CASE Families living in California in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Charles Downey, Los Angeles 1863ConnecticutHead2616
Ellen 1861SwedenWife
{Family 62}
Octavia Downey, Los Angeles 1871ArkansasHead2225b
{Family 63}
Roy Downey, Los Angeles 1894MontanaHead2340b
Amy E 1897MontanaWife
Wilbur 1923MontanaSon
Edward 1924MontanaSon
Ray 1926MontanaSon
Satricia [Patricia] 1929CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 64}
Radolph Downey, Los Angeles 1898TexasHead2227
Glenn Alfred 1916CaliforniaSon
Earnest Russel 1922CaliforniaSon
Avail Norma [Arail] 1927CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 65}
Annabelle Downey, Los Angeles 1904IllinoisPatient2537b
{Family 66}
Anabelle Eden, Alameda 1884PennsylvaniaBoarder1101
{Family 67}
Joseph R Eden, Alameda 1921IdahoLodger859
{Family 68}
Russell T El Cajon, San Diego 1882CaliforniaHead230b
Florence L El 1885IllinoisWife
{Family 69}
Charles El Cajon, San Diego 1887OhioInmate130
{Family 70}
John J JuniorEl Cajon, San Diego 1913ConnecticutStepson13b
{Family 71}
Lloyd C El Centro, Imperial 1895OregonHead235b
Charlotte 1925CaliforniaDaughter
Lloyd E 1928CaliforniaSon
{Family 72}
Lloyd L El Centro, Imperial 1898CaliforniaLodger165b
{Family 73}
William El Cerrito, Contra Costa 1886IllinoisHead580b
Martha M 1886OhioWife
Lillian 1913CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 74}
Chester J El Monte, Los Angeles 1901NebraskaHead3316
Blanche X I (Blanche I) 1907IowaWife
William L1929NebraskaSon
Barbara R1934NebraskaDaughter
{Family 75}
Arthur El Monte, Los Angeles 1910TexasHead3093b
Dorothy 1915TexasWife
Francis 1930CaliforniaDaughter
Donald 1933CaliforniaSon
Raymond 1935CaliforniaSon
Robert 1938CaliforniaSon
Dorothy Jean 1939CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 76}
Thomas El Monte, Los Angeles 1915IowaBrother-in-law3253b
{Family 77}
Hester Elkhorn, San Joaquin 1910ArkansasHead433b
Hazel 1929ArkansasDaughter
Lois 1935ArkansasDaughter
{Family 78}
Meds [Meda]Encinitas, San Diego 1893OklahomaHousekeeper338
{Family 79}
Frederick W Encinitas, San Diego 1906ColoradoHead347
Matalee 1906VirginiaWife
Estella M 1936IllinoisDaughter
Mary A 1938MissouriDaughter
Frederick Junior 1939CaliforniaSon
{Family 80}
Ray Encinitas, San Diego 1915OklahomaHead340b
{Family 81}
John W Escondido, San Diego 1892TennesseeHead442b
Mertle 1896OklahomaWife
{Family 82}
Charles F Etiwanda, San Bernardino 1892MissouriHead541b
Lena 1894MissouriWife
Charlene 1929MissouriDaughter
{Family 83}
Wilbur J Exeter, Tulare 1911OklahomaHead320
Lela L 1922OklahomaWife
{Family 84}
Charles Exeter, Tulare 1903OklahomaHead320
Inez 1909OklahomaWife
Darling 1932CaliforniaDaughter
Donald 1937CaliforniaSon
Bervely J 1939CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 85}
William B Exeter, Tulare 1907OklahomaHead307
Jewel B 1913OklahomaWife
Eugene 1931CaliforniaSon
Imagene 1932CaliforniaDaughter
Normagene 1935CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 86}
Elma G Fillmore, Ventura 1899CaliforniaHead136
William E 1922CaliforniaSon
Edward A 1925CaliforniaSon
{Family 87}
Ira L Fillmore, Ventura 1899CaliforniaHead136b
Cleo E 1898MissouriWife
{Family 88}
Lowell W Fillmore, Ventura 1904CaliforniaHead93
Marguerite R 1909CaliforniaWife
Ernest A 1939CaliforniaSon
{Family 89}
Squire W Ford City, Kern 1879MissouriHead1117b
Florence td> 1880MissouriWife
Oscar 1906MissouriSon
{Family 90}
Miles V Fortuna, Humboldt 1880TexasHead338b
Cora 1876OhioWife

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