CASE Families living in North Carolina in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
JonathanAsheville, Buncombe 1870North CarolinaHead428b
Nelia V [Julia] 1872North CarolinaWife
{Family 2}
W PAsheville, Buncombe 1872North CarolinaFather-in-law568b
George 1909North CarolinaBrother-in-law
{Family 3}
ArthurAsheville, Buncombe 1877New YorkHead71b
Evelyn Diana 1872New YorkSister
{Family 4}
James HAsheville, Buncombe 1873North CarolinaHead456
Kate W 1878North CarolinaWife
Le Roy 1897North CarolinaSon
Dorothy 1922North CarolinaGranddaughter
Virginia 1924North CarolinaGranddaughter
Mary 1927North CarolinaGranddaughter
{Family 5}
Jaems L[James]Asheville, Buncombe 1873North CarolinaHead484
Ada 1887North CarolinaWife
Katherine 1915North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 6}
Annie LAsheville, Buncombe 1885North CarolinaHead502
Martha A 1922North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 7}
Grover FAsheville, Buncombe 1888North CarolinaHead516b
Nettie 1890North CarolinaWife
Gena 1922North CarolinaDaughter
Grover F Jr 1917North CarolinaSon
{Family 8}
Clyde EAsheville, Buncombe 1888North CarolinaStepson802b
{Family 9}
BerthaAsheville, Buncombe 1893North CarolinaHead466b
Drem [Irene] 1919North CarolinaDaughter
Paul 1925North CarolinaSon
{Family 10}
Horace HAsheville, Buncombe 1894North CarolinaHead374b
Katie Lou 1891North CarolinaWife
{Family 11}
Willard LAsheville, Buncombe 1909North CarolinaHead506
Hilda I 1915North CarolinaWife
{Family 12}
Ralph TAsheville, Buncombe 1916North CarolinaHead468
Nettie 1918North CarolinaWife
{Family 13}
R CAsheville, Buncombe 1894North CarolinaStepson227
{Family 14}
DonaldAsheville, Buncombe 1917North CarolinaLodger843
{Family 15}
Peycy Y [Peggy]Asheville, Buncombe 1926South CarolinaStepdaughter647
{Family 16}
LonzaAvery Creek, Buncombe 1876North CarolinaUncle928b
{Family 17}
ArthurAvery Creek, Buncombe 1897North CarolinaHead933b
Millie 1902North CarolinaWife
Alvin 1921North CarolinaSon
Carrol 1922North CarolinaSon
Terrell 1925North CarolinaSon
Carl 1927North CarolinaSon
Robert 1931North CarolinaSon
Dorothy 1934North CarolinaDaughter
Shirley 1936North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 18}
RoyAvery Creek, Buncombe 1908North CarolinaStepson929b
Katherine 1909North CarolinaStepdaughter-in-law
Rosa Lee 1929North CarolinaDaughter
Thomas 1930North CarolinaSon
{Family 19}
John Ala
WWII Draft card has John Olar Kase
Beaver Dam, Pitt 1907North CarolinaHead88b
Della E 1908North CarolinaWife
Marvin O 1930North CarolinaSon
George R 1931North CarolinaSon
Arlene E 1933North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 20}
J WBeaver Island, Stokes 1909North CarolinaHead3b
Ruth 1916North CarolinaWife
Elsie Mae 1934North CarolinaDaughter
Vivian Lee 1935North CarolinaDaughter
William 1937North CarolinaSon
Elizabeth Amer [Ann] 1939North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 21}
Rich SBeaverdam, Haywood 1879North CarolinaHead148b
Bonnie 1895North CarolinaWife
Mary 1918North CarolinaDaughter
Jack 1923North CarolinaSon
Andy 1925North CarolinaSon
Oscar 1928North CarolinaSon
Ruth 1930North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 22}
Carl HBlack Mountain, Buncombe 1889North CarolinaHead941
Callie 1901North CarolinaWife
Pauline 1926North CarolinaDaughter
Eva 1928North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 23}
A PBlue Ridge, Henderson 1868North CarolinaHead24b
Ella 1884North CarolinaWife
Annie Marie 1905North CarolinaDaughter
Madalen 1918North CarolinaDaughter
Vena 1926North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 24}
AllardBlue Ridge, Henderson 1882North CarolinaHead15b
Florence 1881North CarolinaWife
{Family 25}
HilliardBlue Ridge, Henderson 1883North CarolinaHead9b
Mattie 1885North CarolinaWife
Clyde 1918North CarolinaSon
{Family 26}
Bk [B K]Blue Ridge, Henderson 1885North CarolinaHead12
Ida Belle 1886North CarolinaWife
Marvin 1923North CarolinaSon
Bernard 1927North CarolinaSon
Virgil 1918North CarolinaSon
Mavis 1918North CarolinaDaughter-in-law
Wilma 1940North CarolinaGranddaughter
{Family 27}
M HBlue Ridge, Henderson 1887North CarolinaHead30
Queen 1886North CarolinaWife
Mildred 1922North CarolinaDaughter
Cecil 1925North CarolinaSon
{Family 28}
JacobBlue Ridge, Henderson 1889North CarolinaHead20
Elizabeth 1889North CarolinaWife
Hercules 1921North CarolinaSon
Lewis 1924North CarolinaSon
Harold 1925North CarolinaSon
Maxine 1928North CarolinaDaughter
Truman 1930North CarolinaSon
Joe 1919North CarolinaSon
Geneva 1920North CarolinaDaughter-in-law
{Family 29}
DoraBlue Ridge, Henderson 1889North CarolinaMother-in-law11b
{Family 30}
WeldonBlue Ridge, Henderson 1905North CarolinaBrother-in-law11b
Mollie 1915North CarolinaSister-in-law
Marshall 1909North CarolinaBrother

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