CASE Families living in Ohio in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 211}
Rachel Delphos, Allen1888EnglandHead173b
Charles 1929OhioSon
{Family 212}
John S Dennison, Tuscarawas1866OhioFather552
{Family 213}
Wilbur Dennison, Tuscarawas1905OhioHead528
Opal 1902OhioWife
Robert 1928OhioSon
Carl 1932OhioSon
Alan 1939OhioSon
{Family 214}
Donald Dennison, Tuscarawas1915OhioHead533b
Mary Francis 1916OhioWife
Katherine 1937OhioDaughter
Crecilia [Cecelia]1938Daughter
Loretta May 1939Daughter
{Family 215}
Ralph Dillonvale, Jefferson1920OhioPartner280
Zola 1917OhioPartner's Wife
{Family 216}
Albert Dover, Fulton1877OhioHead103
Rose 1880OhioWife
Lloyd 1925OhioSon
{Family 217}
Harry Dover, Tuscarawas1895OhioHead149
Harriet 1908OhioWife
Robert 1929OhioSon
George 1932OhioSon
Donald 1934OhioSon
Mary Elizabet [Elizabeth]1935OhioDaughter
John 1939OhioSon
{Family 218}
Roy C Dover, Tuscarawas1898OhioHead127b
Edith C 1902OhioWife
Roy C 1925OhioSon
Thomas J 1932OhioSon
{Family 219}
Stern I Dublin, Franklin1851OhioHead1115b
{Family 220}
Edward East Cleveland, Cuyahoga1863OhioRoomer1321b
{Family 221}
Frank M East Cleveland, Cuyahoga1871OhioHead1268
Gertrude G 1873OhioWife
{Family 222}
Millard P East Cleveland, Cuyahoga1888MissouriHead1747b
Myrtle 1892MichiganWife
{Family 223}
Edna M East Cleveland, Cuyahoga1912OhioLodger1288b
{Family 224}
Clarence Eden, Wyandot1895OhioHead92
Lucille 1893OhioWife
Theodore 1917OhioSon
Gladys 1921ColoradoDaughter-in-law
{Family 225}
Truman W Eden, Wyandot1872OhioHead92
Nara S [Nora]1876OhioWife
Ella 1870OhioSister-in-law
{Family 226}
Earl Eden, Wyandot1887OhioHead92
Lula Eden, Wyandot1888OhioWife
E Hery [Henry]Eden, Wyandot1918OhioSon
Robert Eden, Wyandot1920OhioSon
Betty Y [V]Eden, Wyandot1924OhioDaughter
{Family 227}
Fred Eden, Wyandot1893OhioHead92
Naomah 1898OhioWife
Marie 1918OhioDaughter
Philip 1923OhioSon
{Family 228}
Stewart Eden, Wyandot1912OhioHead94
Heller (Hellen?)1913OhioWife
James 1938OhioSon
Joyce 1939OhioDaughter
{Family 229}
Edith Elmwood Place, Hamilton1908OhioHead896
Shirley Mae 1926OhioDaughter
William 1928OhioSon
{Family 230}
Anna Elyria, Lorain1873OhioSister1024
{Family 231}
Rose Euclid, Cuyahoga1868West VirginiaAunt1796b
{Family 232}
Ford L Euclid, Cuyahoga1895OhioHead1899b
Julia 1897OhioWife
Marilyn E 1922OhioDaughter
Bruce L 1936OhioSon
{Family 233}
Howard Euclid, Cuyahoga1904IllinoisHead1930b
Dorothy 1904OhioWife
Jack 1932OhioSon
{Family 234}
Hulda Fairview, Cuyahoga1894OhioSister-in-law2033b
{Family 235}
Pierre Farmer, Defiance1898OhioHead178
Clara 1898MichiganWife
Charles W 1923OhioSon
{Family 236}
Archie Fitchville, Huron1911ClarksfieldHead87b
Marian 1916FitchvilleWife
Gerald 1937FitchvilleSon
Sue 1939FitchvilleDaughter
{Family 237}
Charles E Fletcher, Miami1908OhioHead29
Beulah 1913OhioWife
B Joan 1933OhioDaughter
Charles Junior1936OhioSon
{Family 238}
Mary Forest, Hardin1861OhioHead206
{Family 239}
John Franklin, Clermont1880KentuckyHead81b
Arlix [Arlie]1894KentuckyWife
Benjam 1921KentuckySon
Henry 1928KentuckySon
Emmit 1934KentuckySon82
{Family 240}
George Galion, Crawford1869OhioFather232

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