CASE Families living in Maine in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Alan JAnson, Somerset 1938MaineGrandson4b
{Family 2}
HarryAugusta, Kennebec 1893MaineRoomer28
{Family 3}
FredBangor, Penobscot 1877MaineInmate403b
{Family 4}
Mary EBangor, Penobscot 1879MaineInmate417b
{Family 5}
Douglas BBlaine, Aroostook 1873Canada EnglishHead70
Nettie C 1888Canada EnglishWife
Harold L 1907MaineSon
Frank O 1913MaineSon
Harrison P 1914MaineSon
Artie 1920MaineSon
Gerald 1927MaineSon
{Family 6}
Kenneth EBlaine, Aroostook 1909MaineHead70
Nancy C 1917MaineWife
Bertha 1939MaineDaughter
{Family 7}
Carl ECaribou, Aroostook 1910MaineHead192b
Joan 1913Canada EnglishWife
Edward 1937MaineSon
{Family 8}
Wallace SChelsea, Kennebec 1901Rhode Island335
{Family 9}
Roy BEmbden, Somerset 1895MaineHead104b
Lelia C 1906MaineWife
Roderick R 1926MaineSon
Carrie L 1874MaineMother
Ruby B 1901MaineSister
{Family 10}
Floyd RFairfield, Somerset 1907MaineHead108
Nellie L 1909MaineWife
Floyd G 1928MaineSon
Marian F 1933MaineDaughter
{Family 11}
HughFort Fairfield, Aroostook 1877Canada EnglishHead341
Violet 1885EnglandWife
Harold 1913MaineSon
{Family 12}
Carroll GLubec, Washington 1900MaineHead354b
Elora T 1902MaineWife
{Family 13}
Otis WLubec, Washington 1905MaineHead384b
Marian 1902MaineWife
Calvin 1925MaineSon
Reginald 1926MaineSon
Joseph 1927MaineSon
Martin 1928MaineSon
Margaret 1930MaineDaughter
William 1931MaineSon
Marian 1934MaineDaughter
Bernard 1936MaineSon
Alfred 1939MaineSon
{Family 14}
Mary DLubec, Washington 1871MaineHead381
{Family 15}
Carroll WLubec, Washington 1924MaineGrandson378
Robert L 1926MaineGrandson
Emery L 1928MaineGrandson
{Family 16}
MiriamPortland, Cumberland 1916MaineNurse1102b
{Family 17}
Edward MPresque Isle, Aroostook 1870MaineHead955
Cassie 1876MaineWife
Alice L 1905MaineDaughter
Dora [Cannon] 1902MaineDaughter
{Family 18}
Freeman [Casi]Presque Isle, Aroostook 1918MaineHead988b
Verla 1918MaineWife
Frederick 1938MaineSon989
Galin 1939MaineSon
{Family 19}
FrankRangeley, Franklin 1898MaineHead214b
Mabel 1900MaineWife
Ruth 1919MaineDaughter
{Family 20}
Charles FRockland, Knox 1875MaineLodger180b
{Family 21}
Alice [Eaton]Skowhegan, Somerset 1873MaineHead509
Oliver HSkowhegan, Somerset 1846MaineFather

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