CASE Families living in California in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
Harriet Long Beach, Los Angeles 1875IllinoisHousekeeper155
{Family 182}
Kathryn Long Beach, Los Angeles 1877WisconsinNurse1837
{Family 183}
Florence Long Beach, Los Angeles 1877New YorkHead1995
{Family 184}
Louis Long Beach, Los Angeles 1880MichiganHead776b
Anna B 1881KansasWife
{Family 185}
Walter H Long Beach, Los Angeles 1883KansasHead50
Ethel C 1885IowaWife
Walter H Junior 1918CaliforniaSon
{Family 186}
Ethel E Long Beach, Los Angeles 1889NebraskaHead1823b
Elizabeth A 1929CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 187}
Charles Long Beach, Los Angeles 1893IowaHead1033b
Evelyn 1905CaliforniaWife
Charles Junior 1923CaliforniaSon
Leland 1926CaliforniaSon
Kathleen 1937CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 188}
Floyd T Long Beach, Los Angeles 1894New YorkHead1117
Vera A 1896CaliforniaWife
Robert 1916CaliforniaSon
Howard E 1918CaliforniaSon
Anna M 1920CaliforniaDaughter
Harold F 1924CaliforniaSon
{Family 189}
William Long Beach, Los Angeles 1897OklahomaHead760b
Ethel 1900OklahomaWife
William 1921OklahomaSon
Jean 1925OklahomaSon
{Family 190}
Charles Long Beach, Los Angeles 1897VermontHead589
Charlotte 1899New YorkWife
Enla [Eula] 1925South CarolinaDaughter
Dorothea 1936VirginiaDaughter
Charlotte Ann 1939VirginiaDaughter
{Family 191}
Hope Long Beach, Los Angeles 1909MissouriPartner231
{Family 192}
Victor F Long Beach, Los Angeles 1910OregonHead1009b
Nellie M 1913New YorkWife
Leon V 1932CaliforniaSon
{Family 193}
David J Long Beach, Los Angeles 1913New YorkHead987
Loretta 1911MichiganWife
{Family 194}
Roger T Long Beach, Los Angeles 1918CaliforniaHead450b
Willa C 1918OregonWife
{Family 195}
Helen L Long Beach, Los Angeles 1917NebraskaHead1959b
{Family 196}
Sharon BeatriceLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1934CaliforniaInmate - orphan3786
{Family 197}
Jenny Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1850MissouriMother17386b
{Family 198}
Nadine M Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1905IdahoDaughter20465
Marie A 1928CaliforniaGranddaughter
Ronald R 1931WashingtonGrandson
Leroy L 1934CaliforniaGrandson
Evelyn E 1937WashingtonGranddaughter
{Family 199}
Charles H Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1855MinnesotaHead17497
Frankie A 1860WisconsinWife
{Family 200}
Cora S Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1856OhioHead6669b
{Family 201}
Frances Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1857TennesseeMother-in-law8121b
{Family 202}
Cornilla Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1858New JerseyHead16036b
{Family 203}
Mary B Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1860CanadaHead13559
{Family 204}
Loreeen B [Loreen]Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1862VermontFather12994
Nellie M 1865New HampshireMother
Kenneth A 1895CaliforniaBrother
{Family 205}
Estella Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1862WisconsinHead15996
Richard 1890MissouriSon
{Family 206}
Eli H Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1862IllinoisLodger2231b
{Family 207}
Molly Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1866IllinoisLodger6364b
{Family 208}
Minnie H Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1866IllinoisLodger10599
{Family 209}
Eva E Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1866WisconsinLodger15693b
{Family 210}
Emma C Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1866IllinoisHead6946b

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