CASE Families living in Montana in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
James JAnaconda, Deer Lodge 1862MissouriHead114b
{Family 2}
Paul (Surnames listed Abee)Billings, Yellowstone 1884MissouriHead41b
Cecelia Abee 1900MontanaWife
Ora Abee 1923MontanaDaughter
Ethel (Surnames listed Case) 1925MontanaDaughter42
Alice 1926MontanaDaughter
Thelma 1928MontanaDaughter
Elnora 1929MontanaDaughter
Floyd 1931MontanaSon
Robert 1935MontanaSon
Arlene 1939MontanaDaughter
{Family 3}
WilliamButte, Silver Bow 1864MinnesotaHead529
Anna 1869NebraskaWife
{Family 4}
Jace JCarbella, Park 1906MontanaHead181
Florence 1902MontanaWife
Betty L 1932MontanaDaughter
Barbara J 1933MontanaDaughter
Donald 1912MontanaBrother
{Family 5}
George A (Surnames listed Cuse)Chico, Park 1904WashingtonHead122
Phyllis G 1905MontanaWife122b
Milly C 1926MontanaDaughter
Douglas H 1928MontanaSon
Robert O 1932MontanaSon
{Family 6}
Walter JCorvallis, Ravalli 1896MontanaHead98
Viola O [Villa] 1906MissouriWife
Odelia M 1926MontanaDaughter
Wallace R 1928MontanaSon
Dorotha L 1930MontanaDaughter
{Family 7}
KennethCorvallis, Ravalli 1912MontanaHead130
Pauline 1915WashingtonWife
Glenda 1936MontanaDaughter
{Family 8}
Corlis C [Carlos]Divide, Silver Bow 1896MinnesotaHead762
Ester F 1904MontanaWife
{Family 9}
Henry JGreat Falls, Cascade 1873MichiganBrother-in-law259b
{Family 10}
John HGreat Falls, Cascade 1893MichiganHead235b
Cecilia R 1909Canada FrenchWife
{Family 11}
Wesley EHavre, Hill 1912IdahoHead99
Floris 1916North DakotaWife
{Family 12}
DaleHot Springs, Madison 1903IowaHead33
Madge 1907MontanaWife
{Family 13}
Pstes [Porter]Jocko, Flathead 1880IowaHead100
Mary 1878IowaWife
{Family 14}
EarlJocko, Flathead 1911IowaHead100
Olive 1911MontanaWife
Aletha 1939MontanaDaughter
{Family 15}
WilliamMiles City, Custer 1856WisconsinBrother-in-law10b
{Family 16}
Emma YMilltown, Missoula 1867SwitzerlandSister318
{Family 17}
Edward CMissoula, Missoula 1891IowaHead33b
Florence U 1898MinnesotaWife
{Family 18}
Harld L (Harold?)Missoula, Missoula 1912IowaHead150
Alfreida M [Alfrada] 1917MontanaWife
Jacqueline 1937MontanaDaughter150b
Beverly Jean 1938MontanaDaughter
Geraldine 1939MontanaDaughter
{Family 19}
WilliamPlains, Sanders 1880WisconsinHead8
{Family 20}
Arnold HPotomac, Missoula 1897MontanaHead334
Annabelle R 1894MontanaWife
Julie Ann 1935MontanaDaughter
Arnold J 1936MontanaSon
{Family 21}
Harry J [I]Roundup, Musselshell 1883NebraskaHead65
{Family 22}
HaroldStevens, Ravalli 1909MontanaHead172b
Ada 1915MontanaWife
Mattie L 1927WashingtonStepdaughter
Harold J 1936MontanaSon
Douglas 1938MontanaSon
{Family 23}
FlorenceSuperior, Mineral 1898IowaHead32b
George 1918South DakotaSon
Louis 1920South DakotaSon
Lavella 1923MontanaDaughter
Ester 1935MontanaDaughter
{Family 24}
George WWard, Ravalli 1897IndianaHead24
Esthel S [Esther] 1908IdahoWife24b
Barbara B 1931IdahoDaughter
Richard G 1935MontanaSon

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