CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Albert J Gardner, Worcester 1918MassachusettsHead1598
Florence 1921MassachusettsWife
Albert 1940MassachusettsSon
{Family 62}
Joseph Gardner, Worcester 1915MassachusettsHead1478b
Milance 1917MassachusettsWife
Pauline 1936MassachusettsDaughter
Clifford 1938MassachusettsSon
{Family 63}
Joseph EGardner, Worcester 1892MassachusettsOfficer1423b
{Family 64}
Lucy B Grafton, Worcester 1864New YorkInmate1717b
{Family 65}
Frederick V Great Barrington, Berkshire 1869ConnecticutHead359b
Ida M 1869MassachusettsWife
{Family 66}
Wallace J Great Barrington, Berkshire 1891MassachusettsHead320b
Mary L 1896MassachusettsWife
William L 1919MassachusettsSon
Marie A 1924MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 67}
Lester Harwich, Barnstable 1897ConnecticutWard400
{Family 68}
Bertha Haverhill, Essex 1872MaineLodger1380b
{Family 69}
Alice M Haverhill, Essex 1885New HampshireCook1975
{Family 70}
Alice Haverhill, Essex 1923MassachusettsHousekeeper1580
{Family 71}
Mary E Haverhill, Essex 1889MassachusettsLodger2054
{Family 72}
Leroy F Haverhill, Essex 1891New HampshireHead1539
Jennie 1893EnglandWife
Winifred 1913MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 73}
Calvin V Haverhill, Essex 1904MaineHead1836
Mildred D 1908MassachusettsWife
Helen D 1936MassachusettsDaughter
P Wayne 1939MassachusettsSon
{Family 74}
Harry T Haverhill, Essex 1913MaineHead2121
Harriet E 1914MassachusettsWife
{Family 75}
Daniel Holyoke, Hampden 1882New YorkHead1388b
Elsie (surname listed Cass)1892New JerseyWife1389
{Family 76}
Robert Hubbardston, Worcester 1923MassachusettsGrandson1959
{Family 77}
Elma L Lancaster, Worcester 1875VermontMother-in-law1971b
{Family 78}
Warren L Lanesborough, Berkshire 1885ConnecticutHead426b
Alice N 1886ConnecticutWife
{Family 79}
Josephine Lexington, Middlesex 1918MassachusettsMaid2843
{Family 80}
Myrtle Littleton, Middlesex 1890New BrunswickSister-in-law3011
{Family 81}
Kenneth B Longmeadow, Hampden 1893ConnecticutHead1605
Ruth B 1896ConnecticutWife
Richard W 1921MassachusettsSon
{Family 82}
Lillie Longmeadow, Hampden 1880MassachusettsSister1597
{Family 83}
Phillip Longmeadow, Hampden 1890MassachusettsSon
{Family 84}
Dow Lowell, Middlesex 1916FloridaHead415
Ruth 1892IllinoisMother
{Family 85}
Edward Lowell, Middlesex 1913TurkeySon-in-law1048
Raenette 1917MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 86}
John E Lynn, Essex 1887New YorkHead208b
Jessie F 1893MassachusettsWife
{Family 87}
James L Lynnfield, Essex 1889ConnecticutHead3452b
Ida F 1890MassachusettsWife
{Family 88}
Arthur Marlborough, Middlesex 1884MassachusettsHead3062
Louise 1888MassachusettsWife
Louaine 1910MassachusettsDaughter
Leonard 1913MassachusettsSon
Lucille 1917MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 89}
Howard B Maynard, Middlesex 1884MassachusettsHead4073
Esther E 1886Canada EnglishWife
{Family 90}
Frank W Maynard, Middlesex 1904MassachusettsHead4086
Hazel R 1906MassachusettsWife
Eleanor R 1929MassachusettsDaughter
Ralph W 1932MassachusettsSon
Frank L 1933MassachusettsSon

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