CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Shelby Allegre, Todd 1903KentuckyHead161
Ruthell 1912KentuckyWife
Curnella 1927KentuckyDaughter
Vivie 1930KentuckyDaughter
Louise 1931KentuckyDaughter
Pauline 1934KentuckyDaughter
{Family 2}
Bobbie Allensville, Todd 1914KentuckyHead142
Irene 1916KentuckyWife
Nettie L 1937KentuckyDaughter
Mary E 1938KentuckyDaughter
Donnel E 1940KentuckySon
Mary E 1872TennesseeMother
{Family 3}
Edwin H Ashland, Boyd 1894OhioHead218
Maude W 1892KentuckyWife
Edwin T 1920KentuckySon
{Family 4}
George Audubon Park-Prestonia-Camp Taylor, Jefferson 1891KentuckyHead553
Mildred 1902KentuckyWife
{Family 5}
William H Augusta, Bracken 1863KentuckyHead51b
{Family 6}
Philip Augusta, Bracken 1897KentuckyHead76b
Virgis 1905KentuckyWife
Mary 1922KentuckyDaughter
Joseph 1925KentuckySon
Virginea [Virginia] 1928KentuckyDaughter
Philip E 1931KentuckySon77
John 1866KentuckyFather
Lucinda 1871KentuckyMother
{Family 7}
Lynnne Augusta, Bracken 1914KentuckyHead48
Lema Mae 1919KentuckyWife
Linville L 1938KentuckySon48b
{Family 8}
Jane Young Augusta, Bracken 1919KentuckyLodger60
{Family 9}
Jra [Ira] (Surnames listed Carl)Augusta, Bracken 1879KentuckyHead63b
Eliza 1881KentuckyWife
{Family 10}
John Augusta, Bracken 1884KentuckyHead69
Mae 1892KentuckyWife
Octavia 1920KentuckyDaughter
Verona 1933KentuckyDaughter
{Family 11}
Alice Augusta, Bracken 1912KentuckyLodger70b
{Family 12}
Virginia Augusta, Bracken 1934KentuckyStepdaughter71b
{Family 13}
Edgar Bardstown, Nelson 1912KentuckyHead134b
Margaret 1913KentuckyWife
Edgar 1933KentuckySon
Elizabeth Ann 1935KentuckyDaughter
William 1938KentuckySon
{Family 14}
Margaret Bardstown, Nelson 1844New YorkMother-in-law156b
{Family 15}
William H (surnames listed Care)Bardstown, Nelson 1894KentuckyHead64
Mary Ellen 1905KentuckyWife
Lula Belle 1922KentuckyDaughter
William Junior 1923KentuckySon
Ernest 1926KentuckySon
Estelle 1928KentuckyDaughter
{Family 16}
Willie A (Surnames listed Cass)Bardwell, Carlisle 1897MississippiHead9b
Garnett 1903MissouriWife
Frederick 1921MissouriSon
William [Willene] 1925MissouriDaughter
Glena Joan [Emma Jean] 1928MissouriDaughter
Franses [Frances] 1933KentuckyDaughter
Billy Bryce1935KentuckySon
{Family 17}
Dearest [Earnest] Bardwell, Carlisle 1897MississippiHead10b
Luella 1911KentuckyWife
Lena Miane [Marie] 1929KentuckyDaughter
John Le [E] 1930KentuckySon
James A1932KentuckySon
{Family 18}
Versie Bardwell, Carlisle 1909MississippiHead1
Lillian 1917KentuckyWife
Earle (Earl?) 1934KentuckySon
{Family 19}
Flavil Bardwell, Carlisle 1912MississippiHead1b
Dorothy 1916KentuckyWife
Gary 1936KentuckySon
{Family 20}
Ruford [Rufus]Bardwell, Carlisle 1894MississippiHead29
Rayma 1900KentuckyWife
Dorothy 1922KentuckyDaughter
Harld [Harold] 1925KentuckySon
Marie 1928KentuckyDaughter
Chestes [Chester] 1930KentuckySon
Ethel 1933KentuckyDaughter
Edward 1936KentuckySon
{Family 21}
Lloyd Bardwell, Carlisle 1902MississippiHead21b
Willie 1913KentuckyWife
June 1934KentuckyDaughter
Paul 1936KentuckySon
{Family 22}
Edward Bellevue, Campbell 1901KentuckyHead566b
Hazel 1905KentuckyWife
Dolares [Dolores] 1932KentuckyDaughter
William 1936KentuckySon
{Family 23}
Marcella Bellevue, Campbell 1889KentuckySister538
{Family 24}
Ed Big South Fork, Casey 1916KentuckyHead177
Pina 1921KentuckyWife
{Family 25}
Gardia Bloomfield, Nelson 1892KentuckyHead204b
Malinda 1892KentuckyWife
{Family 26}
Jesse Bowen, Powell 1894KentuckyHead75
Eva 1900KentuckyWife
English 1922KentuckySon
Virginia 1925KentuckyDaughter
Ruby 1927KentuckyDaughter
Kenneth 1931KentuckySon
{Family 27}
Arthur (surnames listed Cace)Boyle County 1892KentuckyHead101b
Nellie 1897KentuckyWife
Carl 1926KentuckySon
Marie 1928KentuckyDaughter
{Family 28}
Dayd [Lloyd]Boyle County 1891KentuckyHead100b
Clara 1896KentuckyWife
Margart [Margaret] 1922KentuckyDaughter
{Family 29}
Emery Breathitt County 1866KentuckyHead269b
Anne 1891KentuckyWife
Johnine [Johnnie] 1919KentuckySon
Fay 1920KentuckyDaughter
Marge 1924KentuckyDaughter
Adrian 1925KentuckySon
Utilla 1927KentuckyDaughter
Anna Loe [Lou] 1929KentuckyDaughter
{Family 30}
Cora Brent, Campbell 1876KentuckyMother-in-law904b

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