CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Mrs J HowardClinton, Hunterdon 1873OhioHead68b
{Family 32}
John DClinton, Hunterdon 1907New JerseyHead46
Eleanor H 1908New YorkWife
Joan E 1936New JerseyDaughter
{Family 33}
HerbertCranford, Union 1904New JerseyHead75
Margaret 1903New YorkWife
{Family 34}
Emma GDelaware, Hunterdon 1859New JerseyHead106b
Dayton S 1899New JerseySon
Janice S 1908New JerseyDaughter-in-law
{Family 35}
ErsDelaware, Hunterdon 1875New JerseySister107b
{Family 36}
Harry JDover, Ocean 1894PennsylvaniaLodger78b
{Family 37}
AndersonEast Amwell, Hunterdon 1852PennsylvaniaHead124b
{Family 38}
KatherineEast Amwell, Hunterdon 1854New Jersey
[Harrison Cty OH]
{Family 39}
Charles WEast Amwell, Hunterdon 1868New JerseyHead118
Ella 1874New JerseyWife
Elmer 1894New JerseySon
{Family 40}
WinfieldEast Amwell, Hunterdon 1900New JerseyHead118
Lily 1904EnglandWife
Reginald 1925New JerseySon
Winfield 1927New JerseySon
Gwendolyn 1929New JerseyDaughter
{Family 41}
WilliamEast Amwell, Hunterdon 1870New JerseyHead123b
{Family 42}
HarrietEast Amwell, Hunterdon 1874New JerseyHead116b
{Family 43}
FrankEast Amwell, Hunterdon 1876New JerseyHead126
Carolyn 1887New JerseyWife
Florence 1921New JerseyDaughter
Claude 1925New JerseySon
Warren 1917New JerseySon
{Family 44}
Almir [Alvin]East Orange, Essex 1895New JerseyHead1205
{Family 45}
RussellEast Orange, Essex 1919PensyvaniaLodger1771b
{Family 46}
DorothyEast Orange, Essex 1896New YorkWife1219
Herbert G 1919New JerseySon
{Family 47}
Ruth M East Paterson, Bergen 1908New JerseyDaughter2017
{Family 48}
Franklin OEast Paterson, Bergen 1866MichiganHead
Sophie M 1873New YorkWife
{Family 49}
Franklin O JrEast Paterson, Bergen 1898New YorkHead786b
Hattie M 1905VirginiaWife
{Family 50}
EdwardEast Rutherford, Bergen 1906New YorkHead786b
Ada 1907New JerseyWife
Shirley M 1924New JerseyDaughter
Eileen 1939New JerseyDaughter
{Family 51}
Hanny [Harry]Eatontown, Monmouth 1890New JerseyHead420
Elonor 1890New YorkWife
Charles 1916PennsylvaniaSon
Elonor N 1919New JerseyDaughter
Ira L 1925New JerseySon
{Family 52}
ElizabethElizabeth, Union 1884New YorkLodger926b
{Family 53}
Harvey NElizabeth, Union 1900New JerseyHead328b
Mary 1916New JerseyWife
Joan 1933New JerseyDaughter
{Family 54}
GeorgeEnglewood, Bergen 1872MissouriHead1074
Mary C 1872New JerseyWife
Robert O [Robert Dumont] 1912New JerseySon
{Family 55}
Montgomery BEnglewood, Bergen 1882IllinoisHead1031
Maybell G 1881KansasWife
{Family 56}
JoeEnglewood, Bergen 1890New YorkHead1229
{Family 57}
Mary HEssex Fells, Essex 1887MassachusettsHead2129
Dorothy 1939CaliforniaGranddaughter
Donna 1939CaliforniaGranddaughter
{Family 58}
W CliffordEwing, Mercer 1888New JerseyHead20
Agnes L 1898New JerseyWife
Lillian 1925New JerseyDaughter
Marjorie 1926New JerseyDaughter
Eleanor 1931New JerseyDaughter
{Family 59}
Elizabeth Ewing, Mercer 1895New JerseyHead58
{Family 60}
Clyde WEwing, Mercer 1901New JerseyHead56
Elizabeth 1899New JerseyWife
Clyde Junior 1924New JerseySon
Blair 1929New JerseySon
Richard 1932New JerseySon

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