CASE Families living in Oklahoma in 1930.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
A B Ada, Pontotoc1873New YorkHead6b
Rosa 1885KansasWife
{Family 2}
John L Ada, Pontotoc1875TexasHead4b
Catherine 1882TexasWife
John 1908TexasSon
Charles S 1910OklahomaSon
Carolyn 1916OklahomaDaughter
June 1920OklahomaDaughter
{Family 3}
Pinkey Ada, Pontotoc1877TexasHead107b
Patty 1880ArkansasWife
{Family 4}
Anna Ada, Pontotoc1878TexasHead37b
{Family 5}
Charles C Ada, Pontotoc1884TennesseeLodger36b
{Family 6}
Chester B Ada, Pontotoc1903TexasRoomer32
{Family 7}
Carrol  Allen, Pontotoc1910OklahomaHead154
Cora  1892OklahomaMother
Duke  1912OklahomaBrother
Pauline  1913OklahomaSister
Jimmie  1916OklahomaBrother
Billey  1920OklahomaBrother
Ruth  1921OklahomaSister
{Family 8}
John  Alva, Woods1860IndianaHead87
Esther F  1869KansasWife
Ollie K  1894NebraskaDaughter
Nancy K  1896OklahomaDaughter
Joe K  1904OklahomaSon87b
Weltha A  1908OklahomaDaughter
{Family 9}
John Alva, Woods1899OhioHead133b
Bertha 1903OklahomaWife
Vynoma  1930OklahomaDaughter
Geraldine 1924OhioDaughter
Norman 1927OhioSon
{Family 10}
J D Atoka, Atoka1885OklahomaHead206b
Elizabeth 1897 KentuckyWife
Lucile 1916OklahomaDaughter
Christine 1920OklahomaDaughter
Kathrine 1922OklahomaDaughter
Merline 1924OklahomaDaughter
Pauline 1926OklahomaDaughter
Geraldine 1928 OklahomaDaughter
Charline 1930OklahomaDaughter
{Family 11}
A W  Atoka, Atoka1887OklahomaHead196b
Nora E  1890ArkansasWife
Mildred  1915OklahomaDaughter
Alvin  1919OklahomaSon
Juanita  1922OklahomaDaughter
{Family 12}
Joseph Clinton Balko, Beaver1874IllinoisHead167
Pearl 1896OklahomaWife
Hubert 1909OklahomaSon
Fain 1912OklahomaSon
Wilda Myrle [Wildamerl]  1919OklahomaDaughter
{Family 13}
Gurley  Balko, Beaver1902MississippiHead166
Edna M 1906OklahomaWife
Virgie L 1926 OklahomaDaughter
{Family 14}
James M  Baron, Adair1859South CarolinaFather-in-law29
Sarah  1866GeorgiaMother-in-law
{Family 15}
Mary M  Bentley, Atoka1864TexasHead236b
{Family 16}
George Bentley, Atoka1895OklahomaHead234b
Mary 1901TexasWife
Jack 1921OklahomaSon
Billy J  1924OklahomaSon
Lorrine  1926OklahomaDaughter
Betty L 1928OklahomaDaughter
{Family 17}
Oscar Bishop, Major1868OhioHead5
Cora G 1873KansasWife
Vernon O 1913OklahomaSon
{Family 18}
W Myrle Bishop, Major1906OklahomaHead5
Nila V 1906TexasWife
Charles W 1862OhioUncle
{Family 19}
William  Blackwell, Kay1857IllinoisHead58
Elta  1878IllinoisWife
Velma M  1911OklahomaDaughter
{Family 20}
Helen C  Blackwell, Kay1881GermanyHead110b
David W  1908KansasSon
{Family 21}
Marvin H Boone1903TexasHead28
Vergil [Vergie] 1908ArkansasWife
{Family 22}
Emma  Boynton, Muskogee1858IndianaLodger42
{Family 23}
Roy V Bressie, Noble1897KansasHead145
Viola F 1903OklahomaWife
{Family 24}
Lun C [Lum]Brinton, Pottawatomie1902TexasHead68
Calie M  1906OklahomaWife
Juley F [Jewel] 1925OklahomaDaughter
Elton G 1927OklahomaSon
Erfy B (Erby?) 1929OklahomaSon
{Family 25}
Coe W Buffalo, Noble1856MissouriHead
Lilly D 1863OhioWife
{Family 26}
Charley Buffalo, Noble1884KansasHead149b
Grace 1893KansasWife
Henry 1913MissouriSon
Viola 1914OklahomaDaughter
Hellen 1916OklahomaDaughter
Virginia 1924OklahomaDaughter
{Family 27}
Albert Buffalo, Noble1896KansasHead148b
Hazel 1900IndianaWife
Warren 1921OklahomaSon
Daniel 1923OklahomaSon
Ruel 1929OklahomaSon
{Family 28}
Palmer  Burnett, Pottawatomie1896TennesseeHead99
Lola E  1901ArkansasWife
Thelma M 1921OklahomaDaughter
Jewel M  1923OklahomaDaughter99b
Dee L 1925OklahomaSon
Don B 1928OklahomaSon
{Family 29}
Mable  Burney, Love1908OklahomaBoarder182b
{Family 30}
Bert D Byron, Alfalfa1889MissouriHead23
Fannie R 1892KansasWife
Paul M 1914OklahomaSon
Frank W 1916OklahomaSon
L Eugene 1919OklahomaSon
Claude 1922OklahomaSon
Clyde L 1922 OklahomaSon
Harold W 1928OklahomaSon
W Floyd 1930OklahomaSon

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