CASE Families living in Indiana in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Robert E Connersville, Fayette 1913IndianaHead41
Virginia J 1913OhioWife
Iva P 1880OhioMother
{Family 32}
Charles Crawfordsville, Montgomery 1897North CarolinaHead303
Jennie 1898IndianaWife
Shirley 1926IndianaDaughter
{Family 33}
Mabel Crawfordsville, Montgomery 1918IndianaDaughter304
Ronald 1920IndianaSon-in-law
{Family 34}
Sara Decatur, Adams 1853IndianaHead136b
{Family 35}
Charles M Decatur, Adams 1877New YorkHead160b
Iona S 1880OhioWife
{Family 36}
G W Decatur, Adams 1883IndianaLodger135
{Family 37}
Jesse Decatur, Adams 1890IndianaHead170
Elta 1893OhioWife
Patsy Ruth 1934IndianaDaughter
{Family 38}
MayDecatur, Adams 1911IndianaDaughter139
Daimon Decatur, Adams 1913OhioSon-in-law
{Family 39}
Henry N Delaware, Ripley 1900IndianaHead78
Maude 1901IndianaWife
Belly L [Betty] 1922IndianaDaughter
Ruth [Noromi Ruth] 1936IndianaDaughter78b
{Family 40}
Mervyn O Delaware, Ripley 1922IndianaNephew86b
{Family 41}
Wayne Dick Johnson, Clay 1909IndianaSon149
{Family 42}
Harry A Dillsboro, Dearborn 1888IndianaHead83
Alys E 1903IndianaWife
Harry A 1930TexasSon
{Family 43}
Orval Eagle, Boone 1905IllinoisHead148b
Helen 1912IndianaWife
Elizabeth Marie 1935IndianaDaughter
John Orval 1937IndianaSon
Anna May 1938IndianaDaughter
{Family 44}
John F Eaton, Delaware 1906IndianaHead960b
Nettie May 1898VirginiaWife
{Family 45}
Charles Elkhart, Elkhart 1879IndianaPartner379
{Family 46}
Flora M Elkhart, Elkhart 1882IllinoisHead181b
{Family 47}
Bernice M Elkhart, Elkhart 1891KentuckyHead467
Charles C 1875OhioHusband
Charles V 1924IndianaSon
Robert A 1926IndianaSon
Norma J 1930IndianaDaughter
{Family 48}
John C Elkhart, Elkhart 1899IndianaFriend471
Florence A 1914IndianaFriend's wife
Janice Lee 1938IndianaFriend's daughter
{Family 49}
Eugene T Elkhart, Elkhart 1902MassachusettsLodger319b
{Family 50}
Virgil Elwood, Madison 1862KentuckyHead162
Martha B 1864KentuckyWife
Ralph G 1901IndianaSon
{Family 51}
Donald P Elwood, Madison 1907IndianaHead26
Vera 1914IndianaWife
D Jack 1932IndianaSon
Lois J 1935IndianaDaughter
Carol Ann 1938IndianaDaughter
{Family 52}
Oliver M Evansville, Vanderburgh 1864IndianaHead704
Amy E 1864IndianaWife
{Family 53}
Harriett Evansville, Vanderburgh 1914KansasHead488
Carrie 1867IllinoisMother
{Family 54}
Walter R Evansville, Vanderburgh 1911IndianaLodger500
{Family 55}
Herman Evansville, Vanderburgh 1910OhioSon-in-law806b
Imogene 1915IndianaDaughter
{Family 56}
Fred Fairbanks, Sullivan 1876IndianaHead115
Zella 1885IndianaWife
Earl 1913IndianaSon
{Family 57}
Harold Fairbanks, Sullivan 1912IndianaHead115
Marybelle 1919IndianaWife
{Family 58}
Lyle Farmland, Randolph 1905KansasHead69b
Ida 1905KansasWife
Janet Anne 1940IndianaDaughter
{Family 59}
Hubert Fayette, Vigo 1902IndianaHead19b
Eva M 1906IndianaWife20
Isace Junior [Isaac] 1926IndianaSon
Leland R 1928IndianaSon
Dorcas M 1936IndianaDaughter
{Family 60}
George Lee Fort Wayne, Allen 1880IndianaHead1527b
G Lenshina [Glenna Hannah] 1877IndianaWife

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