CASE Families living in Mississippi in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
J RLincoln County 1905MississippiHead165
Ada 1903MississippiWife
Lloyd 1929MississippiSon
Emma (Esmmer?) 1934MississippiDaughter
{Family 122}
LuciusLincoln County 1906MississippiHead167
Ruel [Kacele] 1905MississippiWife
Howard 1928MississippiSon
Herman 1932MississippiSon
Katherine 1935MississippiDaughter
Thomas Arbrey 1937MississippiSon
{Family 123}
Percy (Surnames listed Cass)Lincoln County1916MississippiHead167
Percy Lamar1937MississippiSon
Flossie Mae1939MississippiDaughter
{Family 124}
VernonLincoln County 1913MississippiHead325
Jennie Mae 1916MississippiWife
Damon (Druman?) 1936MississippiSon
Delta [Delton] 1938MississippiSon
{Family 125}
Vigil [Virgil]Lincoln County 1907MississippiHead325
Lillian 1918MississippiWife
Paul F 1935MississippiSon
Maud Jerlene 1937MississippiDaughter
Estelle 1939MississippiDaughter
{Family 126}
Hollis (Surnames listed Cash)Lincoln County1910MississippiHead330
Hollis Earl1932MississippiSon
Bobie [Bobbe]1933MississippiDaughter330b
Eva Maree [Marie]1937MississippiDaughter
{Family 127}
AbnerLincoln County 1908MississippiHead330b
Aphelia 1907MississippiWife
Clinton 1922MississippiSon
Evan 1928MississippiDaughter
Alton 1931MississippiSon
{Family 128}
Shelton (Surnames listed Rose)Lincoln County1911MississippiHead255
Carrey (Audurey?)1921MississippiWife
{Family 129}
M LLincoln County 1915MississippiHead255
Addie 1919MississippiWife
Bobbie Dorse 1937MississippiDaughter
Jack 1939MississippiSon
{Family 130}
Gomer [Homer]Lincoln County 1909MississippiHead255
Money [Modena] 1912MississippiWife
Lenord 1932MississippiSon
Charles 1936MississippiSon
{Family 131}
Joe KLincoln County 1909MississippiHead354
Gladys 1919MississippiWife
Virginia L 1935MississippiDaughter
Howard V 1937MississippiSon
{Family 132}
T VersieLincoln County 1910MississippiHead347
Emma M 1910MississippiWife
Dorothy N 1934MississippiDaughter
Frances J 1936MississippiDaughter
Edwin V 1940MississippiSon
{Family 133}
JakeLincoln County 1916MississippiHead168b
Ruby Clea [Cleo] 1921MississippiWife
Earnestine [Earnestyne] 1939MississippiDaughter
{Family 134}
Harey [Harvey]Lincoln County 1910MississippiHead168b
Zola 1913MississippiWife
Annie Nette 1937MississippiDaughter
Rowena 1938MississippiDaughter
Thomas 1940MississippiSon
{Family 135}
Lumons [Lumour]
(Surnames listed Cases)
Lincoln County1884MississippiHead168b
Nettie Pearl1891MississippiWife
{Family 136}
Lloyed [Lloyd]Lincoln County 1910MississippiHead166
Idele 1911MississippiWife
Dorothy 1933MississippiDaughter
{Family 137}
Zollie MLincoln County 1910MississippiHead342
Ruby L 1910MississippiWife
Dorris 1930MississippiDaughter
Zollie C 1932MississippiSon
Hattie M 1936MississippiDaughter
Irma J 1939MississippiDaughter
{Family 138}
Myrtle LLincoln County 1911MississippiMarried Daughter345b
Grover L 1926MississippiGrandson
Alvin L 1928MississippiGrandson
R Morris 1931MississippiGrandson
{Family 139}
James M [Jasper]Lincoln County 1917MississippiHead345b
Sadie M [Radie] 1907MississippiWife
Maggie M 1928MississippiDaughter
John T 1932MississippiSon
{Family 140}
Felton HLincoln County 1915MississippiHead345b
Edith S 1924MississippiWife346
{Family 141}
EdgarLincoln County 1911MississippiHead357
Earlin 1916MississippiWife
Jerry 1936MississippiSon
{Family 142}
Flores O [Finas]Lincoln County 1914MississippiHead353
Luna M 1915MississippiWife
Edith M 1933MississippiDaughter
Virgie M 1938MississippiDaughter
Herman M 1912MississippiBrother
{Family 143}
Evard [Earl]Lincoln County 1912MississippiHead154
Nellie 1918MississippiWife
{Family 144}
HomerLincoln County 1912MississippiHead188b
Ida Mae 1913MississippiWife
{Family 145}
AustinLincoln County 1912MississippiHead144
Louies (Louise?) 1923MississippiWife
{Family 146}
Patt (R. Patterson) 1886MississippiHead334
Ida 1890MississippiWife
Robert 1913MississippiSon
Rufus M 1917MississippiSon
Pat Harold 1920MississippiSon
George Clayton 1923MississippiSon
Elizabth An 1926MississippiDaughter
Shirley Evan 1929MississippiDaughter
Effie Carolyn 1931MississippiDaughter
Clyde Bernard 1933MississippiSon
Charles 1922MississippiSon
Carolyn 1924MississippiDaughter-in-law
{Family 147}
ClydeLincoln County 1914MississippiHead316b
Glady 1917MississippiWife
Beddie Gean 1939MississippiDaughter
{Family 148}
LamarLincoln County 1915MississippiHead326b
Natslie [Natalie] Lee 1919MississippiWife
Aline 1937MississippiDaughter
Bettie C 1939MississippiDaughter
{Family 149}
VersieLincoln County 1916MississippiHead278b
Achilles [Mattie Lee] 1913MississippiWife
Joe Billy 1935MississippiSon
Lawana [Lawanda] 1937MississippiDaughter
{Family 150}
Gill (Bill?)Lincoln County 1918MississippiHead110b

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