CASE people in the 1930 census

The following names are not listed in the usual family units as I have the earlier census records listed, nor are they spelled correctly (When 1930 is done and if I feel like doing it, I might do this census correctly, but until then.....). This is a direct copy/paste of data from an search results. There are CASE people that will be listed at with surnames such as Cose, Cass, Carr, Care, Lease, Cease....but this particular census report only lists CASE names.

Use the Ctrl F function to search this document for your people. Please feel free to let me know of any corrections, names, etc.

Name Parent or spouse names Home in 1930 (City,County) Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relation
Karl M Case Ora E Burlington, Chittenden abt 1890 Ohio Head
Ora E Case Karl M Burlington, Chittenden abt 1890~ Wife
Leon R Case Grace K Brandon, Rutland abt 1883 Vermont Head
Grace K Case Leon R Brandon, Rutland abt 1890~ Wife
Milton R Case Leon R, Brandon, Rutland abt 1927~ Son
Grace K
Francis G Case Leon R, Brandon, Rutland abt 1930~ Son
Grace K
Fred Case~ Poultney, Rutland abt 1870 Vermont Boarder
Frank P Case Mannie Poultney, Rutland abt 1881 Vermont Head
Mannie Case Frank P Poultney, Rutland abt 1892~ Wife
Freddie E Case Blanche R Poultney, Rutland abt 1890 Vermont Head
Blanche R Case Freddie E Poultney, Rutland abt 1887~ Wife
Francis Case~ Waterbury, Washington abt 1912 Vermont Lodger
Alina L Case ~ Sharon, Windsor abt 1875 Vermont Boarder

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