CASE Families living in Florida in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Mary SSt Petersburg, Pinellas1875New YorkHead156
{Family 62}
Ralph SSt Petersburg, Pinellas1894OhioHead278
Ethel W1900New YorkWife278b
{Family 63}
Elizabeth SSt Petersburg, Pinellas1876PennsylvaniaHead227
{Family 64}
Herriett [Harriett]St Petersburg, Pinellas1878GeorgiaHead45b
{Family 65}
James WSt Petersburg, Pinellas1881PennsylvaniaHead346
{Family 66}
William BSt Petersburg, Pinellas1889New YorkNephew10
{Family 67}
Jesse CSt Petersburg, Pinellas1922FloridaLodger378b
{Family 68}
Henry MTampa, Hillsborough1864New YorkHead444b
Emma G1870New YorkWife
{Family 69}
Dwight DTampa, Hillsborough1868MichiganHead187b
{Family 70}
InniceTampa, Hillsborough1872NebraskaHead307b
{Family 71}
Albert HTampa, Hillsborough1876MichiganHead264
Sarah A1876New YorkWife
{Family 72}
Alice MTampa, Hillsborough1879IllinoisMother-in-law268
{Family 73}
DuncanTampa, Hillsborough1904TennesseeHead17
Elizabeth Ann1935TennesseeDaughter
{Family 74}
MaryTampa, Hillsborough1915FloridaHead135
{Family 75}
EleanorTampa, Hillsborough1920PennsylvaniaLodger234
{Family 76}
Attis PWakulla County1891FloridaHead51
Nellie E1902FloridaWife
Ruby L1922FloridaDaughter
Emma E1925FloridaDaughter
Georgia B1927FloridaDaughter
R T1929FloridaSon
D C1931FloridaSon
Vivian L1935FloridaDaughter
Helen V1940FloridaDaughter
{Family 77}
ClintonWarrington, Escambia1906WisconsinHead944b
Jacl [Joel]1939FloridaSon
{Family 78}
Clifford MWest Palm Beach, Palm Beach1901New YorkHead319
Marie M1903PennsylvaniaWife
Clarence Robert1924FloridaSon
James Buster1928New YorkSon
{Family 79}
Charles GWest Palm Beach, Palm Beach1902KansasHead99
Moole S [Mable]1904MissouriWife
Charles G Junior1929KansasSon
{Family 80}
MaggieWest Palm Beach, Palm Beach1904FloridaHead293b

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