CASE Families living in New Mexico in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Emma BAlbuquerque, Bernalillo 1875IowaHead563b
{Family 2}
Clara EAlbuquerque, Bernalillo 1884IowaTeacher618
{Family 3}
W AAlbuquerque, Bernalillo 1896IowaHead487
Josephine 1899New MexicoWife
George W 1927New MexicoSon
{Family 4}
AllieArmijo, Bernalillo 1901TexasHousekeeper170
Martin Ray 1922New MexicoBoarder
Jennie Lee 1924New MexicoBoarder
Tex Lamar 1926New MexicoBoarder
{Family 5}
MauriceAztec, San Juan 1887MississippiHead12
Olo [Ola] 1887MississippiWife
{Family 6}
CatherineDeming, Luna 1881OhioMother51b
{Family 7}
Vern CLas Cruces, Dona Ana 1903NebraskaHead69
Irene P 1912OklahomaWife
Clarence E 1931New MexicoSon
June N 1933New MexicoDaughter
{Family 8}
Charles AMills, Harding 1870IllinoisHead53
Jennie S 1883PennsylvaniaWife
Wesley J 1917OklahomaSon
{Family 9}
Earl RMills, Harding 1897OklahomaHead53
Opal 1897KansasWife
William E 1919New MexicoSon
Earvin C 1921New MexicoSon
Grace 1928New MexicoDaughter
Harold G 1931New MexicoSon
Houard 1939New MexicoSon
{Family 10}
Martin RMills, Harding 1922New MexicoLodger52
{Family 11}
W. Carl (Surnames listed Cass)Portales, Roosevelt1884MissouriHead53
Bessie R1890MissouriWife
Billy Bob1920MissouriSon
Wallace Nail [Nash]1923New MexicoSon
{Family 12}
FlorencePortales, Roosevelt 1905MissouriHead53
{Family 13}
Eroy MRencona, San Miguel 1908OklahomaHead316
Mildred R 1908TexasWife
Betty Mae 1932New MexicoDaughter
{Family 14}
John LRio Grande, Bernalillo 1912New MexicoHead765
Dawn A 1917MissouriWife
Roger L 1937New MexicoSon
June M 1939New MexicoDaughter
{Family 15}
David VRio Grande, Bernalillo 1915New MexicoHead776b
Mary E 1886MissouriMother
Tom H 1919New MexicoBrother
Bell G [Bill] 1917New MexicoBrother
Geneive H 1923New MexicoSister
Jerry O 1925New MexicoBrother777
Evelyn C 1926New MexicoSister
Bernice E 1930New MexicoSister
{Family 16}
John BSalem, Dona Ana 1872New JerseyHead197b
Alma 1885MichiganWife
Arthur 1925New MexicoSon
Grace 1926New MexicoDaughter

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