CASE Families living in Indiana in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 211}
Oral H Rockport, Spencer 1906South DakotaHead193b
Aline L 1910South DakotaWife
Norman H 1929South DakotaSon
Lester A 1931South DakotaSon
Charles R 1933South DakotaSon
Anna L 1934South DakotaDaughter
Mary Margaret 1937IndianaDaughter
{Family 212}
William A Rushville, Rush 1871IndianaHead162b
Oma 1879IndianaWife
William D 1914IndianaSon
Robert L 1916IndianaSon
Comer L 1919IndianaSon
{Family 213}
Sollie P [Sallie]Rushville, Rush 1873KentuckyHead144
{Family 214}
Tom Rushville, Rush 1888KentuckyHead222b
Gloria Rushville, Rush 1892IndianaWife
Dale 1920IndianaSon
Charles 1928IndianaSon
Virgil 1931IndianaSon
{Family 215}
Harold Rushville, Rush 1902IndianaHead212
Lucy 1899IndianaWife
Margaret 1923IndianaDaughter
Harold Lee 1926IndianaSon
{Family 216}
Lowell Rushville, Rush 1917IndianaLodger226b
{Family 217}
David Saltillo, Washington 1856IndianaHead10b
{Family 218}
George Scott, Vanderburgh 1906IndianaHead438b
Ada 1913IndianaWife
Mary 1930IndianaDaughter
George Robert 1933IndianaSon
Etham Wayne 1935IndianaSon
Ruth 1938IndianaDaughter
William Ray 1939IndianaSon
{Family 219}
Albert Seymour, Jackson 1860IndianaHead215
{Family 220}
Clifford C Shelbyville, Shelby 1899IndianaHead121b
Ethal 1908IndianaWife
Alva Clinton 1927IndianaSon
Mary Lon [Lou] 1928IndianaDaughter
Fontella P 1930IndianaDaughter
Nera Lynn [Neva] 1933IndianaDaughter
James Sue [Janice] 1937IndianaDaughter
{Family 221}
Donald T Shelbyville, Shelby 1908IndianaHead27
Margaret 1910IndianaWife
Donald Junior 1921IndianaSon
Georg Robert [George] 1927IndianaSon
{Family 222}
Charles Sheridan, Hamilton 1886IndianaHead3
Maud 1884IndianaWife
{Family 223}
John South Bend, St Joseph 1875IndianaHead378
{Family 224}
Inez South Bend, St Joseph 1875IndianaSister-in-law210b
{Family 225}
Cora E South Bend, St Joseph 1875MichiganNiece38b
{Family 226}
Fern J South Bend, St Joseph 1883OhioHead70
Hazel D 1881OhioWife
{Family 227}
Leroy South Bend, St Joseph 1910IndianaHead112b
Helen 1911IndianaWife
Levay H [Leroy] 1930IndianaSon
{Family 228}
William South Bend, St Joseph 1911IndianaHead165b
Olive 1916IndianaWife
Susan 1939IndianaDaughter
William 1940IndianaSon
{Family 229}
Roland South Bend, St Joseph 1919IndianaSon-in-law355
Rose 1917MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 230}
Evelyn Springfield, LaGrange 1924IndianaGranddaughter185
Franklin 1927IndianaGrandson
{Family 231}
Harry H St John, Lake 1894KentuckyHead457
Edna E 1893OhioWife
{Family 232}
Clarence St Mary's, Adams 1890IndianaHead228b
Jessia 1901OhioWife
{Family 233}
Rufus St Mary's, Adams 1891IndianaHead227b
Betty 1921IndianaDaughter
Julene (Jolene?) 1927IndianaDaughter
{Family 234}
Roy St Mary's, Adams 1894IndianaHead228b
Mary 1905OhioWife
Jus La [Imolor???] 1925OhioDaughter
Fern (Lola Fern) 1926IndianaDaughter
Max 1929IndianaSon
Anna Bells [Belle] 1932IndianaDaughter
Buddie 1936IndianaSon
{Family 235}
Isaac (listed as Orse)St Mary's, Adams 1895IndianaHead226b
Harriet 1901OklahomaWife
Max 1924OklahomaSon
James 1925OklahomaSon
Billie 1929OhioSon227
Donald 1931OhioSon
Joan 1934OhioDaughter
Rose 1936OhioDaughter
Carole 1937IndianaDaughter
{Family 236}
Nancy Steuben, Steuben 1879IndianaHead183
{Family 237}
Oliver Sugar Creek, Vigo 1893KansasHead332
Bertha 1900IndianaWife
Lillian 1921IndianaDaughter
Evelyn 1924IndianaDaughter
Irene 1926IndianaDaughter332b
Henny 1935IndianaSon
Oliver 1936IndianaSon
{Family 238}
Sarah A Syracuse, Kosciusko 1854IndianaHead212
{Family 239}
Oscar Taylor, Harrison 1886IndianaHead211
Berta 1892IndianaWife
Olive Madge 1930IndianaDaughter211b
{Family 240}
Manford Terre Haute, Vigo 1883IllinoisHead335
Mary 1885IndianaWife

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