CASE Families living in New Hampshire in 1930.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Ida MBow, Merrimack1870WisconsinHead46b
Ora M1880New YorkSister-in-law
{Family 2}
Raymond EClaremont, Sullivan1903New HampshireHead90b
Raymond E 1926 New HampshireSon
William H1930New HampshireSon
William E1858New HampshireFather
{Family 3}
AlbertClaremont, Sullivan1869New YorkHead94b
{Family 4}
H ElroyClaremont, Sullivan1909New HampshireBrother150
{Family 5}
Nelson WConcord, Merrimack1871PennsylvaniaHead5
Eva J1874VermontWife
Eva U1901New HampshireDaughter
Jessie A1903New HampshireDaughter
{Family 6}
Samuel S Concord, Merrimack1876PennsylvaniaHead11
Addie M 1877New HampshireWife
{Family 7}
HelenConcord, Merrimack1896New JerseyPatient137
{Family 8}
Henry Concord, Merrimack1899New HampshireHead12b
Alma 1899Canada FrenchWife
Robert 1922New HampshireSon
Joan 1929New HampshireDaughter
{Family 9}
George WDurham, Strafford1880IndianaHead3b
Georgia B 1884IndianaWife
{Family 10}
John BFrancestown, Hillsborough1858New HampshireHead191b
{Family 11}
Donald G Keene, Cheshire1886PennsylvaniaLodger136
{Family 12}
ArchieLebanon, Grafton1894VermontHead159b
Genevieve1903New YorkWife
{Family 13}
Joseph Nashua, Hillsborough1880CanadaHead12b
Victoria 1880CanadaWife
Claire 1906MassachusettsDaughter
Irene 1908MassachusettsDaughter
Yvonne 1910MassachusettsDaughter
Laura 1912MassachusettsDaughter
Wilfred 1915MassachusettsSon
Albert 1918MassachusettsSon
Raymond 1921MassachusettsSon
{Family 14}
Raymond WNashua, Hillsborough1895New HampshireHead111b
Lyda M1896New HampshireWife
Loraine L1923New HampshireDaughter
Mary E 1928 New HampshireDaughter
{Family 15}
Ralph ANashua, Hillsborough1900MassachusettsHead150
Lillian J1908New HampshireWife
{Family 16}
Charles HNottingham, Rockingham1873Maine Head29
Alice M1885New HampshireWife
{Family 17}
AdelinaPeterborough, Hillsborough1851CanadaMother237b
Cecelia1918New HampshireNiece
{Family 18}
EdwinPortsmouth, Rockingham1856MaineUncle-in-law153
Anna H1880MaineSister-in-law
{Family 19}
Alva A Portsmouth, Rockingham1883PennsylvaniaHead233b
{Family 20}
Catherine ARaymond, Rockingham1848Canada Head51
{Family 21}
Harold B Salem, Rockingham1901Connecticut Head86b
Hazel M 1903MassachusettsWife
Robert M 1923MassachusettsSon
Edith C 1924MassachusettsDaughter

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