CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
Ford Elkton, Todd 1912KentuckyHead97b
Katherine 1921KentuckyWife
Onell 1939KentuckyDaughter
{Family 92}
Martin Estil-Glo, Floyd 1884KentuckyHead376b
Sally 1892KentuckyWife
Johnny 1916KentuckySon
{Family 93}
James Estil-Glo, Floyd 1898KentuckyHead377
Edith 1901KentuckyWife
Edgar 1925KentuckySon
Frances 1927KentuckyDaughter
Evgene [Eugene ] 1929KentuckySon
Ralph 1932KentuckySon
Thelma 1934KentuckyDaughter
Bobby 1936KentuckySon
Fay 1939KentuckyDaughter
{Family 94}
Nick Fairview/Bell Chapel, Todd 1872KentuckyHead49b
Nannie 1872KentuckyWife
Myrtle 1907KentuckyDaughter
Alton Ray 1938KentuckyGrandson
{Family 95}
Elmer Fairview/Bell Chapel, Todd 1899KentuckyHead49b
Katie 1903KentuckyWife
Bernice E 1921KentuckySon
Janie Marie 1927KentuckyDaughter
Albert Lee 1934KentuckySon
Wilburn E 1939KentuckySon
{Family 96}
Amos Fairview and Bell Chapel, Todd 1895KentuckyHead46
Mabel 1901KentuckyWife
William 1920KentuckySon
James 1929KentuckySon
{Family 97}
Charlie Fairview and Bell Chapel, Todd 1918KentuckyHead46
Goldie 1922KentuckyWife
{Family 98}
Coleman Fairview and Bell Chapel, Todd 1908KentuckyHead46
Vera [Vela] 1914KentuckyWife
{Family 99}
Ovis Fairview and Bell Chapel, Todd 1900KentuckyHead49
Mary 1907KentuckyWife
Mamie Lee 1925KentuckyDaughter
Buford 1926KentuckySon
Marie 1930KentuckyDaughter
Lones 1931KentuckySon
Mildred 1933KentuckyDaughter
Lucille 1935KentuckyDaughter
Ovis Junior 1938KentuckySon
Barbara Jean 1939KentuckyDaughter
Mart 1865AlabamaFather-in-law
{Family 100}
William Flatrock, Bourbon County 1909KentuckyHead139b
Bessie 1910KentuckyWife
Charles C 1929KentuckySon
Arnold R 1936KentuckySon
William W 1939KentuckySon
Albert E 1940KentuckySon
{Family 101}
John M Floyd County 1875KentuckyHead661b
Polly Jane 1877KentuckyWife
Andrew 1913KentuckySon
J B 1926KentuckySon
{Family 102}
Mary Floyd County 1881KentuckyHead651b
Dallas 1920KentuckySon
{Family 103}
JackFloyd County 1918KentuckyHead651
Brichie [Birchie] 1920KentuckyWife
Jearline [Geraldine] 1939KentuckyDaughter
{Family 104}
Andrus J Floyd County 1886KentuckyHead653b
Tessie Mae 1904KentuckyWife
Magorie 1929KentuckyDaughter
Nana Mae 1931KentuckyDaughter
Thomas 1933KentuckySon
{Family 105}
Sidney Floyd County 1904KentuckyHead654
Bula 1904KentuckyWife
Lucinda 1926KentuckyDaughter
Madaline 1928KentuckyDaughter
Pauline 1931KentuckyDaughter
Julian 1934KentuckyDaughter
Louella 1936KentuckyDaughter
Eliford 1939KentuckySon
{Family 106}
Finley Floyd County 1913KentuckyHead660b
Nannie 1912KentuckyWife
{Family 107}
Isaac Floyd County 1917KentuckyHead453b
Alkie Marie 1920KentuckyWife
{Family 108}
Okei [Okie]Floyd County 1921KentuckyHead662
Inez 1923KentuckyWife
Yvonne 1939KentuckyDaughter
Marjorie Lee [Margorie] 1929KentuckySister
{Family 109}
America Floyd County 1913KentuckyDaughter656b
Kermit 1938KentuckyGrandson
{Family 110}
Hascal Floyd County 1919KentuckySon-in-law661
Hazel 1921KentuckyDaughter
Vonnie Beatrice 1939KentuckyGranddaughter
{Family 111}
Gus Floyd County 1922KentuckyGrandson662b
{Family 112}
Margaret Floyd County 1924KentuckyServant51
{Family 113}
Robert Fort Thomas, Campbell 1903KentuckyHead839
Margaret 1905KentuckyWife
Robert W 1922KentuckySon
{Family 114}
Luther G Fort Thomas, Campbell 1906West VirginiaSoldier 856
{Family 115}
Luther S Fort Thomas, Campbell 1907West VirginiaHead846b
Sadie M [Sada] 1912KentuckyWife
Gordon G 1932KentuckySon
Robert O 1936KentuckySon
{Family 116}
Kelley Foster, Bracken 1900KentuckyHead32b
Alfretta V 1912KentuckyWife
Patrica Ann 1932KentuckyDaughter
Ronald C 1939KentuckySon
{Family 117}
Henry Foster, Bracken 1875KentuckyHead28
Kate 1875KentuckyWife
Louie Ernst 1908KentuckySon
Donald Ray 1934KentuckyGrandson
Robert Lee 1935KentuckyGrandson
{Family 118}
Richard Frankfort, Franklin 1866KentuckyFather106b
Bell 1920KentuckyMother
{Family 119}
M D Frankfort, Franklin 1890KentuckyHead104
{Family 120}
Ota [Ora]Frankfort, Franklin 1900KentuckyServant13

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