CASE Families living in Delaware in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
NoraDover, Kent 1881DelawareHead80
{Family 2}
John WDover, Kent 1920DelawareHead70b
Maire J [Marie] 1920PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 3}
BayardFelton, Kent 1905DelawareBrother-in-law359
{Family 4}
Katharine OFelton, Kent 1871DelawareHead358
{Family 5}
HelenaFrederica, Kent 1873DelawareHead365
Bertha 1879DelawareSister
{Family 6}
EthelKent 1884DelawareHead386
Marguerite 1921DelawareDaughter
Evelyn A 1924DelawareDaughter
{Family 7}
Harrington MKent 1907DelawareHead166
Della W 1908DelawareWife
Marion E 1938DelawareDaughter
Della A 1939DelawareDaughter
{Family 8}
WilkieKent 1919DelawareHead344b
Marie 1920DelawareWife
{Family 9}
ElmerKent 1910DelawareHead239b
Mary 1905DelawareWife
Donald 1939DelawareSon
{Family 10}
CoraMilford, Kent 1879DelawareHead455
{Family 11}
Charles CMilford, Sussex 1890DelawareHead25b
Corrinne 1905NebraskaWife
Harriet 1932DelawareDaughter
Margaret E 1936DelawareDaughter
{Family 12}
WalterNew Castle 1889DelawareHead777
Lola 1899DelawareWife
Walter 1922DelawareSon
Myrna 1931DelawareDaughter
Charles 1935DelawareSon
Lee 1937DelawareSon
George 1938DelawareSon
Florence 1940DelawareDaughter
{Family 13}
Woodsoff [Woodruff]New Castle1880DelawareHead510
Maste [Marta] 1881DelawareWife
Clephe [Clyde] 1901DelawareSon
{Family 14}
JamesNew Castle 1917DelawareHead778
Elizabeth 1915PennsylvaniaWife
Louise 1937PennsylvaniaDaughter
Donald 1938DelawareSon
{Family 15}
MaryNew Castle 1900MarylandDaughter768b
Audrey 1924DelawareGranddaughter
Hartzel 1927DelawareGrandson
{Family 16}
EdwardNew Castle 1872DelawarePatient486b
{Family 17}
RuthNew Castle 1923DelawareSister-in-law624b
{Family 18}
Lion W [Leon]Newark, New Castle 1890PennsylvaniaHead553
Ida A 1890South CarolinaWife
{Family 19}
Herry [Henry]Newark, New Castle 1913DelawareBrother-in-law585
{Family 20}
Thomas BRehoboth, Sussex 1881MarylandHead672
Ethel T 1884NebraskaWife
Sara V 1917DelawareDaughter
{Family 21}
John BSeaford, Sussex 1916DelawareHead190
Margaurite 1916DelawareWife
Ronald 1936PennsylvaniaSon190b
line 49
{Family 22}
J Cordrey [Cordroy]Sussex 1864DelawareHead62
Ella W 1866DelawareWife
{Family 23}
RoyViola, Kent 1903DelawareHead306b
Lottie 1903MarylandWife
{Family 24}
MarthaWilmington, New Castle 1913DelawareHead254
{Family 25}
HeywoodWilmington, New Castle 1878VirginiaHead74
Anna 1871New YorkWife
{Family 26}
WarrenWilmington, New Castle 1919New YorkLodger73b
{Family 27}
AnnaWilmington, New Castle 1905DelawareLodger38b
Anna May 1931DelawareLodger
Frances 1934DelawareLodger
Pauline 1936DelawareLodger

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