CASE Families living in Missouri in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
WesleySedalia, Pettis 1872IowaHead410
Mrs Annie 1875MissouriWife
{Family 182}
AubreySedalia, Pettis 1910MissouriHead387b
Irma 1913MissouriWife
Mary Go 1936MissouriDaughter
Judith Ann 1938MissouriDaughter
{Family 183}
William DSherrill, Texas 1855IndianaStepfather242b
Susie E 1867MissouriMother
{Family 184}
Dova [Dora]Smithton, Pettis 1908MissouriDaughter 440
Becky 1927MissouriGranddaughter
{Family 185}
M MSoutheast Independence, Jackson 1876IowaHead437
Emma 1879IowaWife
{Family 186}
James MSoutheast Independence, Jackson 1904IowaHead626
Bertha 1901CanadaWife
Robert C 1925MissouriSon
Leslie P 1927MissouriSon
Marvin M 1930MissouriSon
Mary Emma 1933MissouriDaughter
{Family 187}
Forrest ESoutheast Independence, Jackson 1907MissouriHead631b
Clara 1902IowaWife
{Family 188}
Harold DSoutheast Independence, Jackson 1911MissouriHead618
Lula 1912MissouriWife
Vera D [Vern] 1936MissouriSon
{Family 189}
Barney JSpring Creek, Dent 1902MissouriHead133b
Dartha M 1914MissouriWife
Betty Jean 1933MissouriDaughter
Buddie Dwaynia 1937MissouriSon
Bonney Sue 1940MissouriDaughter
{Family 190}
GladysSpring Creek, Phelps 1875MissouriHead229
{Family 191}
RalphSpring Creek, Phelps 1902MissouriHead218b
Martha 1894MissouriWife
Marie 1927MissouriDaughter
{Family 192}
CharleySpring Creek, Phelps 1910MissouriHead217
Ople 1917MissouriWife
Doloed 1936Son
{Family 193}
AustinSpring Creek, Phelps 1914MissouriHead225
Bertha 1919MissouriWife
Margrie 1938MissouriDaughter
Wayne 1939MississippiSon
{Family 194}
T JSpring Valley, Shannon 1877MissouriHead143
Elmer 1900MissouriSon
Nancy 1910MissouriDaughter-in-law
Tom 1929MissouriGrandson
Jimmie 1931MissouriGrandson
William 1934MissouriGrandson
Roy 1937MissouriGrandson
June 1939MissouriGranddaughter
{Family 195}
MarySpringfield, Greene 1864England ManchesterMother-in-law 596
{Family 196}
BenSpringfield, Greene 1900MissouriHead708b
Roberta 1905MissouriWife
Bennie Mae 1926MissouriDaughter
{Family 197}
AlbertSpringfield, Greene 1900MissouriHead836
Florence 1900MissouriWife
Mildred 1921MissouriDaughter
Albert Junior 1924MissouriSon
Maggie 1926MissouriDaughter
{Family 198}
Lillie LSpringfield, Greene 1901MissouriHead438b
Donald 1927MissouriSon
{Family 199}
TonySpringfield, Greene 1908MissouriHead560b
Gladys 1910IowaWife
Patricia Ann 1936MissouriDaughter
{Family 200}
OmanSpringfield, Greene 1909MissouriHead369
Dorothy 1910KansasWife
{Family 201}
Virgil DanielSpringfield, Greene 1915MissouriStepson430
{Family 202}
Oris RichardSt Clair, Franklin 1899Arkansas?155
{Family 203}
Norton ESt Ferdinand, St Louis 1873MissouriHead3734
Minnie M 1880IllinoisWife
Margaret M 1914CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 204}
Carroll HSt Ferdinand, St Louis 1875MissouriHead3732b
Elizabeth C 1878OhioWife
{Family 205}
Richard CSt Ferdinand, St Louis 1904MissouriHead3732b
Edna L 1906IllinoisWife
Dorothy C 1932MissouriDaughter
{Family 206}
NorvellSt Ferdinand, St Louis 1917MissouriHead3683
Alice 1918MissouriWife
Norvell Junior 1939MissouriSon
{Family 207}
LouiseSt Ferdinand, St Louis 1920MissouriLodger3683
Sonya 1938MissouriLodger's Daughter
{Family 208}
John CSt Joseph, Buchanan 1862IowaUncle377
{Family 209}
Alonzo RSt Joseph, Buchanan 1865New YorkHead960b
Anna B 1871IllinoisWife
{Family 210}
Charles LSt Joseph, Buchanan 1873MissouriFather In Law498
Susie 1905MissouriSister-in-law

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