CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Pearl Brooksville, Bracken 1873KentuckyHead14
Ida 1872KentuckyWife
{Family 32}
Carlie W Brooksville, Bracken 1909KentuckyHead14
Galela [Golda] 1908KentuckyWife
Harry 1932KentuckySon
Hazel 1934KentuckyDaughter
{Family 33}
Norman Brooksville, Bracken 1876KentuckyHead13b
Lila 1882KentuckyWife
Burdette 1901KentuckySon
{Family 34}
Elbert Brooksville, Bracken 1915KentuckyHead13b
Fay 1911KentuckyWife
Elizabeth Mae 1935KentuckyDaughter
Patricia Ann 1937KentuckyDaughter
{Family 35}
Millard F Brooksville, Bracken 1883KentuckyHead24b
Clara E 1877KentuckyWife
{Family 36}
Octavious T Brooksville, Bracken 1884KentuckyHead22b
Annie K 1887KentuckyWife
{Family 37}
Preston Brooksville, Bracken 1910KentuckyHead22b
Lillian 1914KentuckyWife
{Family 38}
Lee (Surnames listed Care)Brooksville, Bracken 1891KentuckyHead19
Catherine 1887OhioWife
Eugene 1918KentuckySon
Helen 1922KentuckyDaughter
Frances 1925KentuckyDaughter
Audrey 1928KentuckyDaughter
{Family 39}
Val Thomas Bridgeport, Franklin 1884KentuckyHead303
Dora 1888KentuckyWife
{Family 40}
Amande [Amanda]Brooksville, Bracken 1873KentuckyHead5
{Family 41}
Walter Brooksville, Bracken 1877KentuckyHead4b
Mamie M [Minnie] 1885KentuckyWife
{Family 42}
Earl Brooksville, Bracken 1905KentuckyHead1
Susan 1907KentuckyWife
{Family 43}
Kelsie W Brooksville, Bracken 1901KentuckyHead20
Alice L 1902KentuckyWife
Mary A 1938KentuckyDaughter
{Family 44}
Calvert Brooksville, Bracken 1895KentuckyHead20
Tillie G 1895KentuckyWife
Feddie L 1919KentuckyDaughter
Ruth E 1921KentuckyDaughter
{Family 45}
Kenneth Campbellsville, Taylor 1916South CarolinaLodger60
{Family 46}
Neuton Caney Creek, Pike 1873KentuckyHead277b
May 1909KentuckyWife
Henry 1909KentuckySon
Thomas Richard 1933KentuckySon
Ebis [Elis] 1937KentuckySon
Elsie Cayn 1939KentuckySon
America 1911KentuckySister-in-law
Kermit 1938KentuckyNephew
{Family 47}
Jack Caney Creek, Pike 1898KentuckyHead277b
Della 1905KentuckyWife
Temessee [Tennessee] 1926KentuckyDaughter
Noah 1932KentuckySon
Earl 1934KentuckySon
Billy Janes 1936KentuckySon
Freeman 1938KentuckySon
Galdice [Goldice] 1940KentuckyDaughter
{Family 48}
Manroe [Monroe] Caney Creek, Pike 1914KentuckySon-in-law277b
Octava 1923KentuckyDaughter
Daisy 1939KentuckyGranddaughter
{Family 49}
Robert Sale Carlisle, Nicholas 1919KentuckyLodger81
{Family 50}
Andrew W Centerville, Bourbon 1877KentuckyHead219
Mattie K 1875KentuckyWife
{Family 51}
William L Centerville, Bourbon 1909KentuckyHead219
Virginia F 1918KentuckyWife
William G 1936KentuckySon
{Family 52}
Lizzie Chaplin, Nelson 1882KentuckyHead209
{Family 53}
Leb Chaplin, Nelson 1895KentuckyHead230
Fidi [Tidi] 1899KentuckyWife
{Family 54}
Wade (Surnames listed Cade)Chaplin, Nelson1886KentuckyHead230
Oip [Dip]1886KentuckyWife
Orpha Mae1925KentuckyDaughter
{Family 55}
Sam Chaplin, Nelson 1910KentuckyHead230
Mattie 1918KentuckyWife
Theodore 1933KentuckySon
Gardie [Gordie] 1935KentuckySon
Christine 1937KentuckyDaughter
Pauline 1939KentuckyDaughter
{Family 56}
Ollie H Chatham, Bracken 1871KentuckyHead130
Ida M 1876KentuckyWife
{Family 57}
Cecil C Chatham, Bracken 1913KentuckyHead132b
Cecilia 1909KentuckyWife
{Family 58}
Alice Chatham, Boyle 1912KentuckyInmate134b
{Family 59}
Stanley Cheshire, Anderson 1889KentuckyHead88b
Mary 1892KentuckyWife
William 1920KentuckySon
Harold 1917KentuckySon
{Family 60}
Alonzo Cheshire, Anderson 1870KentuckyHead88b
Kitty 1874KentuckyWife
Harold 1927KentuckySon

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