CASE Families living in Ohio in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 241}
Edward C Galion, Crawford1896OhioHead231b
Mary 1893WisconsinWife232
Thomas 1930OhioSon
George 1922OhioSon
Jacob 1924OhioSon
Dorcas May 1926OhioDaughter
Lawrence 1930OhioSon
{Family 242}
Blanche F Garrettsville, Portage1872OhioHead283
Cora G 1875KansasSister-in-law
{Family 243}
Ray Geneva, Ashtabula1883OhioHead660b
Bernice 1886OhioWife
{Family 244}
Carl Geneva, Ashtabula1916OhioHead640b
{Family 245}
Charles Georgetown, Brown1890OhioLodger183
{Family 246}
Russell Georgetown, Brown1914OhioHead190
{Family 247}
Marvin Georgetown, Brown1917OhioHead198
Margaret Georgetown, Brown1919OhioWife
{Family 248}
Hertsch D [Hartsel]
(surnames listed Carl)
German, Harrison1893OhioHead105
Margaret (listed as Case)1938OhioDaughter105b
{Family 249}
Frank German, Montgomery1871OhioHead143
{Family 250}
Hosea W Girard, Trumbull1865New JerseyFather-in-law1121b
{Family 251}
William W Glenwillow, Cuyahoga1886OhioHead2318b
Florence M 1892OhioWife
{Family 252}
Molly Goshen, Clermont1882OhioHead86
{Family 253}
James B Grandview Heights, Franklin1894OhioHead305b
Faana [Fannie]1900OhioWife306
Cloa Jesaca [Chloa Jeanne]1923OhioDaughter
Charlene J 1927OhioDaughter
{Family 254}
Cora Granville, Licking1866OhioHead95
Winston 1904OhioSon
George 1907OhioSon
Adelside [Adelaide]1915New YorkDaughter-in-law
{Family 255}
Edward Green, Harrison1918OhioHead147
Asie [Osie]1917OhioWife
Doris 1935OhioDaughter
Geanette [Jeanette]1936OhioDaughter
Montford 1939OhioSon
{Family 256}
Lloyd F Green, Shelby1880OhioHead217
Cora M 1882OhioWife
R Darell 1913OhioSon
Harold D 1918OhioSon
{Family 257}
Albert V Greene, Trumbull1876OhioHead238b
Anna N 1879OhioWife
{Family 258}
Claud Greenfield, Highland1885KentuckyHead236b
Ida 1897KentuckyWife
Louise 1921OhioDaughter
William 1928OhioSon
{Family 259}
Howard Greenfield, Highland1914KentuckyHead250b
Alice 1917OhioWife
{Family 260}
Herry E [Henry] Greenville, Darke1879OhioHead233
Alies Bell [Alice] 1884OhioWife
Mamie Lavore [Lanore] 1919OhioDaughter
Elsworth Junior1925OhioSon
Mary Ellen 1855OhioMother
{Family 261}
Charles Grove City, Franklin1892OhioHead515
Elizabeth 1895OhioWife
Harry 1918OhioSon
Charles Junior1924OhioSon
Fred 1926OhioSon515b
James 1929OhioSon
Pauline 1933OhioDaughter
George 1935OhioSon
{Family 262}
Louise Hamilton, Butler1863IndianaHead725b
Clyde 1900OhioSon
Eliza 1901KentuckyDaughter-in-law
Charlotte 1923OhioGranddaughter
J Mary 1927OhioGranddaughter
{Family 263}
A Allie Hamilton, Butler1864IndianaLodger724b
{Family 264}
John I Hamilton, Butler1867OhioHead160b
{Family 265}
Carl C Hamilton, Butler1892OhioHead476b
Lida 1874Mother
{Family 266}
Charles Hamilton, Butler1879OhioBrother-in-law652
{Family 267}
Pearl Hamilton, Butler1881OhioFather377b
Russel 1914OhioBrother
Homer 1918OhioBrother
{Family 268}
Carl D Hamilton, Butler1898OhioHead75
Elsie M 1895OhioWife
{Family 269}
Betty Hamilton, Butler1918OhioNurse274b
{Family 270}
Ira H Hanging Rock, Lawrence1880New YorkHead329b
Alice T 1893LouisianaWife

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