CASE Families living in New York in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 641}
Allen LOtego, Otsego 1902New YorkHead463
Beatrice W 1904New YorkWife
Majorie C [Marjorie] 1927New YorkDaughter
Allen W 1939New YorkSon
Anna S 1875New YorkMother
{Family 642}
Elizabeth WOxford, Chenango 1874New YorkResident412
{Family 643}
AlfredOyster Bay, Nassau 1898New YorkHead5489
Carrie 1898New YorkWife
Alfred 1919New YorkSon
Earl 1930New YorkSon
Belle 1868New YorkMother
{Family 644}
GladysPainted Post, Steuben 1910PennsylvaniaLodger615b
{Family 645}
DouglasPalatine, Montgomery 1919New YorkHead754
Ruth 1919New YorkWife
Menzo 1939New YorkSon
Carl 1939New YorkSon
{Family 646}
Ernest DParishville, St Lawrence 1893New YorkHead1083
Florida M 1903New YorkWife
Elizabeth H 1928New YorkDaughter
Curtiss E 1935New YorkSon
Earl V 1937New YorkSon
Edward K 1907New YorkBrother
{Family 647}
TheronParma, Monroe 1897Albany New YorkHead1029
Goldie 1898Indiana PennWife
Harmor Malvin 1922RochesterBoarder
{Family 648}
Caro ArdissPatchogue, Suffolk 1917New YorkLodger434b
{Family 649}
William BPawling, Dutchess 1895New YorkHead615
Elizabeth M 1899New YorkWife
Elizabeth M 1925ConnecticutDaughter
William B Jr 1928ConnecticutSon
James P1929ConnecticutSon
Kenneth D 1931ConnecticutSon
{Family 650}
Winslow HPelham, Westchester 1906MichiganHead4684
Betty 1906New YorkWife
Winslow Jr 1936New YorkSon
Richard 1939New YorkSon
{Family 651}
William GPelham, Westchester 1897IllinoisHead4612b
Lola [Iola] 1903TennesseeWife
Lola [Iola] 1929New YorkDaughter
Laurel 1931New YorkDaughter
{Family 652}
HerbertPeru, Clinton 1876New YorkHead416b
Jessie 1882New YorkWife
{Family 653}
Heritt [Keneth]Phelps, Ontario 1909New YorkLodger624
{Family 654}
Nelson DPhillipstown, Putnam 1893New YorkHead152
Elizabeht R [Elizabeth] 1888New YorkWife
Arthur J 1921New YorkSon
John D 1923New YorkSon
{Family 655}
Grace Pine Plains, Dutchess 1877New YorkHead836b
{Family 656}
Charls [Charles]Pittstown, Rensselaer 1870New YorkHead357
{Family 657}
CharlesPlattsburgh, Clinton 1874New YorkHead629b
{Family 658}
WilliamPlattsburgh, Clinton 1873New YorkHead569
Minnie 1878New YorkWife
{Family 659}
BernicePlattsburgh, Clinton 1873New YorkHead574b
Albert 1899New YorkSon
{Family 660}
PearlyPlattsburgh, Clinton 1882New YorkHead634
Edith 1893New YorkWife
{Family 661}
Lee JPlattsburgh, Clinton 1894New YorkHead507
Mildred G 1914New YorkWife
Donald J 1938New YorkSon
James L 1939New YorkSon
{Family 662}
Dora EPoland, Chautauqua 1913New YorkNiece1421
Herbert A 1908New YorkHusband
Beverly E 1934New YorkNiece's Daughter
Alan H 1936New YorkNiece's Son
Rodney W 1938New YorkNiece's Son
{Family 663}
AnnaPomfret, Chautauqua 1856New YorkHead1535
Belmont 1924New YorkGrandson
{Family 664}
CarlPomfret, Chautauqua 1905PennsylvaniaPatient - men's infirmary1530
RubyPomfret, Chautauqua 1914New YorkPatient - women's bldg1530
{Family 665}
Sumner CPompey, Onondaga 1874New YorkHead938
May E 1878New YorkWife
{Family 666}
James JPort Jervis, Orange 1884PennsylvaniaHead1777
Laura 1895New YorkWife
Charac 1926New YorkSon
Lawrence 1928New YorkSon
Doris 1930New YorkDaughter
{Family 667}
Roscoe BPort Jervis, Orange 1908PennsylvaniaHead1772b
Pearl 1914Port JervisWife
Anna M 1886PennsylvaniaMother
{Family 668}
Howard MPort Jervis, Orange 1901New JerseyHead1637b
Marjorie 1903New YorkWife
Douglas 1927New YorkSon
Thomas 1929New YorkSon
Richard 1930New YorkSon
David 1935New YorkSon
Hugh 1937New YorkSon
{Family 669}
James H JrPort Jervis, Orange 1910New JerseyHead1716b
Mellicent W [Millicent] 1909PennsylvaniaWife
Elizabeth Jane 1934PennsylvaniaDaughter
Donald James 1937New YorkSon
{Family 670}
Cyrus DPort Jervis, Orange 1860New JerseyFather-in-law1716b

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