CASE Families living in Indiana in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
Cecil Muncie, Delaware 1912IndianaHead22
Pauline 1919IndianaWife
{Family 182}
Homer Munster, Lake 1898IowaHead225
Amanda 1900IowaWife
Paul 1925OklahomaSon
Phyllis 1932IndianaDaughter
{Family 183}
Ida M New Albany, Floyd 1865IndianaHead311
{Family 184}
John New Albany, Floyd 1883IndianaInmate county infirmary443b
{Family 185}
Dilbert Noblesville, Hamilton 1905IndianaHead266
Virginia 1906IndianaWife
{Family 186}
Ancil Noblesville, Hamilton 1909IndianaHead238b
Elizabeth 1911IndianaWife
Betty Low 1928IndianaDaughter
Margaret Junior 1930IndianaDaughter
Shirley Mae 1936IndianaDaughter
{Family 187}
Maurice Noblesville, Hamilton 1918IndianaHead238b
Eva Mae 1921IndianaWife
{Family 188}
Cedric Noblesville, Hamilton 1922IndianaBrother-in-law216b
{Family 189}
Banks Northwest, Orange 1924IndianaBrother-in-law109
{Family 190}
Donald Orange, Fayette 1918IndianaHired hand254b
{Family 191}
Martha Otter Creek, Ripley 1859IndianaMother221b
{Family 192}
Margaret Patoka, Gibson 1858IndianaHead407b
{Family 193}
William Pennville, Jay 1880MichiganHead95b
Martha 1907ArkansasWife
Raymond 1923ArkansasSon
Charles 1929ArkansasSon
Merle 1931OhioSon
Daris 1933IndianaDaughter
Bonita 1935IndianaDaughter
{Family 194}
Frank L Peru, Miami 1865IndianaFather-in-law222
{Family 195}
Herman Peru, Miami 1887OhioHead315b
Clara 1889OhioWife
Mary I 1927IndianaDaughter
{Family 196}
Roy Peru, Miami 1910OhioHead198
Cora Mary 1921WisconsinWife
April M 1935IndianaDaughter
{Family 197}
David Peru, Miami 1914IndianaHead198
Violet 1923IndianaWife
Milton E 1939IndianaSon
{Family 198}
Mary Peru, Miami 1911IndianaHead326b
Roy Junior 1930IndianaSon
{Family 199}
Chester P Plainfield, Hendricks 1902IndianaHead120
Mary C 1905IndianaWife
Stanley P 1925IndianaSon
Margaret I 1926IndianaDaughter
Dorothy J 1930IndianaDaughter
David E 1931IndianaSon
Joseph C 1933IndianaSon
Mary L 1935IndianaDaughter
{Family 200}
Jesse Posey, Harrison 1901IndianaHead181
Cleo 1905IndianaWife
Viola 1923IndianaDaughter
Douglas 1925IndianaSon181b
Fay 1927IndianaDaughter
Arlene 1930IndianaDaughter
Garry 1936IndianaSon
James Allen 1939IndianaSon
{Family 201}
Frank M Poseyville, Posey 1914IndianaHead212
Beulah 1917IllinoisWife
{Family 202}
Marvin Raccoon, Parke 1906IndianaHead158
Ethel 1880IndianaMother
{Family 203}
Arthur Reserve, Parke 1905IndianaHead186
Pauline 1910IndianaWife
{Family 204}
Elizabeth Richmond, Wayne 1874OhioHead196b
{Family 205}
Ralph Richmond, Wayne 1883WisconsinHead110b
Sillian [Lillian] 1883WisconsinWife
{Family 206}
Allen Richmond, Wayne 1890IndianaHead36
Myrtle 1898IndianaWife
Jess 1857IndianaFather
{Family 207}
Edward Richmond, Wayne 1892KentuckyHead164b
Cora 1893KentuckyWife
Anthony 1920KentuckySon
Arlie 1922KentuckySon
Margherite 1925KentuckyDaughter
Edward 1927KentuckySon
Thaxton 1929KentuckySon
Ralph 1933KentuckySon
{Family 208}
Howard Richmond, Wayne 1915IowaHead311b
Gladys O 1922IndianaWife
Edward 1939IndianaSon
{Family 209}
Julia Roachdale, Putnam 1872IndianaLodger54
{Family 210}
Roy Rochester, Fulton 1913IowaRoomer152b

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