CASE Families living in Indiana in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 241}
Samuel D Terre Haute, Vigo 1896KentuckyHead344b
Freida 1896IllinoisWife
Darthey [Dorthey] 1921IndianaDaughter
Veronica 1923IndianaDaughter
Virginia 1924IndianaDaughter
{Family 242}
Evelyn Terre Haute, Vigo 1907South DakotaHead117b
{Family 243}
Clarence Terre Haute, Vigo 1908MexicoHead156b
Opal 1908IndianaWife
{Family 244}
Leslie (listed as Care)Tipton, Tipton 1900IllinoisHead10b
Mary K 1898IllinoisWife
{Family 245}
Emily Vincennes, Knox 1875IndianaHead249b
{Family 246}
Thomas Vincennes, Knox 1901IndianaHead249b
Helen 1915IndianaWife
{Family 247}
Elmer Vincennes, Knox 1900IndianaHead151b
Louisa 1906IndianaWife
Lonzo 1922IndianaSon
Ella M 1925IndianaDaughter
Ralph Junior 1928IndianaSon
Leroy 1930IndianaSon
Franklin 1933IndianaSon
Lonys [Donald] 1935IndianaSon
George [Lonzo] 1906IndianaFather
{Family 248}
William Warren Park, Marion 1901IllinoisHead35b
Tillie 1874IllinoisWife (actually Mother)
Howard E 1892IllinoisSon (actually Brother)
{Family 249}
Eva D Warren, Huntington 1860IndianaInmate - aged home363b
{Family 250}
James Warsaw, Kosciusko 1887IndianaHead296
Audrey 1895IndianaWife
{Family 254}
Harry L Washington, Allen 1895IndianaHead403b
Olive 1906IndianaWife
James 1926IndianaSon
Donald 1929IndianaSon
{Family 252}
Byron Washington, Allen 1903MontanaHead399b
Florence A 1901IllinoisWife
Donald B 1932IndianaSon
Doris E 1938IndianaDaughter
{Family 253}
Paul Washington, Delaware 1906IndianaHead1004b
Glendola 1907IndianaWife
{Family 254}
Cecil Washington, Delaware 1908IndianaHead1005
Inez 1912IndianaWife
Lillian 1929IndianaDaughter
Evelyn 1931IndianaDaughter
Harold 1935IndianaSon
Dorothy 1936IndianaDaughter
{Family 255}
Rex Washington, Delaware 1914IndianaHead1005
Juanita 1918IndianaWife
Donald E 1938IndianaSon
Dane 1911IndianaBrother
{Family 256}
Warren Washington, Knox 1886IndianaHead250
Pearl 1891IndianaWife
{Family 257}
Floyd Washington, Marion 1898IllinoisHead212b
Mary 1907KentuckyWife
Norma 1935IndianaDaughter
{Family 258}
Carl D Washington, Miami 1887IndianaHead382b
Ruth A 1907IndianaWife
Richard N 1923IndianaSon
Robert W 1926IndianaSon
Carl D Junior 1932IndianaSon
{Family 259}
Herman Washington, Miami 1913IndianaHead389b
Clara 1917IndianaWife
Olibel 1936IndianaDaughter
{Family 260}
Lan Wayne, Noble 1897IndianaHead304b
Florence M 1905IndianaWife
{Family 261}
Florence Waynedale, Allen 1898OhioLodger459
{Family 262}
Cora Ball West Lafayette, Tippecanoe 1878IowaHead235
{Family 263}
Paul West Lafayette, Tippecanoe 1904West VirginiaHead159
Florence 1914IndianaWife
Myrna 1932IndianaDaughter
Myron 1935IndianaSon
{Family 264}
Marjory West Lafayette, Tippecanoe 1910IllinoisLodger211
{Family 265}
Arthur West Point, White 1881OhioHead249
Thyra 1919IndianaDaughter
{Family 266}
Harvey West Terre Haute, Vigo 1894KentuckyHead275b
Maurie [Mamie] 1896MissouriWife
Thomas G 1923IndianaSon
{Family 267}
Edwin Whitewater, Franklin 1872Same PlaceHead191
Catherine 1869OhioWife
{Family 268}
Earnest Wilmington, DeKalb 1913OhioHead350
Pauline 1915OhioWife
Sue 1939OhioDaughter
{Family 269}
Perry Wolcottville, LaGrange 1900IndianaHead103
Agnes 1903IndianaWife
Norris 1922IndianaSon
Perry Junior 1925IndianaSon
Carol Lee 1929IndianaDaughter
Donald D 1930IndianaSon
{Family 270}
Marivn B Yorktown, Delaware 1866New YorkHead874
Urilla B 1866AregonWife
{Family 271}
Harry Yorktown, Delaware 1902IndianaHead870
Evelyn M 1912IndianaWife
Phillip H 1937IndianaSon

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