CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
Margaret Louisville, Jefferson 1883IndianaMother3647b
{Family 182}
James Louisville, Jefferson 1890KentuckyHead3533b
Cora 1897KentuckyWife
{Family 183}
William Louisville, Jefferson 1893KentuckyHead384b
Josephine M 1905CaliforniaWife
Thelma Lee 1930CaliforniaDaughter
Jean 1932IndianaDaughter
William Lee 1938KentuckySon
{Family 184}
Della Louisville, Jefferson 1900IndianaHead1533b
Herbert 1937KentuckySon
{Family 185}
Merrill C Louisville, Jefferson 1902PennsylvaniaHead3566b
Helen L 1903New YorkWife
{Family 186}
Henry Louisville, Jefferson 1902KentuckyHead2614
Elizabeth 1898TennesseeWife
Margaret 1924KentuckyDaughter2614b
Marie 1925KentuckyDaughter
{Family 187}
Robert Louisville, Jefferson 1905KentuckyHead2538b
Leono [Leona] 1909KentuckyWife
Charlotte 1927KentuckyDaughter
Doris 1930KentuckyDaughter
{Family 188}
Leona Louisville, Jefferson 1914IndianaHead3048b
Clude Lee [Clyde] 1931KentuckySon
{Family 189}
Harold L Louisville, Jefferson 1921IndianaBrother-in-law3977
{Family 190}
Albert Louisville, Jefferson 1926KentuckyGrandson2603b
{Family 191}
John Ludlow, Kenton 1882KentuckyHead1006b
Stephen D 1887KentuckyBrother
{Family 192}
Raymond N Ludlow, Kenton 1888KentuckyHead973b
Alta 1893TennesseeWife
{Family 193}
Theodore J Ludlow, Kenton 1896KentuckyHead1006b
Martha 1896OhioWife
Margaret L 1919KentuckyDaughter
John J 1929KentuckySon
Thomas J 1935KentuckySon
{Family 194}
William Ludlow, Kenton 1922KentuckyGrandson960b
William 1898KentuckySon-in-law
{Family 195}
Willie Martin's Creek, Floyd 1905KentuckyHead489b
Ethyl 1917KentuckyWife
Shirley 1935KentuckyDaughter
Naa [Noa] 1921KentuckyBrother490
{Family 196}
George Mary Ellen-Coal Good, Harlan 1918TennesseeHead976
Lillian 1916TennesseeWife
George Junior 1939TennesseeSon
{Family 197}
Anna Mason County 1874KentuckyHead124b
{Family 198}
Clara Mason County 1888KentuckyMother120
{Family 199}
Lexie Mayfield, Graves 1904TennesseeHead246
Mayrene 1906KentuckyWife
Dorothy C 1928KentuckyDaughter
Jack W 1930KentuckySon
{Family 200}
Roy S Mays Lick, Mason 1878KentuckyHead166b
{Family 201}
John Mays Lick, Mason 1888KentuckyHead174b
Anna Mason 1892KentuckyWife
Caroe [Carol B]Mason 1922KentuckyDaughter
AnnMason 1928KentuckyDaughter
JoneMason 1931KentuckyDaughter
{Family 202}
Harry Y (surname listed Care)Mays Lick, Mason1914KentuckyHead168b
Iceline (Joceline?) 1913KentuckyWife169
Constance J 1933KentuckyDaughter
Harvey W 1937KentuckySon
{Family 203}
Lemuel (Surname listed Cass)Mays Lick, Mason1907KentuckyHead176
Louise (Surname listed Cass)1909KentuckyWife
Lorino [Lorine] 1930KentuckyDaughter176b
Noda Mae 1933KentuckyDaughter
{Family 204}
FerdinandMaysville, Mason 1930KentuckyLodger30
{Family 205}
Jacob Maysville, Mason 1863KentuckyHead67
Annie 1864KentuckyWife
Omar 1897KentuckySon
Howard 1919KentuckyGrandson
Robert 1921KentuckyGrandson
Ray 1923KentuckyGrandson
Ruby J 1925KentuckyGranddaughter
Juanita 1926KentuckyGranddaughter
Omar Junior 1929KentuckyGrandson
{Family 206}
Miss Fannie Maysville, Mason 1878KentuckyHead5b
{Family 207}
Hallie Maysville, Mason 1883KentuckyHead50b
Luther 1906KentuckySon
Jdonald [J Donald] 1911KentuckySon
Wanda 1925KentuckyDaughter
{Family 208}
Nellie Maysville, Mason 1888KentuckyHousekeeper/Cook82
{Family 209}
Virgil Walter Maysville, Mason 1910KentuckyHead17b
Bertha 1911KentuckyWife
Jame W 1927KentuckyNephew
{Family 210}
James Maysville, Mason 1911KentuckyLodger12b
Reece 1910KentuckyLodger

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