CASE Families living in Ohio in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 461}
Charles Frank Toledo, Lucas1901MichiganHead3302
Emma 1899OhioWife
{Family 462}
George L Toledo, Lucas1901PennsylvaniaHead3210
Grace A 1901OhioWife
Jack A 1923OhioSon
Gary P 1933OhioSon
Georgia 1939OhioDaughter
{Family 463}
Nellie Toledo, Lucas1901OhioHead1080b
Lloyd 1924MichiganSon
Wanda 1928OhioDaughter
{Family 464}
Thomas H Toledo, Lucas1901MichiganHead2724b
Clara L 1903MichiganWife
Richard M 1927OhioSon
Helen L 1937OhioDaughter
{Family 465}
Marabelle Toledo, Lucas1905OhioHead3571b
Ralph 1928OhioSon
Patricia 1929OhioDaughter
{Family 466}
Harold Toledo, Lucas1905New YorkHead2271
Georgia 1910WyomingWife
{Family 467}
James Toledo, Lucas1906OhioHead1045b
Thelma 1916MichiganWife
{Family 468}
Charles E Toledo, Lucas1907OhioHead1535b
Gertrude 1913OhioWife
Gertrude Anna 1938OhioDaughter
{Family 469}
Naomi Toledo, Lucas1918OhioDaughter2199b
{Family 470}
Robert Toledo, Lucas1927OhioStepson432b
James 1929OhioStepson
{Family 471}
Betty Toledo, Lucas1933OhioDaughter1091
{Family 472}
Archie N Troy, Ashland1891OhioHead395
Maggie 1897OhioWife
{Family 473}
Howard Troy, Ashland1920OhioLodger395
{Family 474}
Ralph W Troy, Delaware1897OhioHead362
Gladys M 1899OhioWife
Mary R 1928OhioDaughter
William T 1932OhioSon
Edwin N 1885OhioBrother
{Family 475}
Craiton Troy, Delaware1888OhioHead365b
William 1929OhioSon
James 1932OhioSon
{Family 476}
Clarence Troy, Delaware1895OhioHead365
Edith 1894OhioWife
Stanley C 1921OhioSon
Donald E 1924OhioSon
{Family 477}
Daniel Troy, Miami1872OhioHead169
Ida 1874OhioWife
{Family 478}
Albert Union, Auglaize1892IndianaHead345b
Dorathy 1895OhioWife
Gerald Gene 1928OhioSon
Royer Lee 1930OhioSon
Dwight Merle 1931OhioSon
Delbero Faye [Delbert]1933OhioSon
Elario Irene 1935OhioDaughter
Ruby Floe 1938OhioDaughter
{Family 479}
James H Union, Clermont1885KentuckyHead378b
Hattie 1885OhioWife
{Family 480}
John Union, Madison1912OhioPrisoner295
{Family 481}
Louise Upper Sandusky, Wyandot1865OhioSister216b
{Family 482}
Dana Urbana, Champaign1887OhioLodger314
{Family 483}
Jess Urbana, Champaign1888IndianaHead287b
Nellie 1888OhioWife
Sarah A 1926OhioDaughter
{Family 484}
Cleo R Van Wert, Van Wert1906OhioHead174b
Delila F 1914OhioWife
Robert 1930IndianaSon
Beverly 1936OhioDaughter
{Family 485}
Herman M Warren, Trumbull1889OhioHead754
Elizabeth A 1888OhioWife
Charles 1880OhioBrother
{Family 486}
George Warren, Trumbull1901OhioHead586
Clarabelle 1905OhioWife
Robert 1925OhioSon
Harold 1928OhioSon
{Family 487}
Clarisas [Clarissa]Warren, Trumbull1914OhioLodger832b
{Family 488}
John Washington Court House, Fayette1870OhioHead182b
{Family 489}
Clarence Wayne, Champaign1878OhioHead345
Mary 1889OhioWife
Richard 1910OhioSon
{Family 490}
Charles Wayne, Montgomery1888OhioHead1135b
Lamanche [LaManche]1916IndianaWife
William 1923OhioSon
Josephine 1925OhioDaughter
Jerry 1935OhioSon

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