CASE Families living in Pennsylvania in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 271}
Betty Reading, Berks 1909VirginiaHead9b
{Family 272}
Kethryn [Kathryn] Rose, Jefferson 1911PennsylvaniaHead539
Cora 1933PennsylvaniaDaughter
James 1935PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 273}
Alva Ross, Luzerne 1879PennsylvaniaHead4011
Mary 1884PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 274}
Dayton C Salem, Wayne 1904PennsylvaniaHead330b
Margaret A 1905PennsylvaniaWife
Dayton Harail[ Harold] 1928PennsylvaniaSon
Anna D 1930PennsylvaniaDaughter
Glenward Russell [Glenwood] 1934PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 275}
Charles E Sandy, Clearfield 1885PennsylvaniaHead1134
Martha 1890PennsylvaniaWife
John T 1910PennsylvaniaSon
Elizabeth 1914PennsylvaniaDaughter
Charles E Junior 1921PennsylvaniaSon1134b
{Family 276}
Pauline Sandy, Clearfield 1919PennsylvaniaLodger1134b
{Family 277}
James Sayre, Bradford 1858PennsylvaniaHead319
{Family 278}
Sarah G Sayre, Bradford 1889MichiganHead352b
Arlie 1923New YorkDaughter
Maris 1926New YorkDaughter
{Family 279}
Nelson [John Nelson]Scranton, Lackawanna 1868PennsylvaniaLodger1765b
{Family 280}
Catherine Scranton, Lackawanna 1880PennsylvaniaMother-in-law322
{Family 281}
Mr Harold E Scranton, Lackawanna 1902MissouriHead1251b
Mrs Phyllis 1905MassachusettsWife
Robert 1929IllinoisSon
David 1932IllinoisSon
Rosawan [Rosanna] 1935KansasDaughter
{Family 282}
Ellis F Sharon, Mercer 1910OhioHead1044
Josephine 1911OhioWife
{Family 283}
Margaret S Sharon Hill, Delaware 1880PennsylvaniaHead2976
Clinton J M 1912PennsylvaniaSon
Margaret W 1915PennsylvaniaDaughter
John W 1920PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 284}
Guy T Smithfield, Bradford 1893PennsylvaniaHead447b
Anna 1903New YorkWife
Lou [Lois] 1929PennsylvaniaDaughter
Doris 1931PennsylvaniaDaughter
Richard 1935PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 285}
Francis Somerset, Somerset 1916PennsylvaniaHead865b
Mary Ellen 1921PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 286}
Lill S South Creek, Bradford 1883PennsylvaniaHead453
Emma 1880PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 287}
Clare B South Fayette, Allegheny 1886PennsylvaniaInmate Mayview8271b
{Family 288}
Alner [Almet]South Waverly, Bradford 1899New YorkHead463
Harriett 1897New YorkWife
Catherine J 1929PennsylvaniaDaughter
Warren 1932PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 289}
Lloyd C Spring Grove, York 1904PennsylvaniaHead1285b
Catharine J 1911PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 290}
Andrew W State College, Centre 1899IndianaHead627b
Sara E 1901PennsylvaniaWife
Frances E 1927PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 291}
Harold Sullivan, Tioga 1903PennsylvaniaHead365b
Richard 1930PennsylvaniaSon
June 1932PennsylvaniaDaughter
Harland 1937PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 292}
Joseph Susquehanna Depot, Susquehanna 1908PennsylvaniaHead445b
Dorothy 1913PennsylvaniaWife
Daughter [Douglas] 1936PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 293}
Jay BTowanda, Bradford 1924New YorkStepson531
{Family 294}
George F Troy, Bradford 1889PennsylvaniaHead592b
Anna B1880PennsylvaniaWife>
F Marshall 1918PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 295}
Thomas B Troy, Bradford 1912PennsylvaniaHead590b
Sara A 1917PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 296}
Eugene Troy, Bradford 1917PennsylvaniaBoarder601b
{Family 297}
Howard G Uniontown, Fayette 1863PennsylvaniaHead2457b
Mary A 1864OhioWife
{Family 298}
Josephine Uniontown, Fayette 1877PennsylvaniaHead2319b
{Family 299}
Lenora H Uniontown, Fayette 1891PennsylvaniaHead2275
Minona [Winona]1924PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 300}
M Marie Uniontown, Fayette 1894PennsylvaniaMother-in-law2354
{Family 301}
P William Uniontown, Fayette 1899PennsylvaniaHead2359b
A Ruth 1905PennsylvaniaWife
H William 1924PennsylvaniaSon
T Joseph 1926PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 302}
Louis Unity, Westmoreland 1887AustriaHead3831b
Josephine 1899AustriaWife
Joseph 1916PennsylvaniaSon
Louise 1922PennsylvaniaDaughter
Margaret 1928PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 303}
Norman Upper Darby, Delaware 1889IndianaHead3853
Deborah S 1890PennsylvaniaWife
Menlylyn 1927PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 304}
Edward P SeniorUpper Darby, Delaware 1906PennsylvaniaHead3761
Adele E 1907PennsylvaniaWife
Edward P Junior 1939PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 305}
George Upper Dublin, Montgomery 1900PennsylvaniaHead3451b
Margaret 1904PennsylvaniaWife
George 1930PennsylvaniaSon
Mildred 1932PennsylvaniaDaughter
Anna 1935PennsylvaniaDaughter
Mary Jane 1936PennsylvaniaDaughter
Sara 1938PennsylvaniaDaughter
Edward 1898PennsylvaniaBrother
{Family 306}
Rawleigh Ursina, Somerset 1876PennsylvaniaHead1040
Flowrence 1898PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 307}
Edward Versailles, Allegheny 1915MarylandHead9279
Marcella 1915PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 308}
Anna Warrington, Bucks 1923PennsylvaniaDaughter1401b
{Family 309}
James Warsaw, Jefferson 1919PennsylvaniaHired Hand637b
{Family 310}
Miles Washington, Lycoming 1903PennsylvaniaHead062

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