CASE Families living in New York in 1940.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Leve H [Levi]Big Flats, Chemung 1897PennsylvaniaHead34
Francis M 1903New YorkWife
Charles L 1923New YorkSon
Barbara J 1925New YorkDaughter
Ila G 1927New YorkDaughter
Lloyd E 1929New YorkSon
Norma J 1931New YorkDaughter
Vera G 1934New YorkDaughter
Clifton L 1936New YorkSon
{Family 62}
Beulah SBinghamton, Broome 1920New YorkHead932
Veva L 1878New YorkMother
{Family 63}
A EvangelineBinghamton, Broome 1884New YorkInmate968
{Family 64}
JamesBinghamton, Broome 1893New YorkHead329
Helen A 1898New YorkWife
James 1927New YorkSon
Howard 1934New YorkSon
Mary 1934New YorkDaughter
Elizabeth Ann 1935New YorkDaughter
John 1938New YorkSon
{Family 65}
Ira FBinghamton, Broome 1903PennsylvaniaHead367
Velura 1897PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 66}
NelsonBinghamton, Broome 1882MassachusettsHead895
Pearl 1892New YorkWife
{Family 67}
Howard KBinghamton, Broome 1897New YorkHead838
Dorothy T 1903New YorkWife
Howard N 1923New YorkSon
Mahom E [Malcom] 1924New YorkSon838b
Lloyd G 1930New YorkSon
Gordon A 1933New YorkSon
{Family 68}
AddieBinghamton, Broome 1886New YorkHead752
Elenor 1922New YorkDaughter
Charles 1925New YorkSon
{Family 69}
Floyd BBinghamton, Broome 1887PennsylvaniaHead461
{Family 70}
Ida M Binghamton, Broome 1877New YorkDaughter266b
{Family 71}
AdelleBinghamton, Broome 1918MinnesotaHousekeeper434
{Family 72}
VictorBloomingburg, Sullivan 1899New YorkStepson345b
{Family 73}
Donald BBolivar, Allegany 1909New YorkHead125b
Roses V [Agnes] 1909PennsylvaniaWife
Mary Jean 1932New YorkDaughter
Donna Mae 1935PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 74}
MinnieBoonville, Oneida 1866New YorkMother-in-law62b
{Family 75}
George GBrighton, Monroe 1885New YorkHead112b
Agnes C 1880New YorkWife
Lillie G 1921New YorkDaughter
{Family 76}
Burdette BBrighton, Monroe 1887New YorkHead100
Lillian B 1886New YorkWife
{Family 77}
Roy B (listed as Scare)Bristol, Ontario 1879New YorkHead1b
Celia 1885New YorkWife
{Family 78}
Clara E (listed as Care)Bristol, Ontario 1856New YorkHead1b
{Family 79}
RalphBristol, Ontario 1876New YorkHead1b
Georgia 1876New YorkWife
Leslie 1909New YorkSon
{Family 80}
B HBristol, Ontario 1890New YorkHead4
Elsie 1894New YorkWife
Celia 1918New YorkDaughter
Lowise [Louise] 1932New YorkDaughter
{Family 81}
Sedney [Sidney] (listed as Care)Bristol, Ontario 1865New YorkHead9b
{Family 82}
Horace (listed as Care)Bristol, Ontario 1856New YorkHead9b
Donald 1879New YorkSon
{Family 83}
Seymear [Seymour] (listed as Care)Bristol, Ontario 1876New YorkHead7
Mina 1877New YorkWife
{Family 84}
Dewey (listed as Care)Bristol, Ontario 1900New YorkHead7
{Family 85}
Benjamin (listed as Care)Bristol, Ontario 1873New YorkHead9
Ella 1875New YorkWife
{Family 86}
Walter (listed as Care)Bristol, Ontario 1878New YorkHead9
J. Olivia 1878New YorkWife
{Family 87}
George TBrocton, Chautauqua 1877New YorkHead1562
Isabel 1881EnglandWife
Frederick L 1915New YorkSon
Betty J 1926New YorkDaughter
{Family 88}
EdmundBrookhaven, Suffolk 1911New YorkHead664b
Florence 1884New YorkMother
{Family 89}
Wallace LBrookhaven, Suffolk 1887New YorkHead370
{Family 90}
RossBrookhaven, Suffolk 1895New YorkHead752
Lucy 1897New YorkWife
Thelma 1926New YorkDaughter
Gilbert 1930New YorkSon
Walter 1933New YorkSon
Ann 1936New YorkDaughter

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