CASE Families living in California in 1940.
Page 18

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 521}
Paul J San Diego, San Diego 1879IllinoisHead2655
Florence R 1879IowaWife
{Family 522}
Ralph Waldo San Diego, San Diego 1880MichiganHead2863b
Elsie 1890CaliforniaWife
{Family 523}
Cahrles H [Charles] San Diego, San Diego 1886EnglandLodger1128
{Family 524}
Nell San Diego, San Diego 1890IndianaHead748b
{Family 525}
John W San Diego, San Diego 1896New JerseyHead2470
Lillian J 1893ArizonaWife
Jeanne Y 1921ArizonaDaughter
{Family 526}
Earl B San Diego, San Diego 1899OhioHead2261b
Grace V 1903IllinoisWife
A Monroe 1931CaliforniaSon
Alma 1933CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 527}
Gordon M San Diego, San Diego 1900KansasHead634b
Ina 1907WisconsinWife
Randal 1934CaliforniaSon
Russell 1938CaliforniaSon
Keith 1914KansasBrother
{Family 528}
Geraldine San Diego, San Diego 1905IowaHead647
{Family 529}
Thomas San Diego, San Diego 1907IowaHead2851
Florence 1906MontanaWife
Helen 1929MontanaDaughter
{Family 530}
Alvin L San Diego, San Diego 1911IowaHead495b
Selby B 1912MissouriWife
{Family 531}
Hazel C San Diego, San Diego 1913MissouriLodger2506
{Family 532}
Miles W San Diego, San Diego 1914KansasLodger93
{Family 533}
George L San Diego, San Diego 1915MissouriHead2207
Maryland B [Maryella] 1916IllinoisWife
{Family 534}
Gerald San Diego, San Diego 1916OregonHead1529b
Annie Louise 1918New YorkWife
Robert Joe 1938WashingtonSon
{Family 535}
Arthur L San Diego, San Diego 1918CaliforniaHead2208
Frances 1922CaliforniaWife
{Family 536}
Marjorie San Diego, San Diego 1920CaliforniaStudent Nurse729b
{Family 537}
Clarke N San Diego, San Diego 1920MichiganSoldier1169b
{Family 538}
Roger O San Diego, San Diego 1922TexasSeaman289
{Family 539}
Vemar D [Vernon]San Diego, San Diego 1922KansasMarine1206b
{Family 540}
Robert San Diego, San Diego 1926CaliforniaStepson1321
{Family 541}
Richard San Diego, San Diego 1927CaliforniaSon1520b
{Family 542}
Robert R San Francisco, San Francisco 1862New YorkHead7454
Louise 1910PhilippinesDaughter
Dorothy 1912PhilippinesDaughter
{Family 543}
A Elizabeth San Francisco, San Francisco 1865IrelandLodger8370b
{Family 544}
Frederick H San Francisco, San Francisco 1865MaineHead8312
Fannie R 1869New YorkWife2312b
{Family 545}
Edward San Francisco, San Francisco 1866OhioLodger3283
{Family 546}
Charles San Francisco, San Francisco 1870WisconsinHead7717b
{Family 547}
Bertha L San Francisco, San Francisco 1874CaliforniaHead4171
{Family 548}
Archie N San Francisco, San Francisco 1875MinnesotaHead2862
{Family 549}
William San Francisco, San Francisco 1912CaliforniaHead4260
Josephine 1879CaliforniaMother
{Family 550}
Mason N San Francisco, San Francisco 1880MinnesotaHead171b

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