CASE Families living in Rhode Island in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Ella Providence, Providence1850ConnecticutHead263b
{Family 32}
Charles C Providence, Providence1854ConnecticutHead99
{Family 33}
Amy O Providence, Providence1857EnglandBoarder98
{Family 34}
Joseph P Providence, Providence1867CanadaHead14
{Family 35}
Sarah E Providence, Providence1870Rhode IslandNiece15
{Family 36}
Mary W Providence, Providence1871MassachusettsHead218
{Family 37}
Hattie Providence, Providence1875Rhode IslandHead111
{Family 38}
Josephine Providence, Providence1876VermontSister-in-law274
{Family 39}
Arthur H Providence, Providence1882MichiganHead217
Ethel A 1887ConnecticutWife
Shirley A 1917Rhode IslandDaughter
June E 1920Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 40}
Winifred E Providence, Providence1886ConnecticutHead36b
{Family 41}
Norman S Providence, Providence1889Rhode IslandHead165
Emma 1890VermontWife
Norman S Jr1918VermontSon
John W 1922Rhode IslandSon
Elizabeth R 1925Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 42}
Frederick E Providence, Providence1895Rhode IslandHead253b
Edwina A 1899New JerseyWife
Frederick E Jr 1917New JerseySon
Anna M 1919New JerseyDaughter
Joseph P 1921Rhode IslandSon
{Family 43}
Alice N Providence, Providence1896Rhode IslandHead48
{Family 44}
Lawrence S Providence, Providence1899ConnecticutLodger227
{Family 45}
Elsie E Providence, Providence1903Rhode IslandBoarder92b
{Family 46}
John E Providence, Providence1925Rhode IslandLodger67
{Family 47}
Lawrence Providence, Providence1926Rhode IslandWard284
{Family 48}
John B Richmond, Washington1874MassachusettsHead98b
Marie L 1861Canada FrenchWife
{Family 49}
Annie N P South Kingstown, Washington1851Rhode IslandHead162
{Family 50}
Benjamin W South Kingstown, Washington1852New YorkHead148
Marie K 1887Rhode IslandDaughter
Emily L 1889Rhode IslandDaughter
Benjamin W Jr 1890Rhode IslandSon
{Family 51}
Frances Warren, Bristol1869Rhode IslandHead205
Catharine 1881Rhode IslandWife

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