CASE Families living in New York in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 611}
SeldenNorwich, Chenango 1860New YorkHead258b
Minnie 1871New YorkWife
{Family 612}
HarryNorwich, Chenango 1892New YorkHead271
Mildred 1900New YorkWife
{Family 613}
EarlNorwich, Chenango 1915New YorkLodger285
{Family 614}
Shelma [Thelma]Norwich, Chenango 1914New YorkBoarder318
Donald 1933New YorkBoarder
{Family 615}
EdnaOgden, Monroe 1886New YorkHead956
Joseph Jr 1919New YorkSon
Ida 1921New YorkDaughter
{Family 616}
FrankOgdensburg, St Lawrence 1922New YorkGuest819
{Family 617}
JosephOlean, Cattaraugus 1912PennsylvaniaHead562
Katherine 1916New YorkWife
{Family 618}
Minnie SOlean, Cattaraugus 1874New YorkHead426
{Family 619}
ArnoldOlean, Cattaraugus 1890New YorkHead581
Margaret 1905New YorkWife
Rogers 1925New YorkSon
Narman [Norman] 1929New YorkSon
{Family 620}
Robert FOneida Castle, Oneida 1877Canada EnglishHead1121
Hilda 1898New YorkWife
Comelia M [Cornelia] 1918New YorkDaughter
Virginia L 1920New YorkDaughter
Mary R 1926New YorkDaughter
{Family 621}
Emma JOnondaga, Onondaga 1901New YorkLodger875b
{Family 622}
George MOnondaga, Onondaga 1885New YorkHead835
Katherine E 1888New YorkWife
Francis 1912New YorkSon
Marion 1915New YorkDaughter
Dorothy 1918New YorkDaughter
George 1922New YorkSon
Carl 1924New YorkSon
{Family 623}
Howard DOnondaga, Onondaga 1899New YorkHead903b
Alda C 1899New YorkWife
Pauline M 1923New YorkDaughter
H Ernest 1926New YorkSon
Robert 1930New YorkSon
{Family 624}
ArloOnondaga, Onondaga 1891New YorkHead906
Gladys 1902New YorkWife
Marjery [Margery] 1920New YorkDaughter
Warren 1923New YorkSon
{Family 625}
Della IOnondaga, Onondaga 1877New YorkHead907b
Howard W 1909New YorkSon
Martha 1907New YorkDaughter-in-law
Carolyn L 1937New YorkGranddaughter
Howard W Jr 1939New YorkGrandson
{Family 626}
IrvanOnondaga, Onondaga 1889New YorkHead856
Bessie 1895New YorkWife
Rena 1921New YorkDaughter
{Family 627}
Marris [Morris]Onondaga, Onondaga 1884New York N Y MarcellusHead887b
Ritty [Kitty] 1882New York So OnonWife
George 1915New York So OnonSon
{Family 628}
EdwardOnondaga, Onondaga 1882New YorkHead909b
Nettie 1878New YorkWife
{Family 629}
Graver [Grover]Onondaga, Onondaga 1887New YorkHead890
Calin [Celia] 1889New YorkWife
Laura 1922New YorkDaughter
Hozel [Hazel] 1923New YorkDaughter
Helen 1931New YorkDaughter
{Family 630}
E GeorgeOnondaga, Onondaga 1875New YorkHead859b
P Bertie 1875New YorkWife
{Family 631}
MertieOrleans, Jefferson 1870New YorkHead512b
{Family 632}
HerbertOssining, Westchester 1894New YorkSing Sing #930364112
{Family 633}
ClarenceOswego, Oswego 1887New YorkHead608
Elennor [Eleanor] 1889New YorkWife
Helen 1839New YorkGrandmother
{Family 634}
Floyd EOswego, Oswego 1891New YorkHead444b
Lulu 1892New YorkWife
Clinton H 1897New YorkBrother
{Family 635}
EdwardOswego, Oswego 1877New YorkHead443b
Regina 1878Canada FrenchWife
Joseph 1913New YorkSon
Eugene 1903MassachusettsSon
Agnes 1923New YorkDaughter
{Family 636}
ElizabethOswego, Oswego 1883New YorkHead706b
Harriet 1927New YorkDaughter
Arvilla 1919New YorkDaughter
{Family 637}
EdwOswego, Oswego 1900VermontHead731
Jane 1904New YorkWife
Anna 1925New YorkDaughter
Dawn 1929New YorkDaughter
{Family 638}
Bertaess [Bertress]Oswego, Oswego 1896New YorkHead769
Mildred 1896New YorkWife
Jean 1925New YorkDaughter
Harriet 1917New YorkDaughter
{Family 639}
ThompsonOswego, Oswego 1905New YorkHead440
Adelaide 1903New YorkWife
{Family 640}
Eugen J [Eugene]Oswego, Oswego 1908New York451b

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