CASE Families living in Mississippi in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
FrankLincoln County 1919MississippiLodger147b
{Family 152}
Clyde (Surnames listed Cane)Lincoln County1909MississippiHead111
Maude 1908MississippiWife
{Family 153}
WillieMadison County 1901MississippiHead158
Mammie 1905MississippiWife
Lucille 1924MississippiDaughter158b
Dempsy 1926MississippiSon
Stanley 1928MississippiSon
Paul 1930MississippiSon
Mildrid [Mildred] 1932MississippiDaughter
Milton 1935MississippiSon
Elizabeth 1938MississippiDaughter
{Family 154}
Eliose [Elion]Madison County 1909MississippiHead158b
Maggie E 1908MississippiWife
Dorothy 1924MississippiDaughter
Dougles 1926MississippiSon
Elson [Elion] Junior 1929MississippiSon
{Family 155}
Seab EMagnolia, Pike 1865MississippiHead72
Mattie L 1898MississippiDaughter
Alma L [Alina] 1906MississippiDaughter
{Family 156}
PrenticeMagnolia, Pike 1905MississippiHead71b
Nola L [Nela] 1906MississippiWife
{Family 157}
Laura CMagnolia, Pike 1870MississippiMother71b
{Family 158}
John CMagnolia, Pike 1896MississippiHead71b
Annie W 1899MississippiWife
Wilford E 1919MississippiSon
Paul L 1920MississippiSon
Ethel J 1926MississippiDaughter
James 1928MississippiSon
W L 1931MississippiSon
Norma 1933MississippiDaughter
Harold J 1935MississippiSon
{Family 159}
WilfordMagnolia, Pike 1893MississippiHead71
Martha C 1897MississippiWife
Jewell W 1923MississippiSon
H Laverne 1925MississippiSon
C Alen 1931MississippiSon
C Medford 1935MississippiSon
{Family 160}
Robert WMcComb, Pike 1881MississippiHead313b
Mary 1888NebraskaWife
Thomas 1919MississippiSon
{Family 161}
Robert LeeMcComb, Pike 1906MississippiHead304
Bertha [Reatha] 1895MississippiWife
Robert Earl 1929MississippiSon
Peggy Jean 1931MississippiDaughter
{Family 162}
James FelexMcComb, Pike 1891MississippiHead286b
Arna [Anna] 1892MississippiWife
Russell 1919MississippiSon
Charles Ray 1923MississippiSon
{Family 163}
Willie NewtonMcComb, Pike 1891MississippiHead298b
Bertha 1906MississippiWife
L Gaston 1919MississippiSon
John Thomas 1925MississippiSon
Carroll Eugene 1933MississippiSon
{Family 164}
Albert MMcComb, Pike 1900MississippiHead349
Michie 1901MississippiWife
Carl Seaborn 1924MississippiSon
Lucille 1929MississippiDaughter
Tommie Jean 1931MississippiDaughter
Muriel 1932MississippiDaughter
Garland 1938MississippiSon
{Family 165}
FredNatchez, Adams 1907MississippiHead93
Mary Ethel 1911MississippiWife
Meddie W [Freddie] 1932MississippiSon
Jerry Lee 1935MississippiSon
Berry Junior [Betty Jo] 1939MississippiDaughter
{Family 166}
HaroldNatchez, Adams 1908MississippiHead104
Ora 1913MississippiWife
{Family 167}
Rudolph WNatchez, Adams 1912MississippiHead84b
Pearlie 1915MississippiWife
Rudolph Junior 1937MississippiSon
Audley 1939MississippiSon
{Family 168}
Mrs RenaPike County 1890MississippiHead114
Clyde E 1916MississippiSon
Leila D 1923MississippiDaughter-in-law
Ernestine Joyce 1939MississippiGranddaughter
{Family 169}
Brady TPike County 1910MississippiHead114
Nettie Mae 1913MississippiWife
Edna M 1931MississippiDaughter
Brady T Junior 1933MississippiSon
Klotz Wilburn 1935MississippiSon
{Family 170}
Robet LeePike County 1906MississippiHead114
Retha 1906MississippiWife
Robert Earl 1929MississippiSon
Peggy Jean 1932MississippiDaughter114b
{Family 171}
Charlie OPike County 1909MississippiHead475
Mildred 1912MississippiWife
Billie J 1929MississippiDaughter
Laura M 1931MississippiDaughter
Eddie B 1936MississippiDaughter
{Family 172}
Hal FQuitman, Clarke 1893MississippiHead1
Nellie S 1894MinnesotaWife
{Family 173}
PercyRankin County 1906MississippiLodger62b
{Family 174}
E CSunflower 1890West VirginiaHead402
{Family 175}
B FredTishomingo County 1893AlabamaHead96b
Dora 1897AlabamaWife
Buford 1916AlabamaSon
Cecil 1919AlabamaSon
Fred Junior 1926AlabamaSon
Gladys 1932AlabamaDaughter
Jewel 1934AlabamaDaughter
{Family 176}
E PYazoo County 1894MississippiHead389
Catherine 1914LouisianaWife
F M 1866MississippiFather

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