CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Ruben T Knottsville, Daviess 1873KentuckyHead619b
Edith 1881KentuckyWife
{Family 152}
James B Knottsville, Daviess 1913KentuckyHead619b
Katherine 1911KentuckyWife
Virginia 1932KentuckyDaughter
Omer D 1935KentuckySon
James H 1937KentuckySon
{Family 153}
Anderson Knottsville, Daviess 1891KentuckyHead627b
Clara 1890KentuckyWife
Maxine 1922KentuckyDaughter
John 1862KentuckyFather
{Family 154}
Owen Knottsville, Daviess 1905KentuckyHead626b
Mattie L 1907KentuckyWife
Ida J 1926KentuckyDaughter
Lucian J 1927KentuckySon
Bertha M 1929KentuckyDaughter
Verlon 1931KentuckySon
Elizabeth A 1933KentuckyDaughter
{Family 155}
Jasper Lancaster, Garrard 1896KentuckyHead52
Pearl 1902KentuckyWife
T C 1919KentuckySon
Robert 1921KentuckySon
James 1923KentuckySon
Junior 1926KentuckySon
Mary 1932KentuckyDaughter
Willie E 1935KentuckySon
{Family 156}
Pearl Lancaster, Garrard 1900KentuckyHead22b
J C 1919KentuckySon
Robert Lee 1921KentuckySon
James R 1923KentuckySon
Junior 1925KentuckySon
Mary Juanita 1932KentuckyDaughter
Willie E 1935KentuckySon
{Family 157}
Thomas W Larue County 1871New YorkHead39
Mandy 1901KentuckyWife
Ople P 1925KentuckyDaughter39b
Charles W 1926KentuckySon
Milford L 1928KentuckySon
Clarence E 1932KentuckySon
Franklin D 1936KentuckySon
{Family 158}
D M Lawrenceburg, Anderson 1877KentuckyHead52b
Martha Bell 1881KentuckyWife
{Family 159}
Clyde J Lawrenceburg, Anderson 1881KentuckyHead47b
Alla 1884KentuckyWife
Jennie L 1921KentuckyDaughter
Richard 1923KentuckySon
Fred 1925KentuckySon
{Family 160}
John Lawrenceburg, Anderson 1888?Nephew17
{Family 161}
Jackson A Lexington, Fayette 1876KentuckyHead847
Bertha 1888KentuckyWife
Earl 1917KentuckySon
Georgina 1916KentuckyDaughter-in-law
{Family 162}
Minnie B Lexington, Fayette1870?VirginiaSister899
Tharles H [Charles] 1865VirginiaBrother
{Family 163}
Mrs Margaret Lexington, Fayette 1888KentuckyHead254b
{Family 164}
Williom F Lexington, Fayette 1911KentuckyHead78b
Erma 1910KentuckyWife
{Family 165}
Roberta Lee Lexington, Fayette 1912KentuckyLodger619b
{Family 166}
Edwin B Lexington, Fayette 1916KentuckyHead472b
Nellie 1918KentuckyWife
{Family 167}
Roy Lexington, Fayette 1917KentuckyHead525b
Ruty [Ruby] 1920KentuckyWife
Roy Jr 1940KentuckySon
{Family 168}
Jannette (Jeannette?) Lexington, Fayette 1917KentuckySister-in-law562
{Family 169}
Ethel Lexington, Fayette 1921KentuckyLodger241b
{Family 170}
Same Little South Fork, Casey 1861KentuckyHead220b
Lizzie 1882KentuckyWife
{Family 171}
Mc Atee Lewisburg, Mason 1864KentuckyHead201
Emma 1865KentuckyWife
{Family 172}
Herman Little Mount, Spencer 1909KentuckyHead79b
Edna 1921KentuckyWife
Estell B 1938KentuckySon
Edna P 1939KentuckyDaughter
Locy [Tory] 1877KentuckyMother
{Family 173}
Edgar Louisville, Jefferson 1880MichiganFather-in-law307b
Maggie 1884KentuckyMother-in-law
Mona 1924KentuckySister-in-law
{Family 174}
HerbertLouisville, Jefferson 1929KentuckyWard207
{Family 175}
Emma Louisville, Jefferson 1926IndianaWard208
{Family 176}
Jacenleir Louisville, Jefferson 1910KentuckySister3689b
Latoyia 1932KentuckyNiece
{Family 177}
Edward R Louisville, Jefferson 1870IndianaHead3603
{Family 178}
Allen Louisville, Jefferson 1863IndianaFather1074
Rhoda 1880KentuckyMother1074b
{Family 179}
Fred Louisville, Jefferson 1871KentuckyFather226
{Family 180}
William H Louisville, Jefferson 1877KentuckyHead3435b
Zora L 1880KentuckyWife

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