CASE Families living in Ohio in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Laurence Adams, Darke1907OhioHead28
Mary 1902OhioWife
Robert 1930OhioSon
Caolyn (Carolyn?)1932OhioDaughter
Marcille 1933OhioDaughter
Nova 1936OhioDaughter
{Family 2}
John C Adams, Lucas1906WisconsinHead68
Gracce [Grace]1906OhioWife
{Family 3}
Ulysses Adena, Jefferson1864OhioHead399b
Martha Jane 1869OhioWife
{Family 4}
Anderson Adena, Jefferson1887OhioHead402b
Bertha 1876OhioWife
{Family 5}
Harvey Adena, Jefferson1882OhioHead402b
Leota 1902OhioWife
Carl 1930OhioSon
Donald 1935OhioSon403
{Family 6}
Clark Adena, Jefferson1886OhioHead403
Ernest 1917OhioSon
Majorie 1923OhioDaughter
Kenneth (Marjorie?)1927OhioSon
{Family 7}
Paul Adena, Jefferson1914OhioHead403
Margaret 1916OhioWife
Louis 1936OhioSon
Ronald 1938OhioSon
George 1939OhioSon
{Family 8}
Ray Adena, Jefferson1893OhioHead401
Nina 1895OhioWife
James 1920OhioSon
Helen 1928OhioDaughter
Kenneth 1931OhioSon
{Family 9}
George Adena, Jefferson1888OhioHead401
Elizabeth 1894OhioWife
Louis 1915OhioSon
Ethel 1925OhioDaughter
George 1927OhioSon
{Family 10}
Ernest Akron, Summit1866OhioPatient1186
{Family 11}
Pietro Akron, Summit1874ItalyHead1767b
Caroline 1879ItalyWife
Janet 1912ItalyDaughter
{Family 12}
Clarence Akron, Summit1879OhioHead293b
Kate L 1885IndianaWife
{Family 13}
Claude Henry O Akron, Summit1880OhioHead2687b
Anne T 1884OhioWife
{Family 14}
Doctor Carl J Akron, Summit1883OhioHead3232b
Myra B 1879OhioWife
{Family 15}
Alfred Akron, Summit1884PennsylvaniaHead105b
Agnes 1886PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 16}
Martie (Mortie?)Akron, Summit1884IndianaHead3322b
Matilda 1891OhioWife
{Family 17}
Oscar W Akron, Summit1889OhioSon-in-law2838
Gladys V 1901OhioDaughter
Jeanne M 1930OhioGranddaughter
{Family 18}
Mildred Akron, Summit1892PennsylvaniaDaughter569b
Loyde 1890OhioSon-in-law
Albert 1917OhioGrandson
{Family 19}
Marion Akron, Summit1893IndianaHead917
Elsie F 1893MichiganWife
{Family 20}
Raymond Akron, Summit1894OregonHead1326
Grace 1893OhioWife
{Family 21}
Joseph M Akron, Summit1895North CarolinaHead128b
Egnes S [Agnes] 1895OhioWife
{Family 22}
Harold Akron, Summit1900OhioHead159
Gertude 1904OhioWife
Bernadine 1925OhioDaughter
{Family 23}
John Akron, Summit1908ItalyHead1921
Camille 1911OhioWife
Robert 1936OhioSon
{Family 24}
Nelson Akron, Summit1909OhioHead2917
Lula 1917West VirginiaWife
Cynthia 1938OhioDaughter
Doris 1939OhioDaughter
Barbara 1935OhioDaughter
{Family 25}
Charles R Akron, Summit1911OhioHead1313b
Barbara E (Barabra on census)1912OhioWife
Richard R 1936OhioSon
Katherine J 1939OhioDaughter
{Family 26}
Enrice [Enrico]Akron, SummitItalyHead171b
Anne 1910PennsylvaniaWife
Crole Ann [Carole]1940OhioDaughter
{Family 27}
Inez Akron, Summit1918West VirginiaLodger3428
{Family 28}
William B Akron, Summit1919OhioSon-in-law1050
Helen Akron, Summit1921OhioMarried Daughter
Ronald Akron, Summit1939OhioGrandson
{Family 29}
William C Alliance, Stark1871NebraskaHead663
Elberta 1872OhioWife663b
{Family 30}
James Andover, Ashtabula1860Ohio?14

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