CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 211}
GlendonRochelle Park, Bergen 1914New YorkHead4506b
Augusta 1910New JerseyWife
{Family 212}
RobertRocky Hill, Somerset 1906New JerseyHead830
Anna 1913New JerseyWife
Robert 1938New JerseySon
{Family 213}
G RussellRoselle Park, Union 1886New JerseyHead2035
Florence 1887PennsylvaniaWife
Russell 1922New JerseySon
{Family 214}
LoydRoselle Park, Union 1910New JerseyFriend1989b
{Family 215}
RidgewayRutherford, Bergen 1903New YorkHead4593b
Alice 1908New JerseyWife
Ridgeway Jr 1932New JerseySon
{Family 216}
WillardSalem, Salem 1897MassachusettsHead369b
Wilma 1902MassachusettsWife
{Family 217}
Glenor [Glenn]Salem, Salem 1910IllinoisHead475
Sarah 1914IndianaWife
{Family 218}
ClarenceSomerville, Somerset 1878New JerseyHead898b
Ruth 1890PennsylvaniaWife
Edwards 1917New JerseySon
Phillip 1918New JerseySon
Henrietta 1914New JerseyDaughter
{Family 219}
Marian SSomerville, Somerset 1878MassachusettsHead900
{Family 220}
Henry HSomerville, Somerset 1893New YorkHead900b
Lillian C 1894New YorkWife
Arthur H 1922New JerseySon
{Family 221}
RussellSomerville, Somerset 1899New JerseyHead954b
Mabel 1907New JerseyWife
Doris 1927New JerseyDaughter
{Family 222}
JohannSouth Plainfield, Middlesex 1885GermanyHead2427b
Johanna 1889GermanyWife
{Family 223}
Henry VSouth Plainfield, Middlesex 1895New JerseyHead2407
Lula 1892New JerseyWife
Gerard 1926New JerseySon
Valeda 1930New JerseyDaughter
Betty 1932New JerseyDaughter
Nan 1932New JerseyDaughter
{Family 224}
WarrenSouth Plainfield, Middlesex 1918New JerseyBrother-in-law2437
{Family 225}
Anna MStanhope, Sussex 1855New JerseyHead316
{Family 226}
C CSummit, Union 1876IowaHead2264
{Family 227}
Clarence BSussex, Sussex 1870New YorkLodger359
{Family 228}
BrysonSussex, Sussex 1896New YorkHead355b
Esther 1897MichiganWife
Julia 1922New JerseyDaughter
{Family 229}
Holloway W SSussex, Sussex 1896New YorkHead358b
Donald E 1922New JerseySon
{Family 230}
Edgar BSussex, Sussex 1901New YorkHead345
Rosalie 1904New YorkWife
Howard E 1931New JerseySon
Mary E 1933New JerseyDaughter
{Family 231}
Harvey JSussex, Sussex 1902New JerseyHead340
Katherine 1905New JerseyWife
{Family 232}
GladysSussex, Sussex 1909New JerseyHead346
{Family 233}
BerthaTotowa, Passaic 1879New JerseyLodger2101b
Harold 1887New JerseyLodger
{Family 234}
SydneyTrenton, Mercer 1865MichiganFather-in-law 1585
Clyde 1871MichiganMother-in-law
{Family 235}
HannahTrenton, Mercer 1859New JerseyMother-in-law33b
{Family 236}
JacobTrenton, Mercer 1863New JerseyInmate/Patient1854
{Family 237}
Emily BTrenton, Mercer 1866New JerseyHead937b
Elizabeth B 1895New JerseyDaughter
{Family 238}
Lewis CTrenton, Mercer 1870New JerseyHead1537b
Mary E 1867New JerseyWife
{Family 239}
Jennis P (Jennie?)Trenton, Mercer 1872New JerseyHead1696b
{Family 240}
Harry SrTrenton, Mercer 1907New JerseyHead1297b
Emma 1910New JerseyWife
Harry Jr 1927New JerseySon
Lawrence 1930New JerseySon
Jennie 1876PennsylvaniaMother

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