junior 1939PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 74}
EvaFarrell, Mercer 1922PennsylvaniaDaughter102b
Floyd 1908OhioSon-in-law
{Family 75}
Lenora HUniontown, Fayette 1891PennsylvaniaHead2275
Minona 1924PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 76}
Leroy Forty Fort, Luzerne 1892PennsylvaniaHead847
Clara N 1894PennsylvaniaWife
Miriam J 1916PennsylvaniaDaughter
Edith 1871PennsylvaniaSister
{Family 77}
Jay D Foster, McKean 1872New YorkHead364
Eunice [Emme M] 1872New YorkWife
{Family 78}
Lynn Foster, McKean 1878New YorkHead364
Olga 1895ArkansasWife
{Family 79}
Roy Foster, McKean 1878PennsylvaniaHead353
{Family 80}
George Foster, McKean 1880PennsylvaniaHead353
Clara Mae 1873PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 81}
John Foster, McKean 1886PennsylvaniaHead353
Viola 1895PennsylvaniaWife
Myda [Myra] 1921PennsylvaniaDaughter
Norma Jean 1930PennsylvaniaDaughter
L Willard 1934PennsylvaniaSon
George [Gerry] 1939PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 82}
John R Foster, McKean 1879NebraskaHead365
Florence 1885NebraskaWife
{Family 83}
Leon E Foster, McKean 1899PennsylvaniaHead399b
Bernice 1901PennsylvaniaWife
Doris 1926PennsylvaniaDaughter
Leon Junior 1933PennsylvaniaSon
Barbara E 1936PennsylvaniaDaughter
Marilyn 1939PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 84}
Donald Foster, McKean 1916PennsylvaniaHead400
Louise 1917PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 85}
Leona 1938PennsylvaniaDaughter410
{Family 86}
Gerald Fountain Hill, Lehigh 1917PennsylvaniaLodger1633b
{Family 87}
James Fox, Elk 1861PennsylvaniaHead50b
Emma 1863PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 88}
James Franklin, Venango 1915South CarolinaHead223b
Pauline 1920PennsylvaniaWife
Clyde 1939PennsylvaniaSon224
{Family 89}
William Gamble, Lycoming 1887PennsylvaniaHead106b
Ross [Rosa] 1888PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 90}
Darel Gamble, Lycoming 1912PennsylvaniaHead106b
Sara 1914PennsylvaniaWife
Minnie 1934PennsylvaniaDaughter

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