CASE Families living in New York in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 341}
William LJamestown, Chautauqua 1918New YorkHead763
Ethel M 1913Vest VirginiaWife
William L 3rd 1939New YorkSon
{Family 342}
LouilJasper, Steuben 1872PennsylvaniaHead975
Anna 1924New YorkGranddaughter
{Family 343}
WarrenJohnson City, Broome 1885PennsylvaniaHead1944b
Ida 1892PennsylvaniaWife
Gilhert [Gilbert] 1914New YorkSon
{Family 344}
OrsonJohnstown, Fulton 1870New YorkFather466b
Anna 1868DenmarkMother
{Family 345}
RaymondJohnstown, Fulton 1897New YorkHead387b
Maude 1902New YorkWife
Myron 1924New YorkSon
Donald 1925New YorkSon
Ethel 1928New YorkDaughter
Beverly 1931New YorkSon
Robert 1929New YorkSon
Richard 1935New YorkSon
Lawrence 1938New YorkSon
John 1939New YorkSon
{Family 346}
DanielJohnstown, Fulton 1872New YorkHead405b
Ida 1871New YorkWife
Harold 1921New YorkGrandson
{Family 347}
GeorgeJohnstown, Fulton 1894New YorkHead405b
Alice 1893New YorkWife
{Family 348}
StewartJohnstown, Fulton 1906New YorkHead457b
Hazel 1906New YorkWife
Gladys 1927New YorkDaughter
Robert 1933New YorkSon
William 1930New YorkSon
John 1938New YorkSon
{Family 349}
WilliamJohnstown, Fulton 1881PennsylvaniaHead410
Vera A 1871New YorkWife
{Family 350}
FrankJohnstown, Fulton 1880New YorkHeadb
Lillian 1889New YorkWife
{Family 351}
Galdie Elizabeth [Goldie]Junius, Seneca 1939New YorkGranddaughter110b
{Family 352}
LeoKendall, Orleans 1904New YorkHead165b
Marie M 1903New YorkWife
Robert 1926New YorkSon
Gordon 1931New YorkSon
{Family 353}
Jack CKenmore, Erie 1907Canada EnglishHead2421b
Helen 1912MinnesotaWife
Marilyn 1931MichiganDaughter
{Family 354}
Donald DKenmore, Erie 1899PennsylvaniaHead2503b
Donald D Jr 1931New YorkSon
Alan 1933New YorkSon
Ralph 1934New YorkSon
Alberta 1878PennsylvaniaMother
Charles O 1876PennsylvaniaFather2504
Carolyn 1914PennsylvaniaSister
{Family 355}
Estella S Kingsbury, Washington 1894New YorkHead472b
{Family 356}
MaryKingston, Ulster 1882New YorkHead124
{Family 357}
Olivas (Olivar?)Kingston, Ulster 1905ConnecticutHead540b
Vivian 1907ConnecticutWife
Robert 1932KingstonSon
{Family 358}
OthelloLafayette, Onondaga 1874New YorkHead553
Maud 1880New YorkWife
Harold M 1904New YorkSon
Milton 1920New YorkSon
Arleen S 1923New YorkDaughter553b
{Family 359}
AlfredLafayette, Onondaga 1915New YorkLodger568b
{Family 360}
Fred BLake George, Warren 1862New YorkHead27
{Family 361}
JohnLebanon, Madison 1889New YorkHead194
May 1889New YorkWife
{Family 362}
Philip JLeicester, Livingston 1866New YorkLodger132
{Family 363}
WilliamLeray, Jefferson 1874New YorkHead457
Flossie 1886New YorkWife
Charlotte 1914New YorkDaughter457b
Arnold 1917New YorkSon
{Family 364}
WayneLeray, Jefferson 1924New YorkLodger465
{Family 365}
George HLewiston, Niagara 1911PennsylvaniaSon-in-law140
Winifred H 1915New YorkDaughter
Harold W 1937New YorkGrandson
Mary L 1938New YorkGranddaughter
{Family 366}
HoraceLincoln, Madison 1890New YorkHead294b
Nina 1889New YorkWife
Charles 1918New YorkSon
Eloise 1921New YorkDaughter
Daniel 1923New YorkSon
Warren 1929New YorkSon
{Family 367}
Robert TLitchfield, Herkimer 1892New YorkHead482
Butha [Bertha] 1895New YorkWife
{Family 368}
JamesLittle Valley, Cattaraugus 1886New YorkHead319
Anna 1888New YorkWife
Rodys [Rodger] 1918New YorkSon
Margaret 1921New YorkDaughter
{Family 369}
Jused [Gerald]Little Valley, Cattaraugus 1913New YorkHead318b
Ruth 1914New YorkWife
{Family 370}
EmersonLittle Valley, Cattaraugus 1903New YorkBrother-in-law318b
Helen 1902New YorkSister
Nancy 1936New YorkNiece

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