CASE Families living in Alabama in 1940.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
James W Athens, Limestone 1915AlabamaHead34b
Edna E 1918AlabamaWife
{Family 2}
John Athens, Limestone 1872TennesseeHead112
Alice 1880TennesseeWife
Nell 1914TennesseeDaughter
Mary 1918TennesseeDaughter
{Family 3}
Nelissa (?) Bass, Jackson 1905AlabamaHead146
{Family 4}
James C Birmingham, Jefferson 1870OklahomaFather-in-law1751
Maude Virginia 1871TennesseeMother-in-law
{Family 5}
John E Birmingham, Jefferson 1915AlabamaHead1747b
Lena Bell 1922AlabamaWife
Flora D 1939AlabamaSon
{Family 6}
Arthur Birmingham, Jefferson 1917AlabamaHead1747b
Ann 1920AlabamaWife
{Family 7}
Edna E Birmingham, Jefferson 1893TennesseeDaughter3024b
Louise E 1911AlabamaGranddaughter
James H 1913AlabamaGrandson
Gail F 1935AlabamaGreat Granddaughter
{Family 8}
Charles Sumner Birmingham, Jefferson 1888KansasHead2410b
Ivory Belle [Ivery] 1889KansasWife
{Family 9}
Clayten [Clayton](surnames listed Care)Birmingham, Jefferson 1913AlabamaHead1747
Sida Mae [Lila] 1912AlabamaWife
Charles 1934AlabamaSon
Roy 1936AlabamaSon
Carolyn 1939AlabamaDaughter
{Family 10}
George F JuniorBirmingham, Jefferson 1908AlabamaHead2031
Blanche G 1890North CarolinaMother
Martha L 1922AlabamaSister
Virian R [Vivian] 1931AlabamaSister
{Family 11}
Leslie E Birmingham, Jefferson 1910AlabamaHead3030
Helen E 1912AlabamaWife
Jerry L 1933AlabamaSon
{Family 12}
Earl B Birmingham, Jefferson 1893MississippiHead2621
Mable 1916MississippiWife
{Family 13}
Raymond C Birmingham, Jefferson 1914MissouriHead293
Mabel 1914AlabamaWife
{Family 14}
Everett Birmingham, Jefferson 1899TennesseeHead1746
Myrtie 1907AlabamaWife
Cleveland 1929AlabamaSon
{Family 15}
Nell Birmingham, Jefferson 1922AlabamaStepdaughter3313b
Cecile F 1924AlabamaStepdaughter
Dorothy E 1926AlabamaStepdaughter
{Family 16}
Margaret L Citronelle, Mobile 1891IllinoisHead8b
{Family 17}
Price Cloverdale, Lauderdale 1911AlabamaHead495
Ida 1917AlabamaWife
Mattie 1875AlabamaAunt
Madgie 1886AlabamaMother
Mamie 1908AlabamaSister
{Family 18}
R L Cross Roads, Lauderdale 1891TennesseeHead103b
Lillie 1892AlabamaWife
Verrlle 1938AlabamaDaughter
Ettie 1922AlabamaDaughter
Nettius 1925AlabamaDaughter
{Family 19}
Byron A Curtiston, Etowah 1868OklahomaHead964b
{Family 20}
Bertha Lee Dallas, Madison 1904AlabamaHead706
Helen Ruth 1928AlabamaDaughter
{Family 21}
Henry Dallas, Madison 1891AlabamaHead708b
Zoe Anna [Zoa] 1893AlabamaWife
Buel 1921AlabamaSon
Buford 1924AlabamaSon
Roland 1927AlabamaSon
Leona 1929AlabamaDaughter
Muriel 1933AlabamaDaughter
{Family 22}
Ola Mae Decatur, Morgan 1914TennesseeLodger235
{Family 23}
Jossie Decatur, Morgan 1881AlabamaMother-in-law95
{Family 24}
Melvin Decatur, Morgan 1916TennesseeHead150b
Aileen 1917AlabamaWife
Jinny 1937AlabamaSon
{Family 25}
James Elba Decatur, Morgan 1911TennesseeHead237
Ellen Pauline 1915AlabamaWife
{Family 26}
Malin C Decatur, Morgan 1913TennesseeHead212b
Evie O 1921AlabamaWife
Vegina F 1938AlabamaDaughter
{Family 27}
Earl Demopolis, Marengo 1903TennesseeHead58b
Birdie 1904TennesseeWife
Clifford 1923TennesseeSon
Earl Junior 1925TennesseeSon
James Edward 1927AlabamaSon
Birdie 1928AlabamaDaughter
Joe Thomas 1931AlabamaSon
Charles 1934AlabamaSon
Gerald 1938AlabamaSon
{Family 28}
Irene Fairhope, Baldwin 1884AlabamaHead275
Eva 1888AlabamaSister
{Family 29}
Thomas A Florence, Lauderdale 1904AlabamaHead437b
Flois 1907AlabamaWife
Sybil 1923AlabamaDaughter
Colleen 1929AlabamaDaughter
Jacqueline 1939AlabamaDaughter
{Family 30}
Lucy Florence, Lauderdale 1863IllinoisBoarderb325

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