CASE Families living in Alabama in 1940.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Paul B Garland, Butler 1903New YorkHead285b
Florence 1900New YorkWife
Jack 1928New YorkSon
{Family 32}
Lucile Greenville, Butler 1916KentuckyLodger195
{Family 33}
Basel Hills, Franklin 1910AlabamaHead316b
Ester 1918AlabamaWife
Gracie Mae 1936AlabamaDaughter
Charles E 1938AlabamaSon
Infant 1940AlabamaSon317
{Family 34}
Jussie (Jessie?)Mulga, Jefferson 1901AlabamaHead2464b
Willie 1910AlabamaWife
Helson [Helen] 1930AlabamaStepdaughter
Maradell 1932AlabamaStepson
{Family 35}
George JuniorEnglish Village, Jefferson 1908Oklahoma Head1445b
Catherine Taylor 1908New JerseyWife
Lucien Hall 1933Oklahoma Son
Lynn C 1936IllinoisDaughter
Joan 1938AlabamaDaughter
{Family 36}
Oscar V Lebanon, DeKalb 1884AlabamaHead61
Mamie Belle 1888GeorgiaWife
{Family 37}
W E Mobile, Mobile 1895LouisianaHead1465b
Stella 1897AlabamaWife
Ilph [Zilpah] 1919AlabamaDaughter
Edward 1924AlabamaSon
Annie Marygaret [Margaret] 1931AlabamaDaughter
{Family 38}
Lewis R (surnames listed Care)Mobile, Mobile 1859PennsylvaniaHead1824b
Elizabeth 1890IowaDaughter-in-law
June E 1920IllinoisGranddaughter
Robert 1922IllinoisGrandson
{Family 39}
Hallock H Mobile, Mobile 1857KentuckyFather-in-law1058b
{Family 40}
Harry L Mobile, Mobile 1889IllinoisHead936
Marie 1899MichiganWife
{Family 41}
William H Russellville, Franklin 1903AlabamaHead81
Nell 1909AlabamaWife
Constance 1927AlabamaDaughter
Billie 1929AlabamaSon
Jack 1932AlabamaSon81b
Patricia Ann 1934AlabamaDaughter
Kenneth 1937AlabamaSon
Braxton 1939AlabamaSon
Basil H 1875MichiganFather
{Family 42}
Thomas P Seminole and Lillian, Baldwin 1868EnglandHead354b
{Family 43}
Henry Slough, Limestone 1896AlabamaHead367
Earline 1906AlabamaWife
Kathernie 1923AlabamaDaughter
Ethel 1925AlabamaDaughter
Dorothy [Dorthy] 1928AlabamaDaughter
Hazel 1931AlabamaDaughter
Marie 1937Daughter
{Family 44}
J Alfred Trinity, Morgan 1895AlabamaHead510b
Nellie Lou 1896AlabamaWife
Lloyd 1920AlabamaSon
Catherine 1922AlabamaDaughter
Margaret 1927AlabamaDaughter
Aubrey 1930AlabamaSon
{Family 45}
Elsie Wickham, Limestone 1902AlabamaHead267
Mabelene 1904TennesseeWife
Foster 1923AlabamaSon
Rachel 1924AlabamaDaughter
Gene 1931AlabamaDaughter
Alvin 1939AlabamaSon
{Family 46}
Mrs J H Woodland, Lauderdale 1899AlabamaHead554
J H 1901AlabamaHusband

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