CASE Families living in Indiana in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
Lillian Indianapolis, Marion 1908IndianaStepdaughter569b
Robert 1929IndianaStepson
{Family 122}
Raleigh Indianapolis, Marion 1916IndianaSon-in-law2722
Helen 1922KansasDaughter-in-law
Ronald 1939IndianaGrandson
Estle 1915IndianaBrother-in-law
{Family 123}
Elizabeth Indianapolis, Marion 1915IndianaGranddaughter1095
{Family 124}
HelenIndianapolis, Marion 1924ArkansasDaughter2462
Claude 1926ArkansasSon
{Family 125}
Marjorie Indianapolis, Marion 1927IndianaStepdaughter3256
Cecil 1929IndianaStepson
Kenneth 1931IndianaStepson
{Family 126}
Fred Jackson, Carroll 1885IndianaHead117
Sophie 1887IndianaWife
John 1918IndianaSon
Anna 1920IndianaDaughter
{Family 127}
James W Jackson, Cass 1890IndianaLodger424
{Family 128}
Charles Jackson, Orange 1882IndianaHead96b
Charity 1891IndianaWife
{Family 129}
Joseph F Jackson, Putnam 1914IndianaHead195b
Mary F 1916IndianaWife
Joe Edward 1939IndianaSon
{Family 130}
Floyd Jackson, Sullivan 1902IndianaHead316
M Fern 1906IndianaWife
Billy 1929IndianaSon
Raymond James 1937IndianaSon
H Earl 1913IndianaCousin
{Family 131}
Etta Mary Jackson, Sullivan 1865IndianaHead316b
{Family 132}
Gilbert Jefferson, Grant 1902IndianaHead131b
Fenn [Fern] 1908IndianaWife
Wilma 1927IndianaDaughter
Alfred 1928IndianaSon
Floyd 1930IndianaSon
Ferrel 1932IndianaSon
Russell 1935IndianaSon
Wanda 1936IndianaDaughter
Virgil 1938IndianaSon
{Family 133}
Earl Jeffersonville, Clark 1899IndianaHead289
Anna 1900KentuckyWife
George 1920IndianaSon
Mildred 1925IndianaDaughter
Ruby 1927IndianaDaughter
Jeanett 1930IndianaDaughter
Mary Lucille 1932IndianaDaughter
{Family 134}
Riley C Johnson, LaGrange 1870IndianaHead112b
{Family 135}
Clinton Kendallville, Noble 1851IndianaHead76
{Family 136}
Howard B Kendallville, Noble 1892OhioHead44b
Hazel 1897OhioWife
Howard C 1917OhioSon
Lillian 1919OhioDaughter
{Family 137}
Charles Kennard, Henry 1901IllinoisLodger99b
{Family 138}
John Lafayette, Madison 1886IndianaHead256b
Edna 1888IndianaWife
{Family 139}
Kate Lafayette, Tippecanoe 1865IndianaInmate Pythian Home306b
{Family 140}
Georgia L Lafayette, Tippecanoe 1872KentuckyHead78b
{Family 141}
Benjamin Lafayette, Tippecanoe 1879IndianaHead357
Clara 1877IndianaWife
{Family 142}
James N Lancaster, Huntington 1882IndianaBrother-in-law316
{Family 143}
Fred M Liberty, Hendricks 1861IndianaHead171
Arold M 1888IndianaSon
{Family 144}
Mrs Lima, LaGrange 1890CaliforniaHead131
{Family 145}
Clay Lincoln, White 1898IndianaHead69
{Family 146}
Frederick W Logansport, Cass 1895IndianaHead272
Marie 1897IndianaWife
Frederick E 1918IndianaSon
Robert 1920IndianaSon
{Family 147}
Rollie Logansport, Cass 1924IndianaNephew187
{Family 148}
Clare E Logansport, Cass 1925IndianaGranddaughter286
{Family 149}
Walter H Lynnville, Warrick 1896IllinoisHead146b
Aline 1908AlabamaWife
{Family 150}
Rollie Macy, Miami 1872IndianaHead3
Nellie 1886IndianaWife

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