CASE Families living in Indiana in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Charles R Marion, Grant 1862IndianaHead61b
Dorothy A [Dorthy A] 1875IndianaWife
Dorothy [Dorthy] 1909IndianaDaughter
{Family 152}
Celesta Marion, Grant 1868IndianaHead193b
{Family 153}
Louis Marion, Grant 1877OhioHead359b
Josie 1867IndianaWife
{Family 154}
L N Marion, Grant 1877IndianaLodger32
{Family 155}
John L Marion, Grant 1878IndianaHead105b
Anna E 1885IndianaWife
Edwin L 1907IndianaSon
Harry D [Harrold] 1919IndianaSon
Nornae [Norma] 1926IndianaDaughter
Ruth 1930IndianaDaughter
Jack 1929IndianaGrandson
{Family 156}
E Arthur Marion, Grant 1888IndianaHead136b
Georganna 1888IndianaWife
{Family 157}
John Marion, Grant 1912IndianaHead245b
Margaret 1917IndianaWife
Ardene 1935IndianaDaughter
Richard 1937IndianaSon
Patricia 1938IndianaDaughter
Connie Sue 1939IndianaDaughter
{Family 158}
Russel A Marion, Hendricks 1892OhioHead226
Thelma 1899IllinoisWife
Vivian 1926IndianaDaughter
Doris 1927IndianaDaughter
{Family 159}
FlorenceMetamora, Franklin 1894IndianaDaughter126
Max 1919IndianaGrandson
Elizabeth 1922IndianaWife of Son (Daughter-in-law)
Freda C 1939IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 160}
Willard Michigan City, LaPorte 1861MichiganRoomer348b
{Family 161}
Elna Michigan City, LaPorte 1885New YorkHead300
{Family 162}
Willard Michigan City, LaPorte 1905IllinoisHead459
Marjarie [Margaret] 1909IndianaWife
Walter 1927IndianaSon
Willard J 1929IndianaSon
Russell 1939IndianaSon
{Family 163}
Robert Michigan City, LaPorte 1917KentuckyPrisoner511
{Family 164}
Leon Middlebury, Elkhart 1879IndianaHired Hand359b
{Family 165}
Herschel F Milan, Ripley 1894IndianaHead90
Ruth M 1910IndianaWife
H Allen 1929OhioSon
Marie 1932OhioDaughter
Martha 1859IndianaMother
{Family 166}
Irvin Mishawaka, St Joseph 1886KentuckyHead309
Anna 1887GermanyWife
Dorothy 1922IndianaDaughter
{Family 167}
Elmer F Mishawaka, St Joseph 1908IndianaHead340b
Helen M 1912North CarolinaWife
Lois M 1931IndianaDaughter
Joyce F 1933IndianaDaughter
Robert I 1936IndianaSon
Ronald E 1939IndianaSon
{Family 168}
Howard O Monon, White 1908IndianaHead110b
Edna 1908KentuckyWife
San Jean [Sara Jean] 1928IndianaDaughter
Richard 1930IndianaSon
Josephine 1932IndianaDaughter
Irene 1934IndianaDaughter
{Family 169}
Melvin Montgomery, Gibson 1906IndianaHead162b
Viola 1905IndianaWife
Shelba 1937IndianaDaughter
{Family 170}
Lou W Mooresville, Morgan 1863OhioHead49b
Rosetta Edna 1865IndianaWife
{Family 171}
Calvin H Muncie, Delaware 1879ColoradoHead93b
Ruby G 1880IndianaWife
{Family 172}
David T Muncie, Delaware 1882IndianaHead151
Clara G 1882OhioWife
{Family 173}
Anna Muncie, Delaware 1883New YorkSister-in-law296
{Family 174}
Lee Muncie, Delaware 1885IndianaHead63b
Tillie 1890IndianaWife
Wallace 1924IndianaSon
Dorothy 1925IndianaDaughter
Mary 1928IndianaDaughter
{Family 175}
Harry A Muncie, Delaware 1891IndianaHead54
Minnie 1891IndianaWife
Esta 1923IndianaDaughter
Edward 1926IndianaSon
Ruth 1931IndianaDaughter
Ray 1932IndianaSon54b
{Family 176}
Oliver Muncie, Delaware 1893IndianaHead282
Mary Isabel 1897KentuckyWife
Mildred 1921IndianaDaughter
Oliver Junior 1923IndianaSon
Roberta 1924IndianaDaughter
{Family 177}
Chester Muncie, Delaware 1904IllinoisHead94
Olive 1907IllinoisWife
{Family 178}
Cecil Muncie, Delaware 1908IndianaHead1005
{Family 179}
Clmer C [Elmer]Muncie, Delaware 1914IndianaHead301b
Dorothy 1916IndianaWife
Gloria 1934IndianaDaughter
Margaret E 1937IndianaDaughter
Dorothy 1938IndianaDaughter
Elmer E 1939IndianaSon
{Family 180}
John B Muncie, Delaware 1919IndianaHead587b
Emaline 1923IndianaWife
John Junior 1939IndianaSon

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