CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 241}
Walter Paducah, McCracken 1916KentuckyHead100b
Lerelle 1916KentuckyWife
{Family 242}
Blanche Paris, Bourbon 1890KentuckyHead16
Allen 1914KentuckySon
{Family 243}
Grouer C [Grover]Paris, Bourbon 1892KentuckyHead81b
Lillie 1899KentuckyWife
Mildred 1924KentuckyDaughter
{Family 244}
Jesse Paris, Bourbon 1892KentuckyHead15
Ethel 1897KentuckyWife
{Family 245}
Emmett Pike County 1910KentuckyHead457b
Eula 1910KentuckyWife
Magdaline 1931KentuckyDaughter
Moses 1934KentuckySon
Hilda 1936KentuckyDaughter
Philip 1937KentuckySon
Paul D 1939KentuckySon
Mary E 1877KentuckyMother
{Family 246}
Maynard Pike County 1888KentuckyHead158b
Gracie 1895KentuckyWife
Verna 1913KentuckyDaughter
Phinis 1924KentuckySon
Denis 1926KentuckySon
Ben 1928KentuckySon
Maudie 1930KentuckyDaughter
C A 1933KentuckySon
Ella 1936KentuckyDaughter159
{Family 247}
General Pike County 1899KentuckyHead458b
Wealthy 1904KentuckyWife
Thomas 1923KentuckySon
Irvin 1925KentuckySon
Junior 1927KentuckySon
Dora 1930KentuckyDaughter
Flora 1936KentuckyDaughter
{Family 248}
Jackie Pike County 1902KentuckyBrother-in-law159
{Family 249}
Bob (Surname listed Lase)Pike County1894KentuckyBrother-in-law159
{Family 250}
Rachael K Pikeville, Pike 1918KentuckyServant1
{Family 254}
Clyde Pleasant Valley, Carter 1911KentuckyHead259
Castoria 1910KentuckyWife
James 1934KentuckySon
{Family 252}
Asa Plumville, Mason 1879KentuckyHead209b
Lucy 1890KentuckyWife
Ollie 1919KentuckySon
Harlan 1923KentuckySon
{Family 253}
James P Powell County 1860KentuckyHead100b
{Family 254}
Mes Bredy [Mrs. Brady] (Surname listed Carr)Powersville, Bracken 1878KentuckyHead17
{Family 255}
Herman (surnames listed Care)Powersville, Bracken 1900KentuckyHead17b
Viala [Viola] 1902KentuckyWife
Alvena 1922KentuckyDaughter
{Family 256}
Nettie B Randall, Carlisle 1872MississippiMother-in-law19
{Family 257}
Emma Y Richmond, Madison 1892KentuckyHead81
Lucille 1916KentuckyDaughter
Jane 1918New MexicoDaughter
{Family 258}
Wallace Richmond, Madison 1909KentuckyHead87
Rose 1909KentuckyWife
Nancy 1933KentuckyDaughter
Betty 1936KentuckyDaughter
{Family 259}
E V Ruddles Mills, Bourbon 1873KentuckyHead224b
Pearl 1882KentuckyWife
Marjorie 1920KentuckyDaughter225
{Family 260}
Leon Russell, Greenup 1897KentuckyHead200
Norma 1898KentuckyWife
{Family 261}
L S Shelbyville, Shelby 1885KentuckyHead229b
Etna 1891KentuckyWife
Lillard 1921KentuckySon
S T 1925KentuckySon
William 1928KentuckySon
{Family 262}
John Shelbyville, Shelby 1917KentuckyHead229b
Elizabeth 1921KentuckyWife
John Junior 1923KentuckySon
{Family 263}
Stauton Shelby City, Boyle 1866KentuckyHead124
Ida 1871KentuckyWife
Minnnie 1914KentuckyDaughter
Margaret 1930KentuckyGranddaughter124b
{Family 264}
Alfred (Surnames listed Hase)Shelby City, Boyle1893KentuckyHead132
Alna [Alma]1921KentuckyDaughter
Daytha [Dartha]1928KentuckyDaughter
{Family 265}
Ernad [Ernest]Shelby City, Boyle 1924KentuckyNephew132
James 1923KentuckyNephew
{Family 266}
Dennie [Dennis](surnames listed Care)Silver Grove, Campbell 1896KentuckyHead366b
Alma 1902KentuckyWife
Leon 1922KentuckySon
{Family 267}
James Sorgho, Daviess 1894KentuckyHead467
Mary 1901KentuckyWife
James Junior 1930KentuckySon
William 1935KentuckySon
{Family 268}
William Southgate, Campbell 1884MassachusettsHead436
Orr [Ora] 1878IllinoisWife
{Family 269}
C W Sylvandell, Harrison 1878KentuckyHead68
Cora 1888KentuckyWife68b
Ernest 1920KentuckySon
{Family 270}
Clifford Sylvandell, Harrison 1897KentuckyHead81
Edith 1896KentuckyWife
Mary Lou 1925KentuckyDaughter

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