CASE Families living in Missouri in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
SadieKansas City, Jackson 1878IowaHead1846
{Family 92}
Frank DKansas City, Jackson 1880MissouriHead2222b
Frances B 1883KansasWife
{Family 93}
Lara EKansas City, Jackson 1880KansasHead1758
Edeth M 1912MissouriDaughter
{Family 94}
AnnaKansas City, Jackson 1880TexasLodger553
{Family 95}
ClaraKansas City, Jackson 1882KansasHead1623b
{Family 96}
Eva OKansas City, Jackson 1883MissouriHead3222b
{Family 97}
N CurtisKansas City, Jackson 1885KansasHead5224
Jessie B 1893New MexicoWife
Mary E 1894MinnesotaWife
William C 1918New MexicoSon
Jessie B 1924MissouriDaughter
{Family 98}
MaudeKansas City, Jackson 1887TexasMother-in-law 5861
{Family 99}
Alfred FKansas City, Jackson 1889New YorkLodger291b
{Family 100}
FredKansas City, Jackson 1890LouisianaHead1622b
Fraces [Frances] 1901MissouriWife
{Family 101}
AnnaKansas City, Jackson 1890TexasLodger550
{Family 102}
Summer M [Sumner]Kansas City, Jackson 1895MissouriHead2351
Mary E 1916New MexicoDaughter
{Family 103}
Walter EKansas City, Jackson 1896OhioHead3551b
Martha 1901MissouriWife3552
Helen 1925MissouriDaughter
Martha 1926MissouriDaughter
Bertha 1929MissouriDaughter
Walter Junior 1930MissouriSon
Margaret 1932MissouriDaughter
Shirley 1935MissouriDaughter
{Family 104}
William BKansas City, Jackson 1900MissouriHead2673b
Ester B 1901MissouriWife
Mary V 1922MissouriDaughter
{Family 105}
Albert DKansas City, Jackson 1904IndianaLodger133b
{Family 106}
Paralle MKansas City, Jackson 1905MissouriHead
Gloria M 1925MissouriDaughter
Mary E 1928MissouriDaughter
{Family 107}
Clifford MKansas City, Jackson 1905MissouriHead1145
Gertrude D 1917MissouriWife
{Family 108}
Donald P SeniorKansas City, Jackson 1907MinnesotaHead4401b
Iva Lee 1915OklahomaWife
Donald P Junior 1939OklahomaSon
{Family 109}
JackKansas City, Jackson 1907MichiganHead2311
Virginia 1907Canada EnglishWife
{Family 110}
RuthKansas City, Jackson 1908KansasLodger2434b
{Family 111}
RuthKansas City, Jackson 1924TexasInmate2636b
{Family 112}
Farrell AlexanderKansas City, Jackson 1908MissouriHead4234
Della 1908MissouriWife
Louis Elaine 1934MissouriDaughter
George Wayne 1939MissouriSon
{Family 113}
VirgilKansas City, Jackson 1909MissouriHead5441
Ruby 1909MissouriWife
Creel 1925MissouriSon
{Family 114}
GraceKansas City, Jackson 1911ColoradoStepdaughter 5412
Marsha Dee 1936MissouriStepgranddaughter
{Family 115}
Owen JKansas City, Jackson 1911MissouriHead4334b
Virginia H 1911MissouriWife
{Family 116}
BettyKansas City, Jackson 1913MissouriLodger132b
{Family 117}
James D Kansas City, Jackson 1918MissouriHead3154
Elaine D 1918MissouriWife
{Family 118}
Richard LKansas City, Jackson 1920MissouriHead1420b
Clarine J 1921MissouriWife
{Family 119}
Jack HKansas City, Jackson 1926MissouriSon 2675
{Family 120}
J FrancisKirksville, Adair 1915KansasLodger118

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