CASE Families living in Texas in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
William A Dallas, Dallas1892MississippiHead144
Lois 1894TexasWife
Donald L 1917TexasSon
{Family 32}
James CDallas, Dallas1895MississippiHead166
Anna P1930TexasNiece
{Family 33}
AdaDallas, Dallas1890TexasRoomer140
{Family 34}
Edgar L Dallas, Dallas1894TexasHead156b
Mary E 1902TexasWife
Mary L 1922TexasDaughter
{Family 35}
Reese W Dallas, Dallas1894TexasHead53
Lena M 1897TexasWife
{Family 36}
Frank Dallas, Dallas1895TexasConvict (Prisoner) 93b
{Family 37}
Eddie C Dallas, Dallas1897TexasHead168
Eddie 1902TexasWife
Virginia M 1927 TexasDaughter
Opal F 1930 TexasDaughter
{Family 38}
James L Dallas, Dallas1904EnglandHead234b
Elsie E 1905TexasWife
Margaret 1924TexasDaughter
James L 1928TexasSon
{Family 39}
Fred ODallas, Dallas1907MissouriHead18b
Fran O1908TexasWife
Trese O [Fred] 1927OklahomaSon
{Family 40}
EthelDallas, Dallas1908TexasRoomer70b
{Family 41}
Charley Dallas, Dallas1913TexasLodger87
J I 1910TexasLodger
{Family 42}
Howard Dallas, Dallas1911TexasRoomer33b
{Family 43}
Earl Dallas, Dallas1912MississippiSon33
{Family 44}
Atha Dallas, Dallas1912TexasRoomer127
{Family 45}
Winnie Denison, Grayson1882TexasHead42b
{Family 46}
Walter H El Paso, El Paso1876IndianaHead87
Ida B 1885ArizonaWife
Jennie L 1850VirginiaMother
{Family 47}
Florence E El Paso, El Paso1877New YorkLodger4
{Family 48}
Fred El Paso, El Paso1890TexasHead118b
{Family 49}
Martha Electra, Wichita1875ArkansasAunt248
{Family 50}
Lacon MFort Bliss, El Paso1889KentuckyHead54b
Minnie K1888OhioWife
{Family 51}
Edward FFort Bliss, El Paso1907New YorkMilitary private43b
{Family 52}
Mary Fort Worth, Tarrant1860AlabamaHead249b
Jeffie 1890TexasDaughter
Truman 1894TexasSon
Gene 1925TexasGranddaughter
{Family 53}
Ella M Fort Worth, Tarrant1872IllinoisHead93b
{Family 54}
FredFort Worth, Tarrant1875WisconsinLodger62
{Family 55}
James O Fort Worth, Tarrant1887ArkansasLodger35
{Family 56}
CarrollFort Worth, Tarrant1902OhioStepdaughter116
Edward M 1926TexasGrandson
{Family 57}
Jewel MFort Worth, Tarrant1904TexasLodger166
{Family 58}
Claude Fort Worth, Tarrant1909TexasBrother-in-law140
Lloyd 1912TexasBrother-in-law
{Family 59}
John Gainesville, Cooke1856OhioHead59b
Hettie 1867KentuckyWife
{Family 60}
Julia Gainesville, Cooke1861ArkansasHead68

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