CASE Families living in Ohio in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 341}
Delas W (Delos?)Massillon, Stark1879PennsylvaniaHead249b
Laura C 1882New YorkWife
{Family 342}
George B Medina, Medina1864OhioHead195b
Blanche 1869OhioWife
{Family 343}
Roy N Medina, Medina1888OhioHead196
Mabel C 1888OhioWife
{Family 344}
Flora Medina, Medina1890OhioNurse221b
{Family 345}
Carrie L Mentor, Lake1864OhioHead175b
{Family 346}
Robert Mentor, Lake1883OhioHead182b
Elma 1883OhioWife
{Family 347}
Walter Miami, Hamilton1917OhioHead861
Jeene [June]1919KentuckyWife
{Family 348}
Emery L Miami, Montgomery1887OhioHead787
Margaret S 1893OhioWife
Mary J 1923OhioDaughter
Billy E 1929OhioSon
{Family 349}
Samuel Miamisburg, Montgomery1891TennesseeHead711b
Lenora 1895OhioWife
Eugene 1914OhioSon
Juanita 1920OhioDaughter
Paul 1930OhioSon
{Family 350}
Leo Miamisburg, Montgomery1896OhioHead703
Lucy 1904OhioWife
Gail 1924OhioSon
Shirley 1931OhioDaughter
{Family 351}
Clyde Miamisburg, Montgomery1916OhioHead712
Martha 1917IllinoisWife
{Family 352}
Albert R Middleton, Wood1878OhioHead370
Martha M 1888OhioWife
{Family 353}
Nellie Milford, Clermont1845KentuckyHead138
Nettie 1876OhioDaughter
{Family 354}
Jane Milford, Clermont1921KentuckyHousekeeper153b
{Family 355}
Mannon Milford, Hamilton1919OhioLodger173b
{Family 356}
James Monroe, Clermont1873KentuckyHead215
Fay 1900KentuckyWife
{Family 357}
Edith Moreland Hills, Cuyahoga1888OhioMother3503b
{Family 358}
Nellie Mount Gilead, Morrow1870OhioHead98
{Family 359}
William Mount Gilead, Morrow1901OhioHead112b
Florence 1902IllinoisWife
Eilene 1925OhioDaughter
Billy 1927OhioSon
Pat 1929OhioSon
Joan 1931OhioDaughter
Tommy 1934OhioSon
Salo 1936OhioSon
Bobby 1939OhioSon
{Family 360}
Arthur Mount Healthy, Hamilton1888OhioHead1593
Mary 1891OhioWife
Velma 1921OhioDaughter
Laura 1925OhioDaughter
Celeste 1926OhioDaughter
Charlotte 1928OhioDaughter
Donald 1933OhioSon
{Family 361}
Lila [Lida]Mount Healthy, Hamilton1881OhioSister-in-law1569b
{Family 362}
Carl Mount Healthy, Hamilton1890OhioHead1579b
Rebecca 1900KentuckyWife
{Family 363}
Edith C Mount Healthy, Hamilton1891OhioHead1556b
Milton C 1915OhioSon
Miriam E 1919OhioDaughter
Orma B 1920OhioDaughter
{Family 364}
Robert Mount Healthy, Hamilton1909OhioHead1580
Loretta 1908OhioWife
Robert 1933OhioSon
{Family 365}
Sarah L New Richmond, Clermont1866KentuckyHead227
{Family 366}
Lawrence North Bloomfield, Morrow1888OhioHead157b
Mildred 1903OhioWife
Zella 1923OhioDaughter
Helen 1924OhioDaughter
{Family 367}
Ella M North Kingsville, Ashtabula1855OhioMother-in-law778
{Family 368}
Ernest K Norwalk, Huron1881OhioHead293b
Bertha A 1876IndianaWife
Norman K 1915OhioSon
Martha E 1916Ohiod-i-l?
{Family 369}
Harriett Norwood, Hamilton1863OhioLodger1238
{Family 370}
Conrad Norwood, Hamilton1885KentuckyHead1091
Margaret 1884OhioWife
James 1919OhioSon

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