CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
S Della Middletown, Middlesex 1867ConnecticutPatient526b
{Family 122}
W Robert Middletown, Middlesex 1905ConnecticutPatient544
{Family 123}
Cornelia Middletown, Middlesex 1880NewburgHead355
Howard B 1893ConnecticutSon
Mable B 1899ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 124}
Nathala Milford, New Haven 1868ConnecticutHead490b
{Family 125}
Carney J Milford, New Haven 1902ConnecticutHead9b
Ann V 1906New YorkWife
Christopher M 1935ConnecticutSon
Cyntbia Ann [Cynthia] 1936ConnecticutDaughter
Walter V 1940ConnecticutSon
{Family 126}
William L Naugatuck, New Haven 1889PennsylvaniaHead149
Hatti 1883PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 127}
Oliver Naugatuck, New Haven 1912ConnecticutHead25b
Katherine 1912ConnecticutWife
{Family 128}
Wilhelima New Britain, Hartford 1861New YorkTenant370
{Family 129}
Lucy New Britain, Hartford 1881ConnecticutHead128
Dorothy 1906ConnecticutDaughter
Lucille 1912ConnecticutDaughter
Jeanette 1918ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 130}
Lucy New Britain, Hartford 1881ConnecticutHead132b
Dorothy 1906ConnecticutDaughter
Lurde E [Lucil] 1912ConnecticutDaughter
Jeanette 1929ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 131}
Carimes New Britain, Hartford 1917ConnecticutSon396b
Helen 1922ConnecticutDaughter
Cecelia 1928ConnecticutDaughter
Chester 1931ConnecticutSon
{Family 132}
Luther New Hartford, Litchfield 1873ConnecticutHead170
Laura 1874PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 133}
Whithe [Luther] M JuniorNew Hartford, Litchfield 1905ConnecticutHead183b
Phillip [Phillys] 1906MaineWife
Sally 1929ConnecticutDaughter184
Richard 1933ConnecticutSon
Luther 3rd 1937ConnecticutSon
{Family 134}
Cora New Hartford, Litchfield 1865ConnecticutHead175b
{Family 135}
Herman New Haven, New Haven 1878ConnecticutHead1006b
Marie 1878MaineWife
{Family 136}
Arthureen M [Arthur M] New Haven, New Haven 1889ConnecticutHead2224
Frances 1896ConnecticutWife
{Family 137}
Arlington New Haven, New Haven 1903ConnecticutHead125
Jane 1905New YorkWife
Allen 1933ConnecticutSon
Audrey 1938ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 138}
Walter G North Haven, New Haven 1882New JerseyHead301
Lottie W 1880New YorkWife
Miriam W 1903New YorkDaughter
{Family 139}
Walter P North Haven, New Haven 1910New JerseyHead324
Florence 1915CaliforniaWife
Sally Jo 1939ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 140}
Elmer E Norwalk, Fairfield 1863ConnecticutHead42b
Katie E 1865New YorkWife
{Family 141}
Mary Norwalk, Fairfield 1895New YorkLodger328b
{Family 142}
William S Norwich, New London 1855ConnecticutHead338
Margaret C 1856ConnecticutWife
Frederick C 1888ConnecticutSon
{Family 143}
Alphonsine Norwich, New London 1875Canada Head353b
Rose 1889ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 144}
Lusy S [Lucy] Norwich, New London 1878ConnecticutHead29
{Family 145}
Fanny Norwich, New London 1880ConnecticutHead144b
{Family 146}
Raymond Norwich, New London 1890ConnecticutBoarder40
{Family 147}
Jennie Norwich, New London 1894New YorkPatient427b
{Family 148}
Robert Norwich, New London 1914ConnecticutHead272
Ernestine 1916Rhode IslandWife
Lillian 1938ConnecticutDaughter272b
Roberta 1939ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 149}
Henry W Orange, New Haven 1863ConnecticutHead357
Lillian H 1869New YorkWife
{Family 150}
Kengon H [Kenyon]Orange, New Haven 1897ConnecticutHead341
Marjorie C 1900New YorkWife
Kenyon C 1932ConnecticutSon

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